Become a School Partner

GBSB Global Business School is committed to sharing our quality degree programs with organizations around the world. We are looking for partnerships with all kind of organizations that can help us grow and educate responsible business leaders with a global mindset.

Educational consultants and agents

If you are an educational consultant, counselor, or educational agent in any region of the world, you can become our educational institution partner. We will provide you complete training on how you should introduce GBSB Global Business School to your region’s prospective students.

Universities and business schools worldwide

We are always interested in furthering our cooperation and development overseas and providing new and exciting opportunities for our students and staff. GBSB Global Business School invites institutions to become Partners. The purpose of cooperation is to enhance opportunities for students from Barcelona, Spain to study abroad or obtain a double degree. Partners are under no obligation to send a minimum number of students to GBSB Global Business School. We welcome any discussions about any possible partnerships options with universities and business schools worldwide.

Companies, NGOs and other organizations

At GBSB Global Business School we are interested in connecting our students with real life and providing them with valuable business experience. We regularly organize workshops with companies and industrial visits to give students a feeling of how business is done. We welcome companies interested in collaborating with us and wishing to meet our students. Because we strive to educate ethically responsible future business leaders, we also invite NGOs to participate in our extra-curricular initiatives and actively involve our students for voluntary work.

We look forward to working with you and welcoming you to our campus!

For more information, please contact us at (subject Companies and Partnerships)

Partnership with Enterprise Lab

business university in barcelona partnership with UK

Enterprise Lab is a UK-based organization which is dedicated to preparing young graduates for a professional career and to facilitating their access to the labor markets. The partnership between GBSB Global Business School and Enterprise Lab is a strategic part of the activities that our Career Services provide to the students.


The objectives of the partnership are the following:

  • Integration of special training services into the business school offering students a full array of additional support in development of employability and enterprising skills
  • Enhanced support and partnering with small businesses and SMEs across UK and Europe which actively work with the GBSB Global Business School via Enterprise Lab in harnessing entrepreneurism and employable skills
  • Work with corporations across the globe in supporting high level positions and career opportunities
  • Creation of a more facilitated approach to learning and provision of a mix of practical and real-life skills in the academic programs ensuring graduates of the school are better equipped

Enterprise Lab supports young people by means of skills enrichment and enterprise fostering programs which run alongside their studies at the business school. Enterprise Lab delivers at GBSB Global Business School a special program for our students which develops core skills and experience they can utilize when progressing for a career and also provide a direct opportunity to pitch their abilities to potential employers.

Enterprise Lab offers a range of keynotes, power talks and seminars for students to get an appreciation and engagement in real enterprise. The organization provides a comprehensive insight into key topics such as:

  • The importance of timing into a market
  • Ideation from concept to creation
  • Scaling your business
  • Power of perception
  • Digital Leadership
  • Social Media
  • Collaboration not competition
  • Characteristics in enterprise
  • Making yourself more employable

The Enterprise Lab Skills Enrichment Program is an incubator designed to build fast-track employability and enterprise skills in the students studying at GBSB Global Business School. The program is unique as the focus is built on defined areas that foster new competencies and enhance core skills in people by bringing together classroom teaching, practical challenges, interaction and engagement. Skills Enrichment allows for young people to realize their potential, understand where they need to further develop; enhance the confidence and self-belief in personal progression.

For more information about Enterprise Lab, please visit the Web Page