How to Pass Admissions Successfully?

Unfortunately there is no magic formula on how to successfully complete your admissions entry because each and every situation is individual. But here, at GBSB Global Business School, we want to arm you with the tools to adequately prepare for the admissions process and help you feel confident during the interview.

In addition to reviewing the step-by-step procedure on how to actually apply to the program of your choice (see Master Admission Requirements, Application Guidelines Bachelor) Here is a practical list of how to make a great impression during your admissions interview.

How to Prepare for an Interview

Look at it this way, an admissions interview is very similar to a job interview and should be treated with the same professionalism. Preparing yourself beforehand will give you the grounding and confidence to successfully pass the interview. These simple tips can help you make a fantastic first impression and demonstrate your potential ability to do well during the program.

1. Wear Professional Clothes

Even though you will not be meeting with our Admissions Representatives, who will be conducting your interview in person, it is still advised that you dress in business attire. Demonstrating that you are proactive in your appearance will have a positive impact right from the start.

2. Introduce Yourself With Conviction

It is important to demonstrate manors. Say hello and introduce yourself. Practice what you want to say about yourself beforehand so that you do not stumble over the greeting. Be confident, cool and collected and the interviewer will take note of your ability to communicate well.

3. Sit Comfortably with Ease

The interview time will be between 10-20 minutes. It is important that you remember to turn off all additional electronic devices. Try to be present and focused on the interviewer. Fidgeting in your chair or playing with a pen on your desk will demonstrate disinterest in the school and the program, so it is vital that you stay attentive during the interview process in order to make a good impression with the Admissions Representative

4. Listen Carefully

Many of the questions during the interview will pertain to different aspects of your life, especially your education, social life and any pertinent work experience. Be clear and concise. The interviewer does not need to know every last detail, but rather provide a general overview of the major highlights that will contribute or affect your overall success during your studies at GBSB Global.

5. Stay on Topic

Focus on the questions being asked during the interview. Make sure to answer the questions to the best of your abilities, but try not to make a speech. Hinder yourself from giving long-drawn out answers. Your time is limited; put your best foot forward.

6. Keep Calm

The purpose of the admissions interview is to wager whether or not you will be a good fit at GBSB Global. It is the Admission Representative’s responsibility to determine if you are a worthy candidate. Nerves are normal, hysteria is not. We understand this is a very stressful process, but do your best to manage your emotions and present yourself amicably.

7. Speak with Confidence

It is your goal to solidify a spot at GBSB Global. Therefore, it is your responsibility to demonstrate you are the best and that you are worthy of study here. It is in your interest to persuade the Admissions Representative that you are a good investment and that the school would lose a lot by not accepting you into the next academic intake. Highlight your achievements modestly. Show that you have a good personality. Since we are an innovative business school, emphasize any activities that may support our specific focus. It is important to stress any unique attributes you have that complement our course of studies. This will demonstrate that you already are in line with our philosophy and mission.

8. Ask Questions

As with all interviews, whether it is a job interview or an admissions interview, there will always be a time to ask questions.

Be prepared. Asking questions is not a sign of lack of preparation, but rather the opposite. Having questions readily available to draw upon shows a sign of intelligence and expresses your interest. GBSB Global wants students to pass the interview with the right motivation.

9. Show Gratitude

Once again, as though you are participating in a business interview, act with manors. Thank Admissions Representative for their time and say that it was a pleasure to talk with them. Even if you think you hit a few blunders during the interview, finish the interview strong and end on a good note.

Additional Advice Preparing for an Interview

  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Always show respect.
  • Be happy and engaging.
  • Be well rested.
  • Take a moment to think before you speak.
  • Pause when necessary.

While there may not be a playbook outlining exactly how to ace your admissions interview, these helpful tips will definitely give you a leading edge over your peers who do not prepare ahead of time. We want you to succeed. In order to start the admissions process, apply to the program of your interest today.

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