Life at GBSB Global Madrid

Getting to know the campus at GBSB Global Madrid

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and business scene of Spain's capital city. Join the community at GBSB Global Madrid and gain a truly global perspective on your education. Explore the endless opportunities for personal and professional growth in one of Europe's most dynamic cities.

Acing the interview

Present the best version in an interview

Showcase your full potential and impress potential employers by presenting the best version of yourself during a job interview. Learn how to highlight your strengths and skills to make a lasting impression with our expert tips and advice.

MIM Degree Explained: What Is It and Why Choose It?

MIM Degree Explained: What Is It and Why Choose It?

Are you a recent or a soon-to-be graduate interested in leading a career in top business management? Learn more about the specialized Master in Management (MIM) degree designed as an MBA equivalent specifically to provide younger professionals with the foundational practical learning in business management, facilitating their move up the corporate ladder or the pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors.

Dispelling Myths: HR Will Become Obsolete in the Nearest Future

Dispelling Myths: HR Will Become Obsolete in the Nearest Future

From online-work fatigue to difficulties with maintaining clear communications, Human Resources has had to step up monitoring how employees are handling their everyday tasks and keeping the workforce satisfied and productive. The question stands – is HR vital for successful company operations or will it become obsolete in the nearest future, as many seem to wonder?

Beginner's Guide To E-Learning: #ToolsTypes

Beginner's Guide To E-Learning: #Tools

E-Learning has become the new “it” replacing old, boring training courses at learning institutions as well as corporate environment. Did you know that there are smart authoring tools that allow you to create your own digital courseware, providing a variety of alternatives to achieve dynamic and interactive learning content? See how they differ, and which one would suit your needs the best for when you launch your own Digital Ed Business.

Futureproofing HR | Careers That Are Revolutionizing Businesses Operations Today

HR Futureproof Careers That Are Revolutionizing Businesses Operations Today

Meta COVID-19 reshaped the way in which business world functions on an enormous scale and the Human Resources department will play a key component getting everyone back on course. Learn more about the new trends and professions in HR management, where departments are adapting and embracing the rapid digital transformation to facilitate teams working at distance, diversity, equity, inclusion, and the overarching wellbeing of its staff.

Top 10 Reasons to Study in Malta

Top 10 Reasons to Study in Malta

GBSB Global is excited to expand its campus offerings to Malta. An exquisite island nation that boasts a thriving economy, rich history, and warm hospitality. Students who study in Malta will not only earn a degree but gain both professional and personal experience that will positively impact the trajectory of their lives.

Five Reasons to Join Online Campus at GBSB Global Business School

E-learning at GBSB Global: Online Campus

Digital education has become highly resourceful to future generations as it allows students to continue their education with freedom and mobility. From customized learning experience and accessibility to study resources to potential money saving – an online degree at GBSB Global offers top-notch education from the comfort of your own home.

Career Opportunities with a Master’s in Digital Education Management

Employment after MSc Digital Education Management

From training & development manager and higher education academic coordinator to chief operation officer and managing director – a career in digital education management brings a whole lot of job opportunities and possibilities for professional growth. Needless to say, all graduates pursuing their master’s in education management are also highly respected on the current market. Read the full articles for some career prospects.

Will Online Education Administration be in Demand in the Future?

Will Online Education Administration be in Demand in the Future?

The impact of the global health crisis will serve to transform the education system for the foreseeable future, and this can be seen as a good thing, opening up a new career field for those interested in education administration. Now is the time to take online education to a higher level and become a leader in academic innovation by earning a Master in Digital Education Management. Read the full article to know why.

Online Learning as the Future of Education

Online Education at GBSB Global Spain

Society is adapting to the digital world at lightning speed recognizing the future of education will evolve from more traditional forms. In May 2020, more than 6 million students were reported to study online as a part of their higher education program. Join their ranks. Read the full article to see what the hype of digital learning is all about: be a part of the movement, define the new era in the future of education.

Spanish Sports Industry Overview 2020

Master in Spain: Sports Industry Overview 2020

Earn your MSc in Sports Management online in a country ripe with professional opportunities to work with the greatest teams in Spanish sports. With Spain’s tremendous affinity for sports and its financial contribution to the nation’s economy, there is no doubt that the athletes, associations and institutions will do the utmost to persevere and reignite the excitement for the game and kick off play when the “all clear” is given.

What Role Do Young Professionals Have in Sports Industry Market Research?

MSc Sports Management at Business School Spain

Now, more than ever, in the age of digital technologies and the evolving landscape of the coronavirus, Master in Sports Management graduates are highly marketable. With digital competencies, and the ability to navigate the online sphere with ease graduates often have the advantage over industry veterans who may not have adapted to the viral wave. As the sports industry crafts a reopening after the pandemic, new graduates will be well suited to take up jobs in sports industry market research.

Why Study for a Master’s in Digital Business in the Days of the Coronavirus

Master in Digital Business During COVID-19

Today, with 80 percent of revenue growth focused on digital offerings and operations, digital business and information technology leaders should continue transforming their marketing and operations. Companies that continue to invest in their digital strategy, while balancing short-term projects with long-term measures, will arise victorious from this pandemic. Read the full article to see how obtaining a Master’s in Digital Business today can help you become competitive in the tomorrow’s market.

