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The core of our mission is to provide opportunities to enhance your career development and exploratory learning through a strategic process of self-awareness, job search skill development, experiential internships, career exploration and decision-making.


We focus on supporting creative and resilient individuals who are ready to take on challenges, who want to own their businesses and manage their professional lives. We want to work with people who are committed to improving the world and society through sustainable business models that are socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally sound.

The G-Accelerator Entrepreneurship Center is the new hub at GBSB Global dedicated to supporting and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through a wide range of services:

  • Entrepreneurship Services — A customized suite of services to support students and alumni who want to launch an entrepreneurial venture.
  • G-Accelerator Impact Call — A 6-month pre-accelerator program that fosters triple-impact (social, economic, and environmental) entrepreneurship ventures.
  • Open Innovation Challenges — It connects students with companies and large corporations looking for fresh business ideas.


Discover the main events of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, public and private organizations that support entrepreneurship at national (Spain) and international level.

Meet the Team

Entrepreneurship services are an important part of the student experience and self-development. Our team has significant real-world experience in business development, entrepreneurial ventures, mentorship, consulting programs, fundraising and interim management.

image about Xavier Arola
Xavier Arola
Head of CAEC, G-Accelerator Director
Functional Areas of Responsibility:
Careers, alumni and entrepreneurship leadership and strategy, G-Accelerator Director.
image about Alessia Bascucci
Alessia Bascucci
Entrepreneurship Services Coordinator
Functional Areas of Responsibility:
G-Accelerator Impact Call Coordinator, Students and Alumni Entrepreneurship Services advising and support for business development, Open Innovation opportunities and Entrepreneurship Center events coordinator.

GBSB Global is focused on paving the way for new generations of future professionals by providing them with the latest resources in technology and access to the national and international entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Whether your idea is in its infancy or has already started the journey, GBSB Global invites you to apply for this opportunity and receive professional support and guidance, providing the best resources and personalized advice on how to start a business.

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image about entrepreneurship quote center

The Entrepreneurship Center Services is a GBSB Global initiative that supports students and alumni who want to launch an entrepreneurial venture.

The Entrepreneurship Center Services will support you in creating a roadmap for your entrepreneurship endeavor through professional services based on your specific business needs:

Explore Entrepreneurship Services At Gbsb Global:

GBSB Global offers one-on-one consultations with members of the Entrepreneurship Center team to review your business proposal and explain all the resources available to help you achieve your business goals.

GBSB Global offers a wide range of free business resources such as workshops, readings and templates to help you build your business proposal with the most advanced business tools, such as how to create your project deck, how to pitch, the most innovative market research tools and techniques, a business plan template, how to make your financial forecast and much more.

GBSB Global students and alumni can access a free 60-minute coaching session with an expert to receive professional guidance and personalized advice on how to start a business.

During this session, students and alumni will have the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate their idea based on innovation, technology, market positioning, and team skills.
  • Receive guidance on business model validation and market testing.
  • Work with the coach to create a roadmap for launching the new venture, with services tailored to the key aspects of their business.

Open Innovation challenges are a great way to gather ideas from the outside to create better solutions, integrate external talents, and find opportunities to solve unmet business needs with the right partnerships.

Throughout this program, you will have access to the most exciting Open Innovation challenges worldwide and be able to propose your innovative ideas to the innovation processes of large companies.

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G-Accelerator Sponsors:

In addition, G-Accelerator is ready to discuss open innovation programs with companies through its Sponsor Membership Program. This Program aims to foster innovation in companies through our community of students, alumni and startups faced with specific challenges. Thie aim is achieved by leveraging entrepreneurial ideas that could improve their own processes and drive innovation. For more information on how to become a Sponsor, please send an email to: g-accelerator@global-business-school.org

Get Inspired with Previous Open Innovation Challenges

Globalvia - #OpenviaChallenges
Häagen-Dazs - Re-imagining the Ice Cream Experience Challenge
Schneider Go Green 2022 (Europe) Challenge
Foundation Egis - Team Up for Climate Challenge
The FITUR Talent 2022 Challenge
Telanto "Design secure access to information in blockchain" Challenge
Dassault Sy Systemes Sustainability - Shape the World of Tomorrow Challenge
The Bayer Digital Campus Challenge

G-Accelerator has established valuable partnerships and alliances on a national and international level, which offer our students, graduates and former startups advantages and business development support depending on their different stages of development. G-Accelerator's Partners will aid in topics like networking, knowledge and know how, training, access to capital markets, legal advisory, funding opportunities, special conditions and much more.

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Are you interested in becoming a G-Accelerator partner and part of our international community?

UVic-UCC University of Central Catalunya is GBSB Global's main partner for the G-Accelerator Impact Call Program, our own 6-month pre-accelerator program that supports our startups through customer and product development, prototype and MVP creation, and market validation.

The Institute of Social Innovation and Impact (ISSI) at the University of Northampton in the UK helps our start-ups to define the social, economic and environmental impact dimension of their business and to integrate sustainability and social responsibility into their business model.

Crowdcube is Europe's largest equity crowdfunding company and offers G-Accelerator start-ups specific advantages in their funding rounds by offering a lower success fee for closing financial deals.

Marinel-lo is an independent law firm that provides multidisciplinary legal advice to its clients and will provide preferential services to G-Accelerator startups. Participants will have the opportunity to receive customized conditions according to their specific needs and projects.

Enpact is a German non-profit organization that aims to strengthen economic ties between young start-up entrepreneurs in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. It provides students with mentorship, training, and valuable policy recommendations.

APTKI is a Barcelona-based financial services company that helps new startups by providing them with strategic and financial development opportunities.

Turijobs is a tourism and hospitality job board that publishes all the internships and job offers at national and international level in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Simplr is a sustainable consumption platform that offers a wide range of products and services, from smartphones, computers or cars to internet or electricity for your home, with a circular economy based model with special conditions for our startups and GBSB Global community.

LVenture Group is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups to shape the entrepreneurship of tomorrow. Thanks to our unique partnership, our G-accelerator startups have the opportunity to access seed investments of up to €250,000 and an international ecosystem of founders and investors to scale their businesses globally.

Balcells Group is an international law firm based in Barcelona that helps foreigners in Spain to solve immigration legal status, taxes and business legal set-up. GBSB Global Students and Alumni get special conditions and discounts on their services.

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