Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest city on the peninsular. It is the official political and economic center of the country and a mecca for academic and arts from all over the world. Here are some of the many reasons why to study in a business school in Madrid.

Business School in Madrid Cultural Life and Arts

Cultural Life and Arts

Madrid is recognized in Europe and the World as one of the riches capitals of art. Along with numerous art galleries and season exhibitions, there is the "Great Triangle" composed by the Prado Museum, the Tyssen Museum, and the Reina Sofia Museum. Within this triangle one can be acquainted and enjoy the beauty and complexity of art: from classical paintings of Rubens, Goya, and Velazquez, to impressionist master pieces of Monet and Renoir, straight to modern expressionist art of Picasso and Miro.

GBSB Global Business School in Madrid Landscapes and Weather

Landscapes and Weather

Due to its high altitude, it experiences quite different temperatures in summer and winter. The most pleasant weather fall is between May and mid-July with average temperatures between 20 and 32 degrees Celsius. However, during winter months the daily average is of 12 degrees Celsius. Madrid is a city of churches and convents, which, along with the natural relief of natural gardens and parks such as Retiro, defines the landscape of the city.

Global Business School in Madrid Nightlife and Sports

Nightlife and Sports

Madrid provides world food & beverage trends, and numerous bars and restaurants; the city has a lot to offer to any zoilus client. They say that Madrid comes alive after dark – no one would think of going out dancing before 2am – there are bars and discos in the notorious areas of Chueca, La Latina and Gran Vía - creating a vibrant party flare of the city. However, apart from food and fun, Madrid is notorious for its active life. Every year there are marathons, professional and non-professional championships.

Business School in Madrid Corporate Business place

Corporate Madrid

Madrid is a major EU capital with the facilities and infrastructures to match. All major Spanish companies´ headquarters are located in Madrid. The city enjoys important trade fair facilities, various congress centers, financial districts and exhibition sites. Such renowned fares as SIMO (IT trade fair), FITUR (tourism), SIMM (fashion), ARCO (contemporary art), and OME (online marketing) are taking place in Madrid every year.

GBSB Global Business School Madrid Campus second region europe tech jobs

Madrid is the 2nd among EU-27 regions in number of
high-tech jobs: 144,420 professionals in
the ITC industry


GBSB Global Business School Madrid third in International congress and convention

Madrid is 3rd in the world in the prestigious
International Congress
and Convention
Association ranking

(ICCA, 2015)

GBSB Global Business School in Madrid 3,3 million residents

Million Residents in Madrid

GBSB Global Business School in Madrid sunny

Annual average of
2,769 hours of sunlight in Madrid

GBSB Global Madrid acceptable cost living

The cost of living in Madrid is one of the most
among large European capitals

(Mercer Cost of Living Ranking, 2014)


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Why GBSB Global Business School - Madrid Campus

GBSB Global Business School Madrid Campus with MODERN DESIGN


GBSB Global Business School campus in Madrid with the LATEST DIGITAL Technologies


Campus at GBSB Global Business School in Madrid


GBSB Global Business School Campus in Madrid beautiful interior


GBSB Global Business School in Madrid Students Infrastructure




GBSB Global Business School Campus in Madrid is in the academic heart of the city, next to the Universidad Universitaria District. Our business school in Madrid is set in a brand-new modern building, made to guarantee comfortable study process and productive results.

Madrid Campus facilities:

GBSB Global Madrid campus space work

Space for individual work

GBSB Global Business School Madrid Vending Machines

Vending machines

GBSB Global Campus in Madrid with best printing and copy service

A print and photocopy service

GBSB Global Madrid campus co-working spaces and study areas

Comfortable co-working spaces

Global business school Cafeteria in Madrid


GBSB Global Business School in Madrid free WIFI

Free Wi-Fi in all facilities

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GBSB Global Business School designed one of a kind Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program for those who are seeking to gather a strong understanding of core business concepts and processes from a global perspective. The program provides a unique opportunity to acquire an in-depth knowledge on global markets, understanding of business cultures in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and other regions. This program prepares students to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the modern globalized economy and provide the proper skills needed to work across the borders. The BBA program at GBSB Global Business School is equipped with the latest teaching methodology, case studies, situational analysis, simulation games and hands-on classes, which allow its students to be fully prepared to face the dynamic and challenging business environment.

Bachelor in Business Administration Majors in Madrid

(3 years, 5 days per week, full time)

bachelor in entrepreneurship in Madrid


bachelor in international business management in Madrid


bachelor in PR and Communication in Madrid

PR & Communication

bachelor in Marketing in Madrid


bachelor in Digital Business in Madrid

Digital Business

GBSB Global master programs allow the students to concentrate on the practical side of the education process, perfectly complementing the area of interests following their bachelor´s degree or enriching their working experience in a specific area. At GBSB Global, students are free to choose a Master of Science degree (MSc), or a Master of Arts degree (MA).

Master of Science in Madrid

(9 months, 5 days per week, full time)

master in Operations and Supply Chain Management in Madrid

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Master of Arts in Madrid

9 months, 3-5 days per week, intensive

GBSB Global Business School in Madrid MBA program


GBSB Global offers pioneer MBA programs in Spain changing the whole concept of business education. The program is focused on solid lean practices, ethic sides of the modern business, entrepreneurial spirit, strong leadership skills and out of the box thinking.

Master of Business Administration in Madrid

(9 months, 5 days per week, full time)

mba in international business in Madrid

International Business

mba in Operations and Supply Chain Management in Madrid

Operations and Supply Chain Management


Madrid is a city of solid businesses and has an enormous potential to generate job opportunities. The presence of multinational companies in Madrid, along with national companies willing to grow towards international markets, generating a strong demand for employees with foreign languages, which is a great opportunity for foreigners to come to work and live in Madrid, Spain. Being a global referent in industries such as architecture & design, sports, tourism, scientific research, and engineering, the city is ranked among the top 10 for its innovation and growth in the world. Study at our business school in Madrid and get a perfect career.

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