Master in Entrepreneurship in Barcelona


The Master in Entrepreneurship in Barcelona offers students the skills training to foster the entrepreneurial mindsight. This master in entrepreneurship in Spain focuses on generating new ideas and seeing them to fruition, creating economic and social value. The Master in Entrepreneurship in Barcelona teaches students how to start their own businesses, develop new products, or manage innovative projects for existing firms and how to adapt new ideas to make a positive impact on the world today.

Students can learn about doing business in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, which helps develop the skills and knowledge to be competitive in the global market. While studying for the Master in Entrepreneurship in Barcelona, students learn how to design successful business plans, integrate innovation and sustainable practices in business, and how to pitch ideas to prospective investors. Students will graduate from the Master in Entrepreneurship in Barcelona ready to succeed in markets across the globe.

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Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
Accredited by University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC) – University-specific programs
Accredited by European Council of Business Education (ECBE)
(dual degrees and additional certifications are subject to admission and graduation requirements and terms & conditions)

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9 months

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Full Time
Mornings & Afternoons

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master in entrepreneurship in Barcelona learn from business owners

Learn from Real Entrepreneurs
& Business Owners

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& Company Visits

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Students from More than
70 Different Countries

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Exclusive Access to Startup
& Venture Capital Events

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Get Started by Preparing
a Practical Business Plan

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Launch Your Company or
Join an Innovative Startup


MSc Entrepreneurship is Accredited by the European Council of Business Education

Master in Entrepreneurship in Barcelona ECBE

Fully accredited by ASIC Approved by Ofsted and an affiliate of ENQA

Entrepreneurship master in barcelona ASIC accredited

The only higher education institution in Spain accredited by Microsoft as a leader in Digital Education

Msc Entrepreneurship Barcelona LEADER IN digital EDUCATION accredited by Microsoft

Awarded as a Five Stars Program by QS Ranking System

program Awarded as a Five Stars by QS Ranking System

Recognized as a Leader in Global Education by Newsweek Magazine

master in Entrepreneurship in Barcelona leader in global education


msc in entrepreneurship barcelona learning number 1

Develop the knowledge and practical skills essential to evaluate and implement new ideas, create and manage aspiring new ventures, and foster an entrepreneurial work ethic.

msc in entrepreneurship in Barcelona learning number 2

Learn how to launch your own business by working through real-life simulations, participating in various projects, and gaining the managerial and leadership tools to effectively run the operations.

master of science in entrepreneurship spain learning number 3

Understand the process of innovation in the digital economy and learn how to employ entrepreneurial activities through a combination of team work and insight from innovative leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Study alongside students from around the globe and learn how to succeed in a multinational business arena by cultivating your aptitude to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Master in Entrepreneurship Barcelona learning number 5

Earn your Master in Entrepreneurship in Barcelona and become adept to the global challenges, seek out the opportunities to create change and solve the problems society faces globally.


Take advantage of GBSB Global’s career resources to set out the framework for your future professional career as a leading-edge entrepreneur. GBSB Global supports its Master in Entrepreneurship in Barcelona students ready to take