GBSB Global Students Host First Ever Online Event During COVID-19 Lockdown

GBSB Global: Tourism and Hospitality Online Event

As part of the study curriculum, our MA Hospitality & Tourism students are required to organize an event off-campus. The students are being held responsible for the entire event - from brainstorming on the initial event idea to handling public relations, resource management, marketing & communications, and financing of the project. This year, our student cohort had to undergo a great challenge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more to see how they managed to change their event last minute.

Online Learning: How Does it Work?

GBSB Global: Online Learning & Covid-19

Online learning offers you the flexibility you need at this moment to complete your degree. GBSB Global, a veteran in online education offers numerous courses. The school is committed to offering a state-of-the-art online learning experience not only now when the world is seeking digital solutions for students to continue their education but beyond this time. We are a leader in innovative business development, changing the way in which it is taught in our modern world.

Top Business Trends to Watch in 2020

GBSB Global: Top Business Trends in 2020

This year, 2020, is well underway, and we are now starting to see the top business trends emerge. Many of the top business trends in 2020 were present in 2019, but now with the coming of a new year and new decade, our GBSB Global Business professors weigh in as to why this year is the year that these trends are making a difference in the way business is managed.

Innovation Practices in Education: How Spanish Business Schools Disrupt the Market

GBSB Global: Innovation Practices in Education

Innovation in education has taken shape in Spain disrupting the market and graduating tech-savvy, socially responsible, flexible, revolutionary thinkers able to adapt to the fast-paced, everchanging business environment today. Some of Spain’s top business schools are known for their creative management processes, offering the most modern, competitive and adaptable programs recognized globally.

How Can Studying in Madrid Prepare You for the Current Market Demands

Study in Madrid to Meet Market Demands

Whatever your concentration from fashion to finance, a BA, MA or MBA, Madrid provides a wide range of social and professional advantages readying you for the current employment market. As the Spanish capital it is welcome to a diverse population of business professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs and innovators, who all find this city a prosperous home of opportunity and investment. As a student, you can immerse yourself in this dynamic culture and flourish in a vibrant network amongst your peers, professors and community.

Worldwide Employability Trends, Pt.2: The Omnipresent Digitalization as a New Reality

GBSB Global: Employability Trends, Digitalization

Without a doubt, the digital economy is booming as a consequence of the many technological advancements in different sectors and areas. In an era of shrinking product life cycles and rapidly changing business models, the companies that are the first to decode and master new trends or emerging needs have the best chances to take advantage of them. While the traditional jobs will not disappear as a result of digital revolution, the competition for them will become more cut-throat, which will force the professionals entering the job market to work more for less.

Worldwide Employability Trends: Pt.1: The Future of Work Paradigm

About Employability Trends

Undoubtedly, the acclaimed “future of work” paradigm is the hottest commonplace in today’s accelerated, fastmoving marketplace. Over the last three years, various global organizations, such as the World Bank, the United Nations and the International Labor Organization, have released many documents and reports on this unparalleled change which is reframing both the foundations and the core of work itself.

Spain Within Top Countries for Entrepreneurship in Europe

Spain Within Top Countries for Entrepreneurship

Spain is a beacon for entrepreneurs, and it is not just the weather drawing investors and business professionals alike. The country offers a wide variety of options for entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals who are seeking the opportunity to establish their companies in Spain. Read the full article to know about the Entrepreneurs’ Law and see why Barcelona and Madrid rank among the Top 15 startups cities in Europe.

Which MBA Type is Right for You? On-campus, Blended Learning or Online

Type of MBA: On campus, Blended, and Online MBA

Studying for your MBA is only one decision among a host of many more. The next question you may ask yourself is where, but even then, there are more choices. From studying on campus to engaging in an online program, GBSB Global Business School excels at providing students with the most competitive MBA program available today.

Why Invest in an MBA Program at GBSB Global Business School?

Facts about Invest in an MBA Program at GBSB Global Business School

Are you a visionary able to connect, inspire, motivate and bring to fruition extraordinary projects? In today’s economic market, if you are a driven, natural-born leader with the ability to relate to others, successfully manage teams and meet financial targets, then you are in high demand. The world of business is constantly evolving and the employment market is looking to engage with the best and brightest. There is no time like the present. We live in a highly globalized world and top companies are in pursuit of professionals with advanced business acumen.

Is Earning an MBA a Good Investment?

Is Earning an MBA a Good Investment

Earning your MBA can be very advantageous, bolstering your career trajectory, but what does it take to climb the corporate ladder? Time, money and commitment. Before choosing where to study, make sure you do your due diligence and find the program that suits your needs and will be the most effective, providing the knowledge and tools to be successful in global business.

Entertainment Marketing: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

What Is Entertainment Marketing and Why Is It Important

Entertainment marketing is really the art of consumer suggestion, a byproduct that flows in line with both advertising and public relations. When done correctly, it makes the brand feel organic to the viewer or consumer. This more passive form of marketing, popular today, is easier to relate to (and buy in to) with an already engaged viewing audience.

