The first business school in Barcelona with a focus on the world

GBSB Global Business School is a fully accredited private educational institution in Barcelona, Spain that teaches business in English and is dedicated to preparing students for the careers of the global economy. Our degrees in the fields of Business, International Management, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Digital Business and Operations Management prepare students to operate with ease across borders and cultures – in an environment that prizes diversity and the ability to bring a worldwide perspective to the study of international business. GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona is an excellent place for students who are looking for innovative business degrees in Europe in the trendy urban and cosmopolitan environment of the Mediterranean.

The business school’s differentiators are:
  • Global Focus – educating students to become global citizens, who think globally while acting locally
  • Business Ethics & Sustainability – resolving global challenges of today by educating ethical and responsible business leaders of tomorrow
  • Employability – supporting students in securing their future careers by providing them with applicable practical and modern business knowledge
  • Modern University Style - offering innovative curriculum, international professors and top American business school teaching methods by using case studies, group exercises and presentations
  • Individual Approach – fostering student-centered active learning approach in small classes

We are the first campus in Barcelona that is truly focused on the world

From a unique introductory course in the Bachelor of Business Administration program to an advanced course in the MBA program, the experience at GBSB Global Business School is thoroughly international and is oriented at developing the global consciousness. This approach to business education makes us one of the most innovative universities that teach business in English in Barcelona.

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Located in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Barcelona, GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona provides a unique educational experience. It combines the pleasure of living by the seaside in a world-class city with studying in English at an international business school that guarantees rigorous undergraduate and postgraduate programs in business and excellent graduate employment prospects in Spain, in Europe, and around the world.


Our Students

Internationalism is core to our ethos. Our students come from Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. This highly cosmopolitan, multilingual, multicultural student group creates a dynamic environment for the design and delivery of our academic curriculum. At GBSB Global Business School we are committed to the principle of embedding internationalism in the academic content of our degree programs and capitalizing of the richness and variety of the linguistic, cultural and educational backgrounds of our students. We strongly believe that a mature, responsible outlook for the future business leaders of the globalised economy of the 21st century is most effectively fostered through formal and informal interaction between students from a wide variety of countries from many different parts of the world. Being one of the international business schools that teach in English in Spain, GBSB Global Business School is a bridge connecting people from different nationalities to the international business arena.

Our Approach to Business Education

To change the way we do business, we must also bring change to the way universities teach business. At GBSB Global Business School we have begun this process by ensuring that our students understand that the international landscape has been transformed. Business is no longer just a matter for Wall Street or for Main Street U.S.A., but for every byway in every community, large and small, in the world.

At our school we teach state of the art theory, immerse students in international experience, and connect them to best practice in business. The qualities we develop represent:

  • Intellectual flexibility;
  • Cultural literacy, a solid knowledge of customs and history of societies all over the world, in the places that are becoming part of the global marketplace;
  • A strong grounding in ethics;
  • The ability to communicate ideas well and speak foreign languages;
  • Optimism, creativity, a collaborative outlook, the willingness to lead;
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Green Education

Making GBSB Global Business School one of the most sustainable educational institutions in Barcelona and in Europe

At GBSB Global Business School we recognize the aspirations of all people and the urgency of caring for our fragile planet. We teach students to craft business methods that match the sustainable vision by doing good for society while doing well for the company, by profiting others while turning a profit.


Opportunities for research, leadership, and advocacy help students at GBSB Global Business School connect their business education with real-world problems. Our School offers students many ways to learn about and practice sustainability. Here are just a few examples:

  • Innovative courses, such as Global Environmental Science and Ethical Dimensions of International Business;
  • Mentorships with biologists, environmental activists from Spain and Europe, and local leaders;
  • Co-curricular opportunities such as Campus sustainability theme floor, recycling activities, and renewable energy conferences;

Being one of the international universities in Barcelona that teach business in English, we believe in change and in making a difference that would count in people’s lives. We are confident that you will be both intellectually challenged and culturally stimulated by the educationally unique experience at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona.

