GBSB Alumni Story: Grant Burkhardt

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

As his final master's degree project, Grant presented an excellent business plan and was among the top students at GBSB with the highest grades on a master's project in 2016. Here is his story.

Background & Work Experience

Hi! I'm Grant, now a proud owner of a Master of Science degree in Entrepreneurship from the GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona. Before moving to Barcelona, I spent a few weeks in Germany taking fiction writing classes with Roxane Gay and Ron Carlson, two of my favorite authors, and spending time with incredibly creative people. In addition to Barcelona, I have also lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as well as Columbus and Athens, Ohio. In the United States, I worked in digital sports journalism and website editing. While studying journalism, I spent much of my time in press boxes, broadcasting and writing about sports, which is just as fun as you can imagine. I was also a part of a very talented team of individuals who won an Emmy award and was nominated for another a few years later.

Why GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona?

I speak English and enough Spanish to get around. I chose Barcelona and the GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona because the city and the school embody what I sought in a multicultural experience. Barcelona is a true metropolis, and students at the GBSB Global Business School come from more than 40 countries from around the world and speak countless languages. Plus, living in the same city as the best footballer in the world is a pretty great added bonus.

I'm an avid reader and writer. The Great Gatsby is my favorite book, and I'm now finally getting into The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. In my spare time, I love to run, and I'm taking cooking advice from my sister, who is foodie at heart.

What I learned

It was a bit difficult to fly across the world, leaving behind my friends and family, to live in Spain, but luckily I have found the most amazing support system in them. They even encouraged me to go and study abroad. Among so many things I learned during my time in Spain, I am most fond of the stories and experiences I heard from classmates and people out in in the city. Listening closely and intently helps me build empathy and compassion for others - it's one of the biggest joys in my life.

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