Spain Sees Rising Numbers in Tourism, A Prime Market for Hospitality

Spain Numbers in Tourism, A Prime Market for Hospitality

The tourism industry in Spain is the 3rd largest contributor to domestic economic life just after the industrial and the business/banking sectors, providing about 10-11% of Spain’s GDP, and 75 million visitors were reported to have visited the country in 2016. In 2017, Spain was the second most visited country worldwide, seeing an influx 82 million tourists, marking it the fifth consecutive year of record-breaking figures. With this data, there is no more idyllic place to study for a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management, laying a foundation for future growth and career success.

Gain Insight: Alumni Tips for Students

GBSB Global Business School Alumni Tips for Students

Ioannis Antonopoulos and Lukas Philipp Horst Goßler, recent GBSB Global alumni sat down for one of our career development sessions to speak with current students about their experience at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona and how their education in fashion and luxury brand management and business innovation, respectively, helped them land leading positions with Swarovski Corporate working in business development.

Land a Career in Tourism and Hospitality Management with GBSB Global

Career in Tourism and Hospitality Management with GBSB Global Business School

Be an industry leader by earning an education that is not only practical in scope, teaching you managerial practices that will equip you with the tools to successfully lead teams, but gain an international network that can open a door into the career of your dreams. Take advantage of GBSB Global’s extensive network of professionals, organizations and partners.

Land Your Dream Job: Gain the Qualifications & Knowledge To Stand Out

Qualifications & Knowledge at GBSB Global Business School

Knowing what your future employers are looking for is key to making an impression that will help you stand out when stacked up against a pile of other CV’s. Having the right certifications, accreditations, and proficiencies make all the difference, increasing your marketable in this highly competitive globalized society in which we live today.

Top Myths About Moving to Spain

Information about moving to study in Spain

While weighing your options may feel arduous, it is necessary to feel comfortable in your decision and that you made the right one. Doing your due diligence is a part of the experience and we are here to help make the research a bit easier by busting some of the top myths about moving to Spain.

Top 10 Reasons to Earn a Master in Operations & Supply Chain Management

Reasons to Earn a Master in Operations & Supply Chain Management at GBSB Global Business School

It is a momentous time to get in on the action by earning a MA in Operations and Supply Chain Management. Take your talents and invest them in an industry that is bound to reach new heights through digitalization, having a paramount effect on what has been termed the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The benefits are already convincing, but there is more to come!

What are Disruptive Innovations?

Manage the process of disruptive innovation generation at GBSB Global Business School

Invest in your education and study disruptive innovation in greater depth by pursuing a MA in Business Innovation. Acquire the knowledge to proficiently manage the process of disruptive innovation generation and implementation. Become the next cutting edge CEO of your own AirBnB concept and push other companies to be better.

10 Careers That You Can Land with a Degree in PR and Communications

Careers with a Degree in PR and Communications

Do you love networking? Are you at ease in social environments taking the initiative to start conversations and find common ground with anyone? Fostering relationships come second nature for you and communications is always clear and concise? If you find yourself saying yes to these questions, you may be a good candidate for any one of these public relations and/or communications positions.

Leading Benefits Why You Should Combine Studying with Work in Spain

Benefits You Should Combine Study and Work in Spain

It may seem like a big commitment at first, juggling your education with your professional endeavors, but it will have a huge pay off. Take advantage of your time studying abroad and invest in working in Spain. Getting international work experience will be a huge defining factor that can give you the leading edge over your peers and competitors.

The Differences: Digital Business vs Business Innovation

Differences between master in Digital Business and master in Business Innovation

These two highly sought after degrees are complimenting the trends in business today and graduating professionals ready to meet the modern demands of a fully digitalized, high-tech economy that is looking for the latest gadget or gizmo to make consumers’ lives easier to manage. Learn what distinguishes the two, and decide what degree is right for you.

Employee, Contractor, Entrepreneur: Which One Are You?

Entrepreneur, Employee, Contractor - What does it mean

What is the key to success in business? Following your passion and pursuing a global career that suits your personality and professional agenda. Learn what the differences are between working for a company versus starting your own business or contacting your services as a freelancer. In this article, we also outline the skills important in business that will further enhance your success.

What Careers Can You Achieve With a Digital Business Degree?

Digital Business master degree program careers

The role of digital has not only forced businesses to adapt to the changing of the times, but business schools have also had to implement programs that cater to the demand in the work force. That is why GBSB Global Business School is leading the way by offering an MSc in Digital Marketing in Barcelona, Madrid and online. Graduate and step into a career in digital that is just right for you.

What is the Difference between a Master’s and an MBA?

The difference between a Master’s degree program and an MBA

Today’s climate in the employment market is challenging if not cut-throat. Undergraduate students often pursue a higher education to get a competitive edge over their peers. Even professionals who have several years of work experience often attend graduate school in order to compete with other job-seekers or increase their skills for a current position. Both master's and MBA degree programs offer attractive options to get ahead. Learn more about GBSB Global’s master’s programs and how they differ from our MBA.

Earn a MSc in Financial Management, Digital Banking & Internet Finance at GBSB Global & Secure Your Place in the Digital Business World

Earn a MSc in Financial Management, Digital Banking & Internet Finance at GBSB Global Business School

Are you looking to advance your career in the digital finance world? Prepare yourself for the digital and technological advancements in finance today. Get your MSc in Financial Management, Digital Banking & Internet Finance in addition to an ACCA certification from GBSB Global Business School now.

What is Digital Business?