History of GBSB Global Business School

GBSB Global Business School is an educational organization created to challenge new economic circumstances and changing times. The institution has been found as a request to create a business school which would offer a completely new educational model based on the skills and capabilities needed in today’s modern world.

The business school has been ranked number one in Europe in the Guide to Sustainability Schools, it has been recognized as a Leader in Global Education by Newsweek Magazine in December 2012, it has been the only graduate school from Spain invited to participate in the International Ethics Case Competition in California, USA next to such Universities as Oxford, INSEAD, University of California, Irvine, etc, where its students became finalists and won the first place in the competition, thus achieving an international recognition of the quality of education provided at GBSB Global Business School.

Additionally, in November 2013 GBSB Global Business School has been offered to become an official academic partner of European Commission during European Development Days, a premier forum on world politics and development. We have been again the only business school from Spain that has achieved this merit within other 20 best Universities from around the world.

GBSB Global Business School is recognized as one of the most innovative business schools in Europe where the curriculum reflects the current market demand and the only business school in Spain where regional studies are taught such as "Doing Business in Africa", "Doing Business in Latina America", etc.

The students’ body is fully international, representing more than 50 different nationalities. The school has strategic partners around the world that guarantees flexible students and faculty Mobility.

The research department at GBSB Global Business School is constantly involved in business education research, which allows the design of the most innovative and practical business and executive education programs. The study prepared by the experts at GBSB Global Business School that measures effectiveness of MBA programs at different business schools in Spain was published and presented at the 8th International Conference: Research Work and Learning in June, 2013 in Scotland, UK - the premier research forum in the area of professional education.

Our Mission

GBSB Global Business School Barcelona Mission Statement

GBSB Global Business School supports and promotes internationalism of our business school’s curriculum, service, and outreach. We strive to be globally competitive and globally relevant and educate our students to become global citizens, who think globally while acting locally.

We believe GBSB Global Business School will play an important role in the future business community and in resolving the most important global challenges of today including education of ethical and responsible business leaders, environmental sustainability, global warming, and financial and economic stability of different countries in the world.

The goals of the global region studies in our business school’s curriculum are to help raise students’ awareness of increasing interdependence of the world and to foster in students a respect for the diversity of the world community. GBSB Global Business School values awareness of the interdependence of nations and people, as well as a commitment to equality, which requires diversity and fairness among all people, groups, and ideas.

As the centre of excellence for business education, GBSB Global Business School promotes the highest standards in business management, administration, security and environment protection, and provides a mechanism for the international exchange and transfer of knowledge. In particular, our business school:

  • Prepares the students for leadership in a wide range of business related professions
  • Provides undergraduate and master's students with an environment that focuses on all dimensions of learning – knowledge, understanding, skills, behaviors, values, and attitudes
  • Accepts the challenges and opportunities confronting us and understands that GBSB Global Business School must constantly change, adapt and grow to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving global business

Connection with industry and real businesses

GBSB Global Business School Barcelona was started with a strong connection to industry. The objective is to supply ready business professionals to fill industry requirements. A few of the existing GBSB Global Business School's offerings for connection with industry include: career development center for on campus interviewing, interview preparation and job search assistance, company on-campus presentations and on-site tours (industrial visits). The goal is to make these fit together seamlessly so students and industry can use them in an easy and timely manner.

There is an ongoing connection with industry at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona. Industry professionals and experts regularly teach in the program and provide feedback on students’ work.

Below are some of our contacts in the area of industry and real businesses.

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The only higher education institution in Spain accredited by Microsoft as a leader in digital education & selected as a showcase school.

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Recorded as one of the best Business Schools in Europe by MYBS (Mind Your Own Business School)

GBSB Global Business School BUSINESS SCHOOLS in Europe by MYBS

Our students are finalists of the prestigious International Business Ethics Case Competition in San Diego, California, USA

GBSB Global International Business Ethics Case Competition

Ranked No. 1 in Europe in the Guide to Sustainability Schools

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