Student Testimonials

There are hundreds of alumni and hundreds of stories but we have gathered together just a small group of cases to share their experiences before and after graduation.

Meet David Scherzer – a Master’s in Business Administration student at GBSB Global Business School. Having over nine years of work experience in the fashion industry, David has chosen to come and study his MBA in Marketing Management at our campus in Barcelona.

Check out the interview to see what initially attracted David to GBSB Global, know more about his study expectations and why he chose Barcelona among other cities in Europe.

Nikol Kopec has joined GBSB Global to study her MBA. She is originally from Poland but had been living in Spain for a few months before settling down in Madrid – the city’s arts, culture, and the entrepreneurial spirit drew Nikol to the Spanish Capital.

Tune in to hear what Aidan McKevitt, a GBSB Global Alumni and successful entrepreneur, has to say about his experience at GBSB Global. See what moved Aidan to start his own companies, and how a GBSB Global degree has helped him maintain these businesses.

Hazem Serageldin transferred to GBSB Global to obtain his Bachelor degree. Before moving to Spain Hazem was studying at the German University in Egypt, however, he had struggles combining his study curriculum with football – his true passion. Hazem has finally managed to find the right balance: he is currently finishing his Junior Year and playing football for the Spanish League here in Barcelona.

Keti Tavartkiladze is one of our 2016-2017 alumni. Her decision to leave her home country of Georgia, came from a search for challenging professional opportunities. In an interview with Keti, she explains why she made this decision, the professional growth she attained and the importance of learning in an international environment.

According to Keti, “The concept of career implies, not only financial wellbeing or positional growth but also the fulfillment of one’s personal needs.” Barcelona being a hub for diversity in the business world, as well as, a haven for a truly international experience outside of the classroom, moving to Spain and studying at GBSB Global was essential.

2019 Alumna, Rita Benjelloun Touimi from Morroco studied a Master in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce. A marketing internship in her home county inspired her to continue her studies at GBSB Global. She really enjoyed the diversified way of teaching and how her professors enriched class life.

2018 Alumna, Anel Duisenova from Kazakhstan studied a Bachelor of Business Administration in PR & Communication. Barcelona was the place Anel made a new life for herself, tried news things and made new friends. The most valuable thing she learned being the youngest in her class was the knowledge from her older classmates from all over the world.

2018 Alumnus, Volkan Ozturk from Turkey studied a Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management. He chose Barcelona because of its strong Tourism sector and was able to find an internship at a five-star hotel. Volkan says the leadership he learned was the greatest part of his program.

Ivan Mannino is an online student who studied a Master’s in Financial Management, Digital Banking and Internet Finance. He now works at Ernst and Young in Brussels. He was motivated to study distance learning because of the new disrupting technologies developing.

Studying online was a great option for him as it allowed him to combine study and work. He was also able to simultaneously apply the knowledge he was learning to his professional life. Ivan Mannino believes we can use todays digital transformation to create a better world.

2019 Alumna, Camille Gardent from France studied a Master in Communication and Future Marketing. She knew the importance of having different experiences to complete her professional profile. Thanks to her experience in Barcelona she was able to define her goals and continue a career path with Nike.

2018 Alumnus, Mostafa Tarek, Egypt studied a Master in Communication and Future Marketing. He discovered his passion for soccer while studying here in Barcelona and began to shirt his career. He was able to combine his studies with his passion for sports by playing in a soccer team at GBSB Global and participating in an internship at FIFA in event management.

2018 Alumnus, Shraddha Kiran Mavani from India studied a Master in Communication and Future Marketing. She says her experience studying at GBSB Global “opened my mind, sharpened the way I think and I learnt a lot with reference to Marketing and Research. The best thing or something I will always cherish about GBSB Global is the professors”

2016 Alumna, Aizat Kalbergenova from Kazakhstan, who studied a Master in Business Administration, shares her self-growth experience at GBSB Global. During her time here she was able to visit various conferences and forums where she could network and learning new knowledge.

Her education did not only advance her professional prospects and future career development, but more importantly it was an investment in her well-being and personal growth. From her first year until now, Aizat said she has grown significantly, and she feels there was a shift in her personality and perspective on the greater world we live in.

2017 Alumnus, Ioannis Antonopoulos from Greece, studied a Master in Fashion & Luxury Business Management. Where he was able to become a trainee for Swarovski as he saw it as a huge opportunity to enter the luxury market. He was able to able his apply his practical knowledge learned in his program to his traineeship.

2017 Alumna, Tanja Sredojevic from Slovenia studied a Masters in Fashion & Luxury Business Management. During her time at the school her most valuable experience was organizing the BIT fashion conference and an internship she attained at Celina.

2017 Alumna, Dana Aljoha, Kuwait studied a Masters in Fashion & Luxury Business Management. She was fascinated with the fashion and design world, however did not want to restrict herself and therefore choose to study the field with a more business perspective

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