What is Digital Business

Find out what digital business means and how you will see the world evolve to embrace it. Taking e-commerce and online marketing to a whole new level, businesses need to align their vision in order to attain the massive potential this possess.

Live Close to the Madrid Campus: What Barrios Students Should Consider Studying Abroad

GBSB Global Business School in Madrid. Live Close to the Madrid Campus

Are you studying abroad at our GBSB Global Business School Madrid campus? Trying to get the lay of the land or an understanding of the 21 barrios, or districts, that make up Madrid can be overwhelming. Let us break down the five barrios that are close to the GBSB Global Business School Madrid campus and what makes them unique.

Lateral Thinking: Goodbye to Conventional Solutions

Lateral Thinking in GBSB Global Business School

Lateral Thinking among other leading business methodologies are used at GBSB Global to provide students the most progressive & competitive education. Looking at problem solving with a fresh set of eyes will change the way society operates businesses around the globe. Reprogram your thinking to steer away from convention and look for alternative answers. Be the change maker of today.

Encouraging Opportunities: Helping Students Achieve Their Goals

Encouraging Opportunities: Career Services helps Students Achieve Their Goals

GBSB Global is a place where students can grow both professionally and personally, expanding their network to engage in new opportunities. GBSB Global motivates, inspiring students to reach for new horizons, incites imagination without limits, and assures that each and every student reaches their full potential as a successful, future business leader in the 21st Century.

Sustainable Transportation in Madrid & Barcelona: How Will You Get to School?

Sustainable Transportation in Madrid and Barcelona

Study at the GBSB Global in Barcelona or Madrid, there are exciting things taking shape regarding public transportation & user-friendly, smart cities. Spain has made it a priority to make advancements, revolutionizing the public transportation systems, becoming a model for other countries to follow. Live abroad in Spain and enjoy the everyday conveniences Barcelona and Madrid provide.

The Digital Innovation Scene in Madrid Explored

Digital Scene in Madrid Explored

Madrid like Barcelona is a hub for digital and mobile technologies. It’s thanks to the support & investments from local & regional governments and institutions that has made advancements in this sphere of business possible. One event in particular, the Digital Business World Congress, is making waves not only in Spain, but internationally in regards to the digital business transformation. 

Finding Your Community Away from Home: Armenian Resources

GBSB Global Business School Armenian Resources

GBSB Global embraces diversity and provides support through a series of community guides helping students make Barcelona feel like home. While there are approximately 40,000 Armenians living in Spain, a significant number of the whole, 12,000 live in Barcelona. While the numbers seem great, the resources are quite limited, but with no less heart. The Armenians living in Barcelona are very active and eager to welcome students.

Embracing Innovation in Business and Education

GBSB Global Business School embracing innovation in business education

In order to be competitive in a world where the expiration date of business models is shortening. Business schools need to provide its future leaders with the skills and experience that give them the courage to imagine, test, and implement new ways of doing business, ultimately giving them the cutting edge. GBSB Global Business School encourages a deeper level of learning by doing that is meant to create an awareness of the greater scheme and how technological advancements are pushing business school’s forward towards embracing innovation in business education.

GBSB Global Business School’s Barcelona Campus is Located in the Heart of the City

GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona Location

Located in the picturesque Mediterranean city of Barcelona, GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona provides an exceptional educational experience for those students interested in studying abroad in a diverse, international environment. The Barcelona campus is set in a modern building, custom-built to assure an effective and comfortable academic environment where students are inspired to learn and grow.

Find Your Community Away from Home: German Resources

German resources study abroad in Barcelona

At GBSB Global Business School, our student body is one of the most diverse in Barcelona, and with that in mind, we support our students adapting to the culture of everyday life in this major metropolitan city along the Mediterranean. At GBSB Global Business School, we are offering specific community guides for students, helping them connect with individuals from their home country and the resources they need to feel at ease during their study abroad experience.

Top Innovation Companies in Barcelona: Why Barcelona is a Hub

Business Innovation companies in Barcelona

Barcelona’s desire to be ever more intelligent is changing the business landscape into one of the most enticing destinations in the world regarding business innovation and startup investment. Not to mention, Barcelona, an iconic tourist spot, also has a great brand acclaim and a relaxed and balanced Mediterranean lifestyle that can hardly be beat.

What Kind of Career Should I Strive for with an International Business Degree?

What can you do with an International Business Degree?

A degree in international business can not only be profitable but will also give those that are passionate about business and travel significant career opportunities. Explore what it means to be an international business professional and what careers are available today in this ever-competitive international business market.

Can I Work with a Student Visa in Barcelona?

Work with a Student Visa in Barcelona

Studying abroad in Barcelona can be nerve racking; students have lots of questions and often do not know where to look for answers. At GBSB Global Business School, we try to help answer those questions, especially those regarding work & internships. Students want to get experience and would like to have a fair compensation. In this article, we try to break down the process and provide clarity on how students can go about working in Spain.

The Importance of Diversity in Education at GBSB Global Business School

Diversity in Education at GBSB Global Business School

Diversity in education matters more than you think at GBSB Global Business School. A school’s environment and culture can have a major impact on a student’s future career success. Attending a school that acknowledges and stands behind diversity, not only offers students a chance to see the world from another vantage point, but it serves as preparation for their professional careers in a globalized business market- this is something that cannot be ignored.

