Information for Exchange and Visiting Students

On this page prospective exchange students and visiting students will find all the necessary information to proceed with their application.

Information for Exchange Students and Visiting Students

GBSB Global Business School is an international European business school with study programs in English located in Barcelona, Spain. Our business school welcomes applications from exchange students and visiting students who study at other business schools, universities and colleges based in Europe or overseas and seek to spend a semester or a year abroad.

Students exchange programs are a chance of a lifetime. It is an adventure that you can only have when you are a student! It is also an investment in your future. Going from the familiar to the unfamiliar will provide you with a unique experience for your personal and academic development. Student exchange programs can enhance your language skills and help you prepare for the challenges of the global employment market.  

Exchange students and visiting students are a vital part of the GBSB Global Business School community as we encourage a flow of talent and aim to provide opportunities for networking with peers from different countries of the world and from different backgrounds.

GBSB Global Business School follows the Bologna Process which facilitates the mobility of students from Europe. Under the Bologna Process and a point system, known as the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), students are able to study at different European universities without the need of interrupting their undergraduate or graduate studies. However, we also have extensive experience in validating transcripts and processing applications from exchange students who come from non- European Universities or universities that do not follow ECTS.

Study in Barcelona

Being one of the most popular tourist cities in Europe, Barcelona is naturally a very popular destination for exchange students and visiting students. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain which features a generous climate with access to large beaches at the Mediterranean sea and mountains surrounding the city. Barcelona is an ideal location for any exchange student or visiting student.

Who is an Exchange Student/ Visiting Student?

You are an exchange student / a visiting student if you want to take credit courses at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona but are not seeking a degree.

Exchange students are those who participate in student exchange programs within an agreement established between GBSB Global Business School and our partner universities around the world.

Visiting students are those who attend our business school either on a Letter of Permission from home university or those who take our courses independently for personal or professional reasons.

Any student who wishes to receive academic credit for work completed at our programs will receive an official transcript indicating the number of class hours and ECTS (academic credits) completed and an overall grade for performance. The appropriate administrator at the student’s home university must agree to his/her participation in the program at GBSB Global Business School prior arrival.

Where do I start?

As an exchange student you must first obtain permission from your university to apply to GBSB Global Business School under the international student exchange program. Please ask the appropriate office at your university if we have an exchange agreement with your university.

If your university does not have an agreement with GBSB Global Business School, you may still apply as a visiting student. In this case you need to obtain a Letter of Permission from your University authorizing you to participate in our programs.

If you would like to take courses independently for personal or professional reasons, you do not need to submit a Letter of Permission. Taking individual courses can be an excellent way to hone your skills, train for employment, earn credentials and increase your marketability.

Are my studies credited to my degree?

  • Your home university must determine whether you receive credit towards your home degree for study you do at GBSB Global Business School
  • This decision will usually be based on the equivalence between the courses in your home degree and the courses you study at GBSB Global Business School
  • You will be enrolled as a non-award student at GBSB Global Business School so you will receive an official transcript but you will not receive a degree.

What is a Letter of Permission?

If you are a student attending another university, you may apply to take courses at GBSB Global Business School for credit at your own institution. A Letter of Permission is a document that permits an exchange student or a visiting student to take courses at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona for credit toward the student’s home university. It should indicate the permitted length of your studies in Barcelona and the recommended number of ECTS credits you should take.

How long can I study on Student Exchange?

As an exchange student/ visiting student you can study at our educational institution for one term (three months), two terms (six months) or thee terms (nine month or one academic year).

If you are interested in taking individual courses with GBSB Global Business School, there is no time limit and you can take different courses from different terms.

What are the required documents to apply as an exchange student/ visiting student?

  • A copy of your valid passport or identity card
  • An official transcript from a previous school, college or university
  • A passport-size photograph
  • Graduate students only: Curriculum Vitae
  • A Letter of Permission from your University (if relevant)

Applications are accepted all year round. Exchange students may start their studies in October, January and April. Students who are not the citizens of European Union are encouraged to apply earlier in order to allow time for student visa processing. 

How to apply as an exchange student/ visiting student?

Application Online

  • Step 1: Email us at info@global-business-school.orgWait for the admission officer to contact you in order to provide information on further steps to follow.
  • Step 2: Send the scanned copies of all the required documents.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding the admission of exchange students / visiting students, please do not hesitate to contact one of our educational advisers.


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