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GBSB Global Business School has long been synonymous with the highest standards in business education. Promoting leadership in academics and business, our students graduate with the acumen and best practices to accelerate innovation and disrupt existing markets.

As of July 2022, GBSB Global has officially launched a Student Referral Program allowing past and current students to refer friends, family, and other associates for upcoming intakes.

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“Referrer” means GBSB Global's existing student or graduate who voluntarily participates in the Student Referral program by referring eligible friends to become GBSB Global's Referees. “Referee” means a prospective applicant who wants to join our learning institution as a student through being referred by someone who has already studied or is currently studying with us. A referred applicant is eligible to claim special discount benefits and will go through an eased application process given trusted recommendations.

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As a trusted Referee recommended by someone within the GBSB Global community, you will be eligible for a 15% discount on annual tuition fees, as well as several payment installments.

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If your referred contact gets enrolled at GBSB Global, you will receive a 300€ Amazon gift card or a refund of equal amount, as well as helping your confidant convert their dream into reality by getting one step closer to a successful international career.


Get in touch with our Admission Support expressing your interest in taking part in our Student Referral Program. Get your unique promocode and further instructions on how to proceed with referrals.

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GBSB Global Referral Program process explained

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The need for influential business leaders has never been greater. Earning a quality degree from a world-renowned institution at the forefront of digitization, engagement, and global bearing can offer graduates infinite professional opportunities at any corner of the world.

As a learning institution we strive to create an inclusive learning environment comprising talent from across the world. Help us attract the right minds and benefit from becoming part of an inspired, well trained, goal-oriented community of global professionals during and after the studies.


Our students are the building block needed to create a learning-integrated ecosystem, playing a significant role in the development of the institution. Given the first-hand perspective and positive experience, our students’ recommendations matter greatly.

We trust your judgement and therefore value and prioritize all referred candidates. Recommend GBSB Global to your friends, family friends, or colleagues to help them achieve their educational goals faster and at a lower price.


When do I receive my gift card?
Referral and enrollment verification will be completed and cleared once the payment of at least 20% has been received by the school, after which the Referee will receive their reward via email.

What if I refer more than 1 person?
Referral Program conditions apply per each successful referral, meaning you receive a valid gift card of 300 EUR per each enrolled case.

How will you know if it is my referral?
Each student or graduate who wishes to participate in the program will receive a uniquely generated promocode, with which the referred contact should begin the application process with help of an allocated Admission Officer.

What happens if my referral doesn’t get admitted?
If the referred contact does not pass the application process for whatever reason, unfortunately we cannot proceed with their enrollment. This means that you will not receive your reward, since the case was unsuccessful. However, an unsuccessful case does not mean that you cannot refer any other contacts in the future.

Is there a limit on how many contacts I can refer?
No, there is no limit on the number of referrals. You can spread the word as many times as you’d like.

What if I live outside of Spain or the EU - can I still get the reward?
If Amazon does not operate across your current geographic region, you can opt for a 300 EUR refund via an international transfer. However, please see Point 5 of the infographics above, explaining possible additional charges.