No-Code Development: New Trending Movement Explained

New trend alert! If you didn’t know, you can now create your own apps and websites without being a tech-wiz. Easy to use platforms are providing everyday users with the capacity to ideate, design and execute top quality, professional applications.

What is No-Code Development in Brief?

No-Code Development has become a no-stress solution supporting both experienced coders and non-technical users with the visual modeling and configuration tools to effectively construct a fully functioning application and/or website to meet various business needs.

No-Code Development overhauls what would have taken heaps of work, allowing to fast-track application development with automized workflows, reducing custom software design by a substantial fraction of time compared to traditional coding tactics.

The new movement opens doors to anyone who wants to become a creative developer without the daunting task of learning to code. This has a significant impact on businesses, allowing them to not only accelerate operations but gives numerous individuals the capacity to quickly make changes or adjust processes to better meet customer and employee demands.

What are the actual benefits, and who can impact from no-code development?

  • Speed: Minimize the time spent on going to market;
  • Collaboration: Bridge the gap in communication across teams;
  • Accessibility: Break down obstacles and foster a clear path to completion that is user-friendly;
  • Flexibility: Design on your own terms;
  • Cost Savings: Reduce maintenance overheads, meaning total cost of ownership.

No-Code Development is a visual intermediary between the programming platform and the end-users making the lengthy process short, concise, and tailored to have the same look and feel with less fuss getting there.

This movement could be of particular interest to starting entrepreneurs, digital creators, or inspired startups. Anyone who uses such platforms can make edits and have input on the final product, reducing the complexity of app building individually or as part of a creative team. All it takes is applying the “code” by clicking, scrolling, drag-and-dropping parts of the visual interface into place. This quick maneuvering boosts your developing dexterity by being able to design and implement applications fast.

Most no-code platforms automate everything from formulation to testing. This saves time and frees up developers for other more intricate work. A single individual can build an app in just a few hours with the right platform. To summarize, organizations are better prepared to swiftly adapt and respond to fast-changing business situations as they arise without missing a step.

Top Three Best Rated Platforms in 2021:

1) Airtable | With over $170 million in funding raised and over 170,000 organizations running mission-critical processes and workflows, Airtable tops our list. Airtable uses building blocks to empower teams to exhibit the things they work on, outline relationships between things, and devise models modified for their type of work.

2) Quixy | A cloud-based user-friendly business application platform that enables enterprise business users with no coding tools to automate workflows and processes, and design enterprise-grade applications, managing drag and drop designs ten times quicker than taking the traditional route.

3) App Sheet | Since 2018, App Sheet has been a leader in No-Code Development, being used by over 200,000 app creators internationally including Clearlink, Enterprise Holdings, ESPN, Pepsi, Husqvarna, and many more big names.

Feeling inspired and ready to advance your digital skillset? Pursue a degree in Digital Business and foster your creative potential while saving big on technical development.

But don’t forget - coding is a skill of the future. If you are eager to learn, try our newly available coding course with the League of Codes. Arm yourself with contemporary proficiencies to futurize your career and stay ahead of the crowd.

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