Meet our GBSB Global Professor Sergey Sukhankin

GBSB Global Business School Barcelona Professor Sergey Sukhankin

GBSB Global Business School Professor Sergey Sukhankin is a scholar and professor with international recognition focused on Russia and the Baltic Sea Region. He is an Associate Analyst at the International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS) - a top independent think-tank in Kiev, Ukraine. Get to know our professor and how he is contributing to GBSB Global and our vision as a diverse and innovative business school.

How to Prepare for an ACCA Exam?

GBSB Global Business School prepare students for ACCA Exam

As an official ACCA partner, GBSB Global wants to prepare its students for the examination process. Being the first business school in Barcelona to provide finance programs aligned to ACCA specifications, it is important to offer the resources and materials to those individuals seeking this notable certification.

Meet our GBSB Global Professor Gilberto Palmerín Romero

GBSB Global Business School professor Gilberto Palmerín Romero

Esteemed professor, collaboration strategist, consultant, trainer, & coach, GBSB Global Business School is honored to have Professor Palmerín as a member of our faculty. Passionate about collaboration, innovation and creative problem solving Professor Palmerín sat down to with our staff at GBSB Global to tell us about his dynamic professional background working for the Government of Mexico, Embassy of France in Mexico, Permanent Delegation to the OECD in Paris, General Delegation of Quebec in Mexico, United States Foundation for Culture, Inc., and most recently the Quebec Government Office in Barcelona.

GBSB Global Student of the Month: Dana Aljohar

Dana Aljohar: Master in Fashion Student of the Month

Meet our GBSB Global Student of the Month, Dana Aljohar, Master of Fashion and Luxury Business Management Class of 2017. Joining our student body from Kuwait, Dana, is a bright and social individual who made a last-minute decision to study at GBSB Global in Barcelona. She wanted to complete her master’s degree, but after studying English literature as her undergrad, she wanted something more than just technical studies. Dana wanted to do something more creative, and what more creative than fashion.

6 Hot Independent Fashion Designers in Barcelona

Fashion Designers in Barcelona

Barcelona is on the rise, becoming one of the world’s newly acclaimed fashion capitals. If you are looking for that one-of-a-kind piece start here. Barcelona is the place to find rare pieces, often hand-crafted or designed locally by artists, designers and architects that are invested in the city and sharing their unique creative pieces with an exclusive audience.

Top 8 Reasons Getting a Summer Internship Will Improve Your Employability

a Summer Internship Will Improve Your Employability

With the rising costs of tuition and ensuing daily expenses, it is no wonder that students are perplexed between the want to get experience in the professional field of their study by taking an internship versus the traditional summer job bartending, babysitting or life guarding at the local watering hole. Constructive professional experience in the industry you are studying will help build a solid foundation for your future career.

Barcelona: A Hot Startup Scene

Entrepreneurship startups made in Barcelona

Since Spain was hit hard by the economic collapse in 2008, Spanish entrepreneurs, investors, & public administrators have been working hard to foster a startup environment in major regions across the country. Madrid, as the capital is not the only city promoting the entrepreneurial mindset, but other cities like San Sabastian, Valencia and Barcelona are also following suit and becoming very successful at it.

Why Conferences About Innovation Are Important for the Fashion Industry

Conferences About Innovation are Important for the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry we know today is hardly recognizable from the what it was a decade ago. Apple, Steve Jobs, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Gucci, Coco Chanel all realized that in order to be on top, you must be willing to innovate to stay competitive. Without innovation, a brand will unconsciously steer customers to the competition. Innovation in the 21st century is one of the biggest factors that separate the notable brands, the brands that make you want to come back for more, from the mediocre.

We Are Diverse: GBSB GLOBAL Embraces 65+ Nationalities

GBSB Global Business School Barcelona Embraces 65+ Nationalities

Diversity is at the core to our ethos. We are a global community, students, professors, & staff from around the world converged at one single point on the globe. We wholehearted believe that educating mature, responsible future business leaders of the 21st century is most successfully adopted through the formal and informal interaction and communication between students from a wide variety of countries with contrasting regional perspectives.

Top 8 Benefits of Working in a Co-Working Environment

Benefits of Working in a Co-Working Environment

Across the globe there are trendy office spaces organized to bring entrepreneurs, startups, and lean businesses together in fun, fresh, funky spaces, from posh, eco-friendly lofts in lower Manhattan to old textile factories in Sabadell, Spain, remodeled with the latest in tech to serve communities of individuals that are hungry to succeed. Co-working is here to stay. There is no time like the present to tap into the array of benefits that working in a shared space offers.

Luxury Market Segmentation

What career will you choose in the luxury market

Defining the word luxury can often be arduous, as its definitions vary immensely and are subjective to whom you discuss the topic and in what context. Luxury brands thrive on the fact that they are exclusive and prestigious, only a select elite can aspire to attain. Within the luxury sector there are many avenues to explore and directions in which to navigate your career.

Teacher Profile: Jordi Castells

Jordi Castells GBSB Faculty member of Master Business Innovation and Creativity

Meet Jordi Castells is a member of our esteemed international faculty. He has been teaching at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona over the past three academic years. As a Spanish national, Professor Castells speaks Catalan, Spanish and English fluently. He also has an intermediate proficiency in French and German. When it comes to being ambitious, his desire to learn languages converts into a greater determination to acquire new information and knowledge through advanced trainings, seeking to expand his learning across many disciplines.

