League of Codes: New Optional Training for GBSB Global Students

GBSB Global Business School is now offering an exclusive learning opportunity for all our existing students interested in digital technologies and programming, in collaboration with the League of Codes, an online Mathematics and Coding Academy designed to train the next generation of innovators.

GBSB Global recognizes digital innovation as the key to success, where digital literacy is becoming one of the most valuable tools for lifelong learning in the new digital era. Embracing technology and digital literacy will future-proof your employability, and new crucial skills such as coding will become an easy route into an open field of work, creating vast possibilities of entering the booming digital tech industry anywhere in the world. This learning opportunity is an excellent chance to complement your business degree! The training is open to all students at GBSB Global, however, it will be especially interesting for students studying:

Want to explore what is behind the technology we use every day and learn how to build it yourself? Join our newly available supplementary vocational training focused on coding. The participants of this course will develop the skills and knowledge necessary for building software and various web-based applications using Python and C++ programming languages.

Discover innovative teaching methodology. Get taught in small classes lead by top coaches of world-renowned programming competitions, including the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) and the International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC). Learn to solve highly complex computer science problems and compete in official national and international tournaments, individually and within teams, to gain a distinct professional advantage over your competitors.

The program comprises 10 modules. Choose to go from a complete beginner to a pro, and enter international competitions to test your chances at earning official, internationally recognized awards and titles.

Classes are taught live online every Saturday or Sunday. The teaching format includes group classes, personalized mentorship sessions, webinars with world-renowned industry leaders, practice exercises, and monthly team and individual competitions.

Why invest your time in this program?

  • Join a booming international programming community
  • Complement your business degree with highly demanded tech skills
  • Build a future-proof, high-in-demand skill set, setting you aside from your competition
  • Launch your own venture based on coding and building software

Digital innovation has become essential in the modern world, allowing businesses across various industries to streamline processes and increase their efficiencies. Companies can stay ahead of their competition by constantly implementing new technologies to improve customer experience, workforce performance and business operations, increasing revenue, reducing costs, and even creating new revenue streams by leveraging opportunities to develop digital products by using predictive data and analytics to better understand both customer behavior and internal performance.

We strongly encourage all our students to seek every training opportunity offered in our digitally focused learning environment, where one can try out new ideas and processes, explore their talents and expand practical skill set. Be sure to enhance your problem solving, logic skills, and digital literacy, uncovering your full disruptive potential, readying you to reach new professional heights upon finishing this training course.

If interested, please contact the Academic Department for more details.

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