Innovation Practices in Education: How Spanish Business Schools Disrupt the Market

Innovation in education has taken shape in Spain disrupting the market and graduating tech-savvy, socially responsible, flexible, revolutionary thinkers able to adapt to the fast-paced, everchanging business environment today. Some of Spain’s top business schools are known for their creative management processes, offering the most modern, competitive and adaptable programs recognized globally.

Education practices focused on innovation can take many forms, like incorporating new technology or teaching methods, going on field trips or company visits, rejecting social norms, or partnering with the local community. Fostering an innovative approach to learning has come to distinguish Spanish business schools among its Western European counterparts and other global institutions, upsetting the standard and redefining the way business is taught.

What does the innovative classroom look like? Since the economic collapse, Spanish business schools have made an investment to modernize the classroom, to stay up-to-date with new techniques, technologies and trends in business. The presence of Microsoft Spain has made this vision of a hi-tech, globalized, entrepreneurial-minded education system a reality. GBSB Global set the tone and the benchmark providing innovative education by becoming the first business school in Spain to receive the Microsoft Showcase School accreditation and has been awarded a Four Star rating by the QS Rating System and Accreditation board.

Of course, this is not the only way the classroom has evolved. GBSB Global and other Spanish business schools have implemented a personalized learning approach into their curriculum providing technological and innovative solutions that empower their students. Students are encouraged to think differently, constantly looking for problems and solutions to everyday issues plaguing society.

The classroom is a teaching space that promotes non-stop learning from highly sought-after professors to different learning methodologies. The courses of study at these institutions marry education with the real-world and push students to break down the walls between the two. Students are asked to question the norm, analyze the situation and look for a multitude of solutions to any one problem. Graduates become risk takers that understand in the innovative landscape there is no such thing as perfection but that open-mindedness and drive will propel them to achieve their goals.

Collaboration is also at the heart of what these Spanish institutions value. Embracing diversity in innovation will only serve to contribute to student success. The role of the institution is to facilitate a dialogue, an open-minded discussion among its pupils that will set the tone for not only their immediate learning but will establish cultural sympathies and the ability to foster cooperation and understanding across borders and continents.

Spanish institutions have come to understand the need to implement innovative strategies into their curriculum. Taking this forward-thinking mindset, the programming has not only become relevant to the advancements in tech and business today, it has provided the opportunity to become a leader in the digital revolution and a change maker in the realm of global business. Business schools need to be ready to seize the upside of the digital disruption taking place worldwide and Spain’s business schools have stepped up to the challenge.

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