GBSB Student of the Month: Aizat Kalbergenova, MBA

GBSB Student of the Month: Aizat Kalbergenova, MBA

Meet our GBSB Student of the Month –Aizat Kalbergenova, Master in Business Administration, Class of 2016 GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona Alumni. Originally from the South of Kazakhstan in a city called Kyzlorda. She lived most of her life in Almaty. Coming from a traditional upbringing, Aizat Kalbergenova shares her experience on her studies at GBSB and how she has grown during her time in Spain.

Enotourism: The Growth of Wine Tourism in Spain

Enotourism: The Growth of Wine Tourism in Spain

The great news for Spain is that enotourism does not take a significant financial investment, with both urban and rural tourism highly developed the infrastructure to support growth is already in place. The World Tourism Association (WTO) reported Spain to be the second most trafficked destination in all of Europe in 2015 and ranked 3rd worldwide behind France and the United States.

Teacher Profile: Josep Bosch

Teacher Profile: Josep Bosch. Master International Business

Meet our distinguished professor Josep Bosch, retired spokesman & Head of Media for the World Trade Organization. He joins our esteemed GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona faculty in April sharing his real-life experience and expertise in international business, teaching the course titled Understanding International Macroeconomy.

What is Cava, and How Does It Make Barcelona Special?

GBSB Global Business School Barcelona Master students visits Cava Freixenet

Barcelona, Spain’s second largest city only a short drive away to the Penedès, one of the country’s best wine-producing regions behind Rioja, is a major draw for tourists and locals alike. What makes it so special? Cava. That bubbly beverage that can be compared to Champagne. Don’t be mistaken, it may be compared to French Champagne, but it is strictly Spanish. Find out what makes it different, and why we are talking about it.

What Jobs Can You Get with a Marketing Degree?

Master in Marketing degree from GBSB Global Business School Barcelona prepares students on career opportunities in marketing

Now, more than ever, organizations in Europe and around the world need leaders who understand the strategic marketing issues that directly impact corporate performance. Marketing is one trade that is predicted to have steady job growth into the near future. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic expects this profession will grow at a rate of 9 percent from 2014-2024, which could potentially result in 18,200 new jobs for marketing managers and associates. There is no time like the present to explore what jobs you can get with a marketing degree.

GBSB Student of the Month: Elvina Drouin, MSc in Entrepreneurship

Elvina Drouin student of Master Entrepreneurship

Meet our GBSB Student of the Month – Elvina Drouin, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship. Born and raised on Mauritius Island until she was eighteen, Elvina graduated with her Baccalaureat on Mauritius studying in a French Lycee. Moving away from all that was familiar, Elvina studied in Bordeaux, France for two years earning a degree in Business Unit Management, BTS Management des Unités Commerciales, and was afforded the opportunity to pursue a double diploma in Dublin, earning her a Bachelor in Business Innovation & Management. Elvina Drouin shares her story on her core values and how these have shaped the person she has become.

How Earning a Degree in International Business Can Lead to a Successful Career Investing in Emerging Markets

Master in International Business Management can lead to a successful Career in Emerging Markets

Career prospects for graduates with international and foreign language experience is anticipated to grow dramatically in the years and decades to come—in the corporate sector, the federal government, among NGO’s and with various academic institutions across the globe. Getting an education, learning about the complications and specificities that surround globalization found in the various emerging markets around the world has never been more important.

How a Master of Science in Finance Can Open Doors to the Banking Industry

Master in Finance degree program at GBSB Global Business School will open more opportunities with greater responsibilities & higher pay in the banking industry than a bachelor or general MBA

A successful career in the banking industry calls for a specialized set of skills suited to those individuals that are gregarious and inquisitive by nature. Graduating with a Master of Science in Finance will give you the foot in the door to the banking industry, making you a strong candidate for middle or upper management positions both domestically and abroad.

Working Across Borders: Are You Prepared for Global Challenges?

Study abroad MBA in GBSB Global Business School Barcelona

Opening and operating any business has its share of challenges, but in an increasingly globalized business environment, where offices are being opened oversees and in foreign countries every day, the difficulties are magnified. GBSB Global Business School is recognized as one of the most innovative business schools in Europe where the curriculum reflects the present market demand. GBSB is the only business school in Spain where regional studies are taught, preparing students for particular market setbacks.

Why the New Trend is Working for Yourself

GBSB Global Business School prepares new entrepreneurs with its master degree

The dynamic has changed, and Generation Y, or the Millennial Generation, is seeking to redefine the workplace trend,  shifting the paradigm from the corporate office to co-working spaces, harboring a new exchange of ideas and style of independent working. The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program at GBSB Global Business School prepares students to be successful entrepreneurs in a global context, whether it be starting a business, working autonomously as a contractor, or developing an entrepreneurial project within an existing organization.

What Jobs and Careers can you get with a Fashion Management Degree?

Careers can you get with a Fashion Management Degree

The fashion and luxury industry is complex, global, and highly competitive, but don't worry, there are a multitude of careers in fashion management and luxury brand management, so many that you may start in one position and naturally gravitate to another within the fashion and luxury industry, making you cross-functional and more marketable.

