What Graduates Can Do with a Degree in Finance?

Do you have your undergraduate degree in business or finance? Do you enjoy working with numbers and the financial markets excite you? If you find yourself answering yes to these questions, maybe a career in finance is just the right profession for you.

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics predicts that finance jobs will increase more than 25 percent by 2020. If you are looking to expand your education and increase your salary potential, considering a master degree in finance will enhance your prospects and set you on the right track for an upper level management position.

Position yourself ahead of the competition. Earning your master degree in finance will make you viable for one of the more popular careers as a financial analyst found in any business, government, or non-profit organization.

Are you interested in the financial operations of a large-scale firm or multinational? Look no further. This is where the big dividends are handled. Consider a career as a controller or financial manager. These positions are stepping stones that could ultimately lead you to become a chief finance officer(CFO) where the salaries average around $104,000 per year. These salary figures increase significantly higher when you become a top executive.

Still not sure if a career in finance is for you? Consider these other career options.


Accountants organize and prepare a company’s financial statements, handle the financial decision making and investments, and advise top management in financial planning and protection. Accountants must be proficient with the latest technological tools in their field, highly competent in statistical analysis, and detail-oriented.


Auditors are responsible for evaluating a company’s financial statements. Auditors must be very thorough and have the ability to spot financial errors. These careers typically involve travel and communication among firms.


Venture capitalists review startup businesses and use their financial expertise to evaluate and allocate funds to the businesses they forecast will have the largest ROI’s in the future. Venture capitalists must be competent risk managers.


Professionals in corporate finance are responsible for protecting, maintaining, and increasing the financial capital used to run enterprises of all scales. They are responsible for taking calculated risks with the goal in mind to achieve maximum possible profitability for the company. These are high risk, high reward positions meant for those who are confident decision makers and negotiators.


There are numerous careers paths in the realm of commercial banking, ranging from working as account managers to being a teller, branch manager or personal banker. Commercial banking positions at large, national banks are great for those individuals who want to join an organization long term. Potential promotions and relocation opportunities are part of the package.


Investment bankers deal with high-risk situations involving trading futures and counselling their clients in wealth management endeavors. Professionals here must be experts in risk, negotiation, communication, and industry knowledge.

In today’s financial markets, business leaders must have a thorough understanding of interest rates, capital features, investment and financial analysis. Understanding the unique challenges, effective strategies and opportunities in the international marketplace demands advanced, comprehensive instruction and training in all areas of global finance from banking to investments and everything in between. The Master of Science in Finance program at GBSB Global Business School has been designed to offer students the essential knowledge, tools, and skills required to become confident and successful financial leaders in Europe and on the international stage. GBSB Global graduates are competent and competitive, with the most up-to-date financial strategies on their side.

Are you ready to take the next step? Position yourself in the field where you have room to grow. Gain fundamental knowledge and insight from GBSB Global’s professional faculty who have a high degree of work experience and authority in the financial markets in Spain and around the globe. GBSB Global Business School will propel you to the next level of your career and future success.

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