Student Testimonials





Jennifer Love, USA

MSc in Entrepreneurship

GBSB Global Business School has been extremely positive experience in many aspects. From the very beginning, the staff were flexible and helpful in regards to my particular needs and were committed to ensuring that I enter into a program that fits my individual interests and career goals. GBSB Global has a host of entrepreneurial-minded professors with quality, hands-on business experience from various fields of study, that make the classes interesting and interactive. Most importantly, the size of the classes are small enough to accelerate the individual learning experience via the encouragement of the students' individual opinions and participation. I sense that the professors truly want the students to learn by doing and are committed on a personal level to each individual student. I would encourage anyone with the slightest interest in seeking a degree in Barcelona to take that first step and inquire!  A single inquiry could open doors for you that you never even knew were available!

Jennifer Love, USA MSc in Entrepreneurship

Egle Kudriavcevaite, Lithuania

MA in Fashion and Luxury Business Management

My experience at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona has not been similar to the way I used to imagine educational process. My time spent here totally denied the myth that studying is a never-ending sitting in the classroom and reading of the books. On the contrary, I enjoyed my time while learning from the business professionals who, instead of telling us to read books, shared their hands-on experience. Also, instead of constantly sitting in the class, we had many industrial visits to the companies such as Swarovski, Louis Vuitton, Privalia, Tifanny & Co, etc. in order to see how they operate and how the things learnt in class could be adapted to the real-life context. To summarize, studying at GBSB Global Business School is for those who want to learn practical things, share cultural experiences and enjoy their time while living in one of the most cosmopolitan, beautiful and fun cities in the world!

Egle Kudriavcevaite, Lithuania MA in Fashion and Luxury Business Management

Olesia Abdullaeva, Russia


I wanted to study at a business school which principals would coincide with my own values and interests. I was looking for a university with an international scope on innovation, creativity, business ethics and sustainability. That is why GBSB Global Business School attracted my attention. I never regretted my decision. I had a great opportunity to enlarge my business knowledge on a global scale, meet interesting people from all over the world and develop my cultural intelligence. I was glad to study at a young open-minded business school that practices an individual approach to each student. In my opinion, the main advantage of studying at GBSB Global Business School is an opportunity to be guided and advised by its team of highly professional professors with rich experience in various business fields and entrepreneurship and professional background from all over the world including United States, Europe, China, India and Africa. Moreover, we all enjoyed the fact that the school organized many global and local trips and visits to international companies, organizations and events such as United Nations, World Trade Organization, European Development Days, etc. 

Olesia Abdullaeva, Russia MBA

Sami Abu Kishk, Qatar

MA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

I have chosen GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona to compliment my professional background in Architecture and Real Estate. The degree sought after is MA in Tourism and Hospitality Management.  The schedules the school offers are very flexible and are adaptable to my needs while living here in Barcelona.  I have found the teachers to be very professional and stem from a wide range of professions with tangible real life experiences. This has been a differentiating factor in my choice as I am interested to learn from professionals in the field in an intellectual format. GBSB Global Business School has been supportive throughout my degree and I am appreciative of the career and professional advice provided throughout my tenure. Looking forward to keep in connection with the school and the professors as an alumnus and certainly implementing the knowledge obtained in my future endeavors. 

Sami Abu Kishk, Qatar MA in Tourism and Hospitality Management



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