Earn a MSc in Financial Management, Digital Banking & Internet Finance at GBSB Global & Secure Your Place in the Digital Business World

The technological changes that have occurred in the financial services industry over the years have been dramatic yet essential in order to increase investments and to foster better client guided actions. With a constantly growing list of over 200 Fintech companies existing in Spain, attending GBSB Global will put you at the epicenter of an innovative ecosystem.

Pioneering the way towards a new era in finance, GBSB Global Business School is the first business school in Spain to offer a Master in Financial Management, Digital Banking & Internet Finance. Students studying for a Master in Financial Management, Digital Banking & Internet Finance will receive the tools to maneuver the various forms of financial management and be able to adapt to the digital evolution in the financial industry.

The rigorous 8 block course of study at GBSB Global consists of:

  • Managerial Competencies of Global Leaders | Learn the essentials of ethics and responsibility, leadership, and organizational behavior along with how to effectively negotiate and communicate on a global scale.
  • Accounting | Build an expert understanding of managerial accounting and financial accounting.
  • Financial Management | Do the math in cost accounting while reviewing budget issues in contemporary accounting and corporate finance.
  • Statistical Analysis & Big Data | Examine and deliver statistics while verifying the big data extractions.
  • Understanding of the Legal & Economic Environment | Learn the ins and outs to the constantly changing governmental, legal and economic environment.
  • Financial Reporting in the Digital Age | Learn how to effectively create and present the essential data for financial reporting.
  • Digital Banking & New Customer Experience | Create a strong foundation in the digital marketing sector by understanding the operations of mobile and internet banking systems.
  • Financial Technologies | Work through the payments, lending, and personal finance segments of the financial management industries to build a principle base in internet finance.

Combined with an individual final project, students completing this program will be armed with a world renowned ACCA certification which will set graduates apart from their peers providing them with esteemed credentials.

Because GBSB Global is an official partner with ACCA, all Master in Financial Management, Digital Business & Internet Finance students will become certified at levels F1-F4. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) certifications are recognized by banks, consulting and auditing companies, and other financial entities of importance around the world.

In one academic year, you can be prepared with the tools to join in the digital finance revolution and take the industry to the next level. With the vast knowledge you will receive at GBSB Global about how the financial industry has evolved and its current operating status, you can become a leader of innovation and change in the world of digital finance.

With a Master in Financial Management, Digital Banking & Internet Finance from GBSB Global, you will be well versed in the key terms utilized in the financial, economic, and technological business arenas. The state-of-the-art, digital upgrades at GBSB Global will provide you with a hands-on experience with some of the most popular emerging technologies available today.

The real-world examples received from industrial site visits, company presentations, and the professional staff of GBSB Global are only a few of the benefits you will receive by making GBSB Global Business School your greatest investment in your future career success.

The employment opportunities available to ambitious GBSB Global graduates are endless! Ensure you can compete in the finance world as it moves toward digitalization. Contact one of our representatives for more information.

Written by Davone Sirmans, GBSB Global Content Manager

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