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GBSB Global Business School executive education programs empower talented individuals and enable leaders, managers and entrepreneurs to realize their potential and maximize their contributions to their businesses and communities. Professionals who have completed professional education courses at GBSB Global Business School feel that they learn and see a real change in their responses to the challenges they face in their careers.

This personal and professional growth arises from the practical educational methodology and careful tailoring of continuous education courses to the priorities of the individual, group or company. In this way, business company training courses and professional education GBSB Global Business School provides has direct relevance to the participants’ lives and professional goals.  

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Executive Education in Barcelona

Why Executive Education at GBSB Global Business School?

  • International credentials from renowned private and public sector organizations
  • Best speakers and trainers from the whole Europe
  • Visits to big international companies and international organizations
  • Each Executive Education program is tailored to the needs of your company
  • Experience of simultaneous translation
  • International Certificates

Why Executive Education in Barcelona?

Barcelona, as a worldwide-known brand, became famous after the Olympics in 1992. As locals say, at that time the city turned its face to the sea – before 1992 there were no beaches in Barcelona. Local authorities skillfully used the investment provided for the Olympics and developed a beautiful sea-front area with sandy beaches.

Nowadays Barcelona is a unique city in Spain, Europe and in the world. It is not only a resort but also a major business center in Spain where the offices of many international companies are concentrated, where innovation parks are being built, where young entrepreneurs like to start their businesses, and where hundreds of conferences and congresses take place every year.

Without exaggerating one can say that there is everything needed for a comfortable life in Barcelona. The city has good infrastructure (the city is number one in the world for the level of infrastructure and urban development); there are many museums, theatres, parks, medical centers, and an international airport with an easy and fast access to all main cities of Europe.

Without a doubt, executive education in Barcelona is a way to combine business with pleasure.

The role of continuous education for the modern workplace

The goal of continuous education and professional education in general is to help build a knowledge economy workforce, advance economic development, and promote global competency.

Industries are constantly changing. Continuous education is required for professionals to stay current with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies needed for their fields.

Certain professions also require professional education to comply with laws, remain licenses or certified, or maintain membership in an association or licensing body. Overall, executive education is considered a way for managers to keep abreast of their fields so they don’t lag behind. Business company training courses help expand horizons, open up your mind, develop your creativity abilities, help to find new solutions to old problems.

What our Business School in Barcelona has to offer?

GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona offers in-company training, general business trainings, executive training courses and workshops in Barcelona, Spain, across Europe and internationally. Our faculty is international and expert guest speakers from any area or industry can be arranged. Business company training courses are practical with visits to companies and international organizations. All programs are offered in English or Spanish and translation services can be provided when needed. The programs can be scheduled flexibly and it is possible for our professors to travel to your international offices.

GBSB Global Business School Barcelona welcomes diversity. We have taught students from every continent, from different ages, genders and religions. We accept talent and focus on developing skills to prepare professionals for leadership positions in global businesses, which increasingly require executives to have broad educational background and intercultural skills. For us, ethics and sustainability are not catch phrases, but a core part of each of our courses. We actively prepare participants to be ethical and responsible leaders.

Additionally, GBSB Global Business School is a business school in Europe with a constant focus on innovation. The aim of our professional education courses is not only to teach the skills but improve the innovative capacity of executive training participants so that they could become more productive and efficient in their workplace and come up with innovative and creative solutions.

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