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Our Careers Service supports GBSB Global's students and alumni on their career paths, empowering them to build rewarding careers and ensuring they may achieve their full potential and success. The Careers Service plays a major role in your employability and aims to work with you from the outset to prepare you for the future, help you actively manage your career, and give you a competitive advantage over your peers.
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The core of our mission is to provide you with opportunities to enhance your professional development and experiential learning through a strategic process of self-awareness, job search skills development, internships, career exploration, and decision making.


We aim to prepare and empower you to shape your future as a member of a new generation of leaders and global change makers. We want to prepare young people like you to meet the complex challenges of our time.

  • Support you throughout your studies and beyond, ensuring that you achieve your full potential.
  • Help you plan your career development to achieve professional success.
  • Be with you from the outset, preparing you for your professional future, helping you to actively manage your career and gain a competitive advantage over your peers.
  • Offer various supporting and training services to help you develop your skills at the start of your career.
  • Improve services and develop appropriate growth strategies adjusted to the needs of current students and graduates.
  • Develop a network of employer contacts for student internships and future employment opportunities by building effective, long-term relationships with employers worldwide.

Career Development Journey

Careers Service is designed to guide you through a career development journey that will ensure meaningful and fulfilling professional career growth through a strategic 4-step process as follows:

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Meet the Team

The Careers Service is an important part of our commitment to supporting the student experience. Our team has extensive practical experience in career guidance, business development, and employability. We help students and alumni develop their personal career paths and find meaningful jobs that match their GBSB Global qualifications.

GBSB Global Career Services team Xavier Arola
Xavier Arola
Head of CAEC, G-Accelerator Director
Functional Areas of Responsibility:
Careers, alumni and entrepreneurship leadership and strategy, G-Accelerator Director.
GBSB Global Career Services team Georgia Nirou
Georgia Nirou
Careers and Alumni Coordinator
Functional Areas of Responsibility:
Student and alumni career advising, employability and career readiness support, internship support, engagement and impact measurement and reporting, career development event coordination, alumni community engagement.

Explore Career Services At Gbsb Global

Career Counseling

Throughout the year, Careers Service offers one-to-one career counseling sessions to help you clarify your career goals, evaluate your progress, and take ownership of your career journey. Schedule an appointment online by logging in to the GBSB Career Portal. Request a Counseling appointment.

Career Coaching

Depending on your needs, you can also request a career coaching appointment with one of our expert career coaches who can help you with a more in-depth analysis and assistance with career exploration, self-assessment and job search skills and application materials.

GBSB Career Services resources

Prepare for your future by consulting powerful and reliable resources to make informed decisions and move forward with confidence. Log in to the Career Portal to access online resources on topics such as interview preparation, networking, writing an effective resume, job search tips, salary negotiation, job search engines, and more. Browse our Career Portal.

Career Portal

Benefit from permanent access to the GBSB Global Career Portal, launched in collaboration with Simplicity, a recruitment and career guidance platform, specifically designed to provide recruitment solutions to various companies by selecting young talents across higher education institutions in Europe. Our Career Portal is available exclusively to GBSB Global students and alumni. Here, our partner companies post the latest job and internship opportunities for our students and alumni, allowing them to find unique opportunities around the world, before and after their graduation.

The GBSB Global Career Portal allows you to create your profile, request career counseling appointments, search job/internship postings, research employers, participate in recruitment programs and see announcements and a list of Career Services programs/events you can attend. You can log in to the Career Portal using your GBSB Global student email and credentials.

Take your job search on the go!

Download the app (Playstore & iStore) for easy access to the platform and have jobs at your fingertips.

Internship Management

Internships give you valuable experience in your field and networking opportunities that may lead to graduate job offers.

Careers Service aims to assist you in finding internship opportunities as per our internship framework.

Internships give you valuable experience within your field and foster networking opportunities which might lead to graduate job offers.

GBSB Career Internship Management

Whatever stage of your studies or career you are at, make sure you stay connected and take advantage of the career development events offered by Careers Services throughout the academic year. Events range from workshops, webinars, career fairs, and industry visits to networking events, and offer the opportunity to meet experienced guest speakers, attend industry-specific presentations, and enhance your employability skills.

For more information on career development events, check our Career Portal for announcements and our Events feature for regular updates. Previously recorded career development events are also available on our YouTube channel.

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Are you interested in connecting with today's brightest and most innovative undergraduate and graduate students who are ready to make their mark in fields ranging from business and finance to fashion and hospitality management? There is no time like the present to make that connection! Look no further. GBSB Global Business School offers a powerful Career Portal that engages potential employers, both local and international, and puts them in direct contact with GBSB Global students and graduates.

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Are you looking to hire and boost your business with GBSB Global Talent?

Posting a job, internship or connecting with students on the GBSB Global Career Portal is easy. Click on this link for a step-by-step guide. Please note that there is more than one way to reach the candidates you are looking for. Depending on the size of your company and/or the number of potential employees you wish to target, our Careers Service offers different options to suit every company and its needs.

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If you are looking to recruit interns from GBSB Global, read our guidance on how to offer internships based on our Internship Framework.

Do you have any questions or need help getting started? Don’t hesitate to contact GBSB Global Business School Careers Service directly at

GBSB Global publishes annual employability statistics following the success of our graduates. The purpose is to assess the employability of our students and track various hiring trends. The statistics also provide our prospective students with insight into their career prospects.

Our graduates are among the most sought-after in the world, holding global roles in leading organizations across a range of sectors. Download our employment reports to explore the industries and destinations of our most recent graduates.

Employment Reports

Explore the annual employment trends of our recent graduates across regions, industries and sectors worldwide. Gain insight into the latest global entrepreneurship and innovation opportunities, learn more about GBSB Global's Careers and Entrepreneurship Services, and review Alumni Feedback.


image about GBSB student Anna Dubasova
Summer School 2019
One of the highlights of my Summer School was meeting an entrepreneur through the program. It was very impactful. I also enjoyed the combination of theory and practical activities, like the Lego Serious Play workshop. I definitely feel that the lectures and coursework prepared me to think more as an entrepreneur.
image about GBSB student Sandra Bakare
Summer School 2019
The Summer School program at GBSB Global Barcelona was outside of my core medical studies. I chose the course as I felt it was a good idea to complement my skills and focus on digital business and innovation. One of the highlights of the program was undoubtedly the excursion to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre.
image about GBSB student Youssef Elabd
Summer School 2019
Barcelona isn't just an amazing tourist destination, it's also the ideal place to study. Thanks to GBSB Global's amazing staff and professors, I was able to learn so much during my Summer School program. I believe that digital business is the future and I am so glad that I invested in this program.