Why Invest in an MBA Program at GBSB Global Business School?

Are you a visionary able to connect, inspire, motivate and bring to fruition extraordinary projects? In today’s economic market, if you are a driven, natural-born leader with the ability to relate to others, successfully manage teams and meet financial targets, then you are in high demand.

The world of business is constantly evolving and the employment market is looking to engage with the best and brightest. There is no time like the present. We live in a highly globalized world and top companies are in pursuit of professionals with advanced business acumen.

While studying for your MBA at GBSB Global Business School you will acquire the tools needed to improve financial performance and leadership development. These attributes, in addition to the ability to communicate clearly and directly are the exact qualities that prospective employers prefer among their hires.

The most important skills for MBA graduates are

The most important skills for MBA graduates are:

Interpersonal Skills | These are the behaviors an individual exercise to engage with others. In the realm of business, this skill set refers to the employee’s ability to work well in a team while executing their responsibilities.

Leadership Skills | The strengths managers possess that demonstrate how well they oversee processes, guide initiatives and direct their employees toward the attainment of objectives.

Entrepreneurial Skills | Having entrepreneurial skills means you can have vision and see it into action. These skills include creativity, innovation and risk-taking, as well as the ability to plan and orchestrate projects to realize their purpose.

International Awareness | Being able to work in a diverse workplace with people from different countries or backgrounds, whether they're a colleague, a client, or a customer, is essential. Understanding how to communicate across cultural lines is a necessity not an option.

Communications Skills | GBSB Global graduates are good verbal, nonverbal and written communicators and promote the effective sharing of information between people within an enterprise for its commercial gain.

Multi-lingual | Languages are an integral part of workplace diversity. Being multilingual emphasis your ability to understand the meaning behind words and to emotionally connect with clients and improve business relations.

The most popular job functions for MBA graduates are

What types of jobs can MBA graduates expect?

MBAs are competitive because of their authority in business. This makes them increasingly marketable amongst their peers with lesser degrees and only career experience. MBA graduates are prized for their vision, system-related approach to problem solving and their ability to perpetuate business growth. These specialized traits are distinguishable and highly sought after.

The most popular job functions for MBA graduates are:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Sales Development

GBSB Global Business School MBA Accreditations & Rankings

Accredited by the European Council for Business Education, GBSB Global Business School is committed to the continued growth in academic and professional learning of its students. The European Council for Business Education is an international nonprofit accreditation agency registered in Brussels supporting institutions in economics, business and related fields.

Also, ranked as Tier One in the Global MBA Rankings and # 6 in Global Online MBA Rankings 2019 in CEO Magazine, GBSB Global Business School is proud to hold such a high standing. Using a ranking system entirely geared and weighted towards fact-based criteria, CEO Magazine aims to be clear and concise providing potential students with a performance benchmark for those schools under review. As one of the top ranked schools, students are assured the quality of education provided by GBSB Global Business School is of the uppermost caliber.

Discover Spain with GBSB Global MBA programs

Discover Spain

With a dynamic history and rich culture, Spain provides students looking to study abroad the total package. Examining some of the many reasons that individuals choose Spain as their education destination, you’ll find the education system is highly organized, designed to offer students at every academic level with a wealth of learning opportunities. Spain being the third most popular country for international studies has a lot to offer both in the classroom and in everyday life, from culture to the cost of living.

Culture | From art galleries to museums, restaurants to night life –you name it, you can find it in Spain. When you’re not busy on campus, you will find a wealth of entertainment at your fingertips.

Lifestyle | Live the way the Spanish do. Enjoy an afternoon siesta on the beach or go for a stroll on the ramblas. Dine out at your local tapas bar or sip wine on a roof top terrace. While Madrid and Barcelona are thriving, busy business centers and increasingly popular tourist destinations, they, like most other cities in Spain, enjoy a relaxed, laid back atmosphere.

International Recognition | Spain’s reputation for offering quality education is long-standing and dates back to 1218. Since then, the country continues to make waves in the world of academia, delivering world-class research, technology and some of the best business schools not only in Europe, but around the globe.

Cost of Living | The cost of living in Spain is very affordable compared to many European countries. Considering many university students need to be mindful of their budget, living in Spain offers students the opportunity to relish in many comforts without compromising expense.

What drives applicants to pursue an MBA degree

What drives applicants to pursue an MBA degree?

While there are many motivations coaxing students and professionals alike to pursue their MBA, most applicants can agree that it is in their best interest to learn new skills that will inevitably improve their career prospects. This dedication to higher learning is a precursor to attaining greater responsibility and prestige in management. In the long-term, many graduates seek to gain this experience in order to ready themselves to invest in their own business activities.

Top factors to consider when applying for an MBA program:

Career Change | Many professionals find that they peak at some point in their career and seek to transition into another field. Earning an MBA offers professionals general management skills required by most, if not every organization, enabling them to explore their options across a wider range of industries. Most MBA programs today offer a broad spectrum of specialized curriculum options, such as finance and communication, which enables candidates to better tailor their career trajectory to satisfy their individual ambitions.

Promotion | Earning an MBA supplies you not only with the knowledge and foundation to succeed, but these credentials also get noticed. In a pool of applicants, an MBA is a highly marketable attribute for those looking to climb the corporate ladder.

Advanced Skills | After experiencing what business is like in the real world, many professionals seek to further their education in order to be more knowledgeable and adept in positions of authority.

International Familiarity | As a student of most MBA programs there is almost certainty that you will have the opportunity to network globally. Gaining this exposure and insight into international markets is vital to career growth.

Earning an MBA in today’s current climate is a bench marker. It signifies to employers that you are committed to growth both personally and professionally and enhances your marketability tenfold. Making the decision to study at GBSB Global Business School further distinguishes candidates from the crowd. Graduates of our MBA programs are specialized, experts in their field, molded by a faculty with renown experience.

Committing to a business school that will elevate your position is an important decision. Let us help you attain the education you seek to advance your career to a new level.

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