How Hospitality is Going Green

How Hospitality and Tourism is Going Green

Opportunities for research, leadership, and advocacy help students at GBSB Global Business School connect their education in Tourism and Hospitality Management with real-world problems. Embracing sustainable practices or more environmental initiatives is not new but today there are increasingly benefits to going green. The concept of sustainability was first mentioned in 1987 on an international platform with the UN-sponsored Brundtland Commission’s unveiling of “Our Common Future,” a movement that has since transgressed the globe. Read more about the benefits the hospitality and tourism sector gain from being mindful of our planet’s wellness.

5 Reasons Developing Your Personal Brand is Vital to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

5 Reasons Developing Your Personal Brand is Vital to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

A successful entrepreneur wanting to stay competitive cannot afford to hide from the public. Building a brand recognition takes patience; it is built one blog post at a time, one interview after another. Facebook shares, tweets and memorable hashtags on Instagram all coalesce to promote one consistent, clear message of who you are and what you offer that no one else does. 

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business?

Entrepreneur: Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business?

The defining characteristics of an entrepreneur are vastly varied and any combination can equate success, but the question is, do YOU have what it takes? Entrepreneurs are resourceful, imaginative and free-thinking. Lacking in certain skills, don’t worry. GBSB Global Business School invites you to participate in its MSc in Entrepreneurship. This program provides students with the tools to acquire the skills and competencies needed for successful entrepreneurship careers and business in a dynamic international market.

GBSB Alumni Story: Jana Dell

Jana Dell, Master in Communications and Future Marketing

Meet our Alumni of the Week – Jana Dell, Master in Communication and Future Marketing. Born in Russia, Jana grew up in Germany and earned her Bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands. Studying abroad was nothing new. Jana fell in love with Barcelona at first sight and transitioning to the city was easy. After earning her degree at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona, Jana is ready to launch her career in her adopted city, a metropolis of opportunity for this recent grad.

Teacher Profile: Ariel Castillo

Teacher Profile: Ariel Castillo

What words of advice would you give your younger self? Professor Ariel Castillo, GBSB Global Business School Barcelona’s Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management weighs in on his career. From Argentina across the Atlantic to the UK and Spain, he explains ways of doing business are different. Castillo, owner of Castlehart, brings 20 years of industry experience to the classroom at GBSB.

How the Fashion Industry is Turning to Social Media Channels to Stay Relevant

How the Fashion Industry is Turning to Social Media Channels to Stay Relevant

Preparing for a career in fashion is exciting, as it should be. It is a dynamic, creative industry that has recently began to evolve to the demands of a digitalized age. With an ever-evolving landscape trying to keep ahead of the trends it has become a priority implementing new ways to connect with customers, build strong relationships and increase social engagement to drive overall growth. 

GBSB Alumni Story: Özden Öz

Alumni of the Month Ӧzden Ӧz Master in Hospitality and Tourism

Meet Özden Öz, Master in Hospitality and Tourism alumni and current GBSB student studying for a Master in Business Innovation. Özden shares how the Mediterranean lifestyle in Barcelona suits her, and how life can be complicated at times and it is best to take one decision at a time. From Istanbul to Barcelona, she may not know what her future holds, but she is certain whatever it is, will certainly be great.

How a Global Education Can Lead to a Successful Marketing Campaign

Global Education lead to a Successful Marketing Campaign

Why study marketing abroad? In a globalized economy, there are significant advantages to having lived, worked and/or studied in various regions around the world. Learning the culture and having engaged in business in a foreign country can give you the competitive advantage in the field of marketing and advertising. Studying for a master’s degree in marketing and communications abroad may land you opportunities your domestic counterpart would not be offered. Earning a master’s in marketing in a foreign country may be the key to launching a successful marketing campaign for a multi-billion-dollar company.

Don’t Let Your Studies Stress You Out: Find Wellness in Barcelona

Find Wellness in Barcelona for students

Stress is inevitable as a student, but it doesn’t have to debilitating. Mindfulness is key. Creating healthy habits will effectively build a solid foundation in which to base the greater part of your adult life. Now, there are more options than ever before from yoga to CrossFit. Explore ways to manage your stress and find balance through exercise and taking time to unwind. With a wide variety of sports and relaxation options to choose from in Barcelona, there is something for everyone.

GBSB Alumni Story: Melanie Dünken

Alumni Story Melanie a Master of Science in Finance

Melanie Dünken, Master of Science in Finance, from Biberach (Riß), Germany says when she is not studying, she loves to hit the volleyball court for a match or spend time in a nearby yoga studio, finding balance and clarity. Deciding to come to Spain and study at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona was a great choice. It was exactly what Melanie envisioned when she thought about studying abroad so many years ago.

Are You a Born Leader? Career Paths in Business Administration

business administration career path

Do you see yourself as the head of a company, the boss’s boss, sitting at the top of the corporate ladder? Then a career in business administration may be just right for you. When studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration it is important to note that within this degree field there are many different areas of special interest. Explore the various career opportunities and decide for yourself if the discipline is right for you.

One Culture, Many Holidays

Barcelona Saint John the Baptist Day Festivities

Holidays and festivities in Barcelona are as bright, colorful and diverse as the people that live here. While studying at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona, make sure to mark your calendar and fit in some time to revel in the city’s rousing holiday scene.

15 Hospitality and Tourism Management Career Options

Career in Hotel Studying Tourism and Hospitality Management

There is more to it than meets the eye. The tourism and hospitality industry is an umbrella covering a sea of fun and engaging careers, from being a food and beverage manager on a high-end cruise line to orchestrating a top sound music festival. In an industry that is constantly growing and evolving to new trends, why not jump on board and explore the options? Hospitality and tourism career opportunities await!

GBSB Alumni Story: Symbat Auanova

Alumni of Global Business School Barcelona Symbat Auanova is student of Master in Marketing

Meet our alumni of the week – Symbat Auanova, Master of Science in Marketing Management. Symbat is a winner of GBSB Global Business School scholarship.
Symbat explains why she believes it is important to follow your dreams. She shares her story about completing her Master´s degree at GBSB and how she became a stronger person.

GBSB Alumni Story: Atif Sattar

Atif Sattar Master of Science in Marketing Management

Meet our alumni of the week – Atif Sattar, Master of Science in Marketing Management and Master of Business Administration. Atif left his home country, work and family to study abroad in Europe. He shares his story and explains why he decided to pursue a master's degree at the GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona

Here's what Office Manager, Clifton Saurel (USA), had to say about his first month at GBSB

When I started working with GBSB Global Business School, I was nervous at the beginning. Besides needing to learn all the things to do my job well, there were so many new faces and names to learn. Luckily, the GBSB administration team made me feel like I fit right in, and I quickly got over my nervousness. We laughed together and shared stories, and they have made me feel as if my contributions are important. What I have also enjoyed has been meeting different students from countries all over the world.

The Importance of Global Communications in the World Today

Importance of Global Communications in the World Today

In a globalized world, effective communication is a necessity. When friends, relatives, and colleagues need to reach all corners of the world, it is easy to see the importance of global communications in the world today. Whether you need to connect from Barcelona to Buenos Aires or Boston to Beijing, instant contact has become the norm and expectation. But how did we get here?

Example of Tourism and Hospitality Management Jobs in Barcelona

Tourism Jobs in Barcelona

Are you interested in studying tourism and hospitality? If you are, you're not alone. Countless young people around the world are attracted to this field so they can be a part of one of the largest industries in the world. And what's not to like? Who wouldn't want to have a job that basically revolves around vacation, fun, and just plain making somebody's day? It sounds like a very nice degree to earn, but what exactly would you do with a Master in Tourism and Hospitality?

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2015 Review

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2015 Logo

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Barcelona hosting the Mobile World Congress, the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry and conference for mobile communication stakeholders. It is the most anticipated event where mobile carriers and manufacturers, content owners and users, technology providers and vendors, and general mobile enthusiasts gather from across the globe to see and discuss what's new in the rapidly-evolving world of mobile technology.

A View to the Future of Marketing

a view to the future of marketing

Marketing has been an appealing business science for many years and it seems that this is why a Master in Marketing in Barcelona still continues to be a popular subject to learn, even more attractive than ever. Although during the start of the global economic crisis, in 2008 when Marketing functions were the first ones to be hit by the subsequent cost cutting  initiatives, it did not take long for Marketing to re-capture the pace of the ever fast evolving world of internet that we live

Importance of Entrepreneurship in the World

Entrepreneurship in the World

In recent years entrepreneurship has become a global dream for lots of people all over the world, but only very few understand the importance of entrepreneurship and dare to turn their dreams into reality. Though starting a new business from a scratch requires certain personal traits, as passion, self-belief, high self-motivation and courage, which are sometimes hard to develop, and high level of devotion as making your own business work takes a lot of time, in exchange it provides dozens of benefits.

Guide of Fashion Companies Based in Barcelona

Fashion Management

Without any doubt fashion industry can be counted among the fastest growing sectors in the last few years. In 2012 total value of the global textile and apparel market amounted to US$1.7 billion. Being one of the largest producers of textile, after Italy and Germany, Spain plays an important role in the fashion sector. According to the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Spain, in 2012 there was a significant increase in textile and apparel export of 9.1% comparing with the previous year.

The Rise of Luxury Industry and Luxury Markets

Importance of Luxury industry and luxury markets

Luxury industry is a unique industry, which cannot be compared with any other sector. Specific feature of luxury brands is that those rely solely on marketing and promotions to communicate brand values, and sell products to a specific target market. Even during global economic crisis, luxury industry did not just survived; it continued to show stable growth during few past years. According to the Bain report on luxury industry, in last two decades the total number of luxury consumers at the end of 2013 amounted to 330 million, compared to 90 million in 1995.

Study Tourism in Spain in English

study tourism in spain

Why study tourism in Spain? Tourism in Spain today is a major contributor to the national economic life accounting for 6.4% of Spain's GDP. Spain became a popular destination for summer holidays in the 1960s, especially among tourists from Britain, Portugal, France, Central Europe and Scandinavia. Ever since Spain has hold a strong position in world’s tourism, being among the largest markets for holidays. In 2007, the country became the second most visited country in the world after France. That year, about 60 million tourists visited Spain, according to the World Tourism Organization, which has its headquarters in Madrid.

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