Student life at GBSB Global

With the goal of preparing students for positions in the global economy, the fully accredited private GBSB Global Business School offers undergraduate (Bachelor) and graduate (Master) business programs in English in Spain and Malta.

Innovation and technology are highly valued at GBSB Global, and this is true of both our online and in-person programs. With digital touch-boards in every classroom, collaborative applications, an inclusive learning environment, and numerous educational digital tools at hand, we are one of the few business schools in Europe to provide a completely digitized experience to our students throughout the learning process.

Students from all over the world (and equally diverse educators and faculty) enjoy an exciting and dynamic social and learning environment, learning from and with each other.

Special events at the various campuses

There’s always an opportunity for socializing at GBSB Global with numerous live and virtual events, seminars and workshops and extracurricular activities.

Welcome events

One of the school's most anticipated traditions is the GBSB Global Business School Welcome Event. New and prospective students and educators mingle and get to know each other before each admission. We believe you will certainly appreciate the experience, whether we celebrate at a posh rooftop bar, a lively club, or even on a boat!

Sports events

Enjoy an array of sporting events, including soccer games and beach volleyball competitions, organized by GBSB Global. The school is also flexible to staging other events and extracurricular activities that students may find interesting.

Cultural events

All special days and festivals are welcomed and honored at GBSB Global. These include Christmas, Halloween, The Color Festival, and Chinese New Year, in addition to Spanish and Maltese customs and traditions. Students also participate in popular events like International Culinary Night, when everyone brings and shares cuisine from their home countries. Certainly one of the most delicious and anticipated events of all!

We value diversity

GBSB Global Business School is a learning environment that values diversity at all stages of the educational process by being inclusive and compassionate. Emotional and cultural empathy and sensitivity are at the heart of our educational pillars, well-represented by over 100 nationalities amongst students and educators.

Our programs equip students with the skills they need to work, live, and effectively manage current global issues. Students gain the cultural intelligence and understanding necessary to collaborate successfully with others who have vastly different beliefs and values. The diversity of our teachers, alumni, and students serve as an important educational resource that fosters peer-to-peer learning and increased creativity.

Encouraging innovation

The business programs offered by GBSB Global Business School support, nurture, and help our students reach their full potential as innovators. We work hard to leave an indelible impression on our graduates that takes them from the classroom to the boardroom to implement their ideas, strategies and ingenuity.

Creating opportunities

Tomorrow’s business leaders choose GBSB Global as a stepping stone toward personal and professional career development. Graduates not only learn essential business and digital skills; they are able to expand their networks and make the most of the many industry opportunities at hand. A GBSB Global education can change your life. Our students are exposed to a broad view on the world, one that is filled with a fresh career outlook and exciting business prospects. GBSB Global empowers students to think beyond the box, encourages unrestricted imagination, and ensures that every student realizes their full potential as a successful, future business leader.

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