Entrepreneurship Training

GBSB Global Business School executive entrepreneurship training programs are designed to provide professional education in Barcelona to entrepreneurs to foment their creativity and develop their business ideas into start-up companies, as well as providing continuous education to entrepreneurs looking to get their businesses off the ground.

GBSB Global Business School offers unique entrepreneurship training to teach students the skills needed to be an entrepreneur and to guide students in the development of their own businesses.

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Fomenting the culture of innovation

Innovation entrepreneurship is a specialty of GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona and each entrepreneurship training is based on innovative research conducted by our own professors.

In the current turbulent economic environment in Europe and around the world, innovation is seen as a key strategy for institutions and companies to not only recover but thrive and sustain growth into the future. Innovation has become key to improved global competitiveness for the following reason: globalization with its more liberal trade and financial markets has reduced geographic and other trade barriers – barriers that previously protected domestic industries from international competition. The new reality is that local firms must continually innovate, adapt and create new products and services to compete beyond regional borders.

The innovation and technological change primarily come from the entrepreneurs. It is believed that, while large companies tend to perfect their processes and use the economy of scales to grow, devoting very little attention to innovation – the driving force of economic development, the entrepreneurs organize existing resources in different combinations to enable them to create new products or processes, or enter new markets, or find out a niche not noticed or occupied by large companies until then.

However, the situation within large corporations is also changing now. Some reports have demonstrated that support for the demand for innovation comes from capable managers who understand the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship activities and pursue strategies based on innovative products and processes. Thus, strong management is important in each element of the innovation system. The management function includes goal setting, organization building, resource allocation, and monitoring of results.

It also includes actions enterprise finance, sales and promotion, production and delivery, and people development. Management skills are important enablers that support the supply of innovation and are crucial for organizing R&D efforts, for setting priorities, developing strategies, and acquiring resources. Hence, in building an innovative enterprise or an innovative economy, management talent matters. Capable management can develop strategies for which innovation is a critical component.

At GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona we devote attention to both – start-up companies and existing firms in Spain, in Europe and the rest of the world that wish to infuse some innovation into their operations. During in company training and workshops  in which management participates, it is possible to develop new ideas, creativity skills, and start thinking in a new fresh way. Entrepreneurship trainings in our business school in Barcelona aim at developing entrepreneurship skills, team-building and leadership skills, understanding of modern technologies, design thinking processes, psychology of new product development, etc.

The topics for entrepreneurship training may include but are not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • Innovation in a Global Marketplace
  • Women in Leadership Positions
  • Overcoming Start-Up Challenges in Today’s Economy
  • Successful Entrepreneur Training
  • How to be Profitable without Compromising Ethics
  • Financing a Start-Up and Investor Relations
  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Creativity and Psychology of New Product Development
  • Design Thinking
  • Business Innovation Processes
  • Marketing of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Products

Some of our entrepreneurship training lecturers

Entrepreneurship training with Xavier Olivares

Xavier Olivares Veciana: a consultant and professor, expert in management and systematization of innovation, design thinking, and leadership. He has a strong experience as a Manager of Innovation in the area of design in different industries at international level, including being Head of Smart City Lab in Smart Barcelona - a consultancy firm devoted to increase the levels of efficiency in cities. He lectures on innovation, creativity, and new product development and has been a guest speaker at the Catalan Agency for Competitiveness - a state organization devoted to promote Catalan business worldwide. Engineering Design Graduate, he holds an MBA from EADA Business School and Master in Innovation through Design Thinking from ESADE Business School. 

entrepreneurship training with Gursel Ilipinar

Gursel Ilipinar: a design driven global business professional with more than 20 years’ experience in design management, brand management, product and service innovation, telecom management, banking and insurance; international trade and business development. Gursel holds Masters in Marketing and Information Technology degree from Georgia State University of Atlanta, and visiting scholarship from Goiuzueta (Coca Cola) Business School, USA. He has a PhD in Design Management at ESADE Business School. Most of his 20-year professional career has been in international business field, namely, Export-Import bank of Turkey (Eximbank), State of Georgia Department of Trade, Industry and Tourism, United States Export Assistance Center, AT&T, ESADE and Istituto Europe di Design (IED).

GBSB Global Business School offers quality professional education in Spain through an innovative curriculum designed to develop intellectual flexibility, cultural literacy, ethics, communication skills, creativity, a collaborative outlook, and the preparation to lead. Focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and ethics, our entrepreneurship training is the perfect complement to the necessary knowledge and skill sets for any existing or start-up company with an entrepreneurial focus interested in such areas as design thinking, creativity and psychology of new product development, product innovation management, marketing of emerging technologies and innovative products, etc.

GBSB Global Business School Barcelona offers in-company training, executive training courses and workshops in our international university in Barcelona, Spain, across Europe and internationally.

Professional education programs at GBSB Global Business School are practical with visits to companies and international organizations. All continuous education programs are offered in English or Spanish and translation services can be provided when needed. The trainings can be scheduled flexibly and it is possible for our professors to travel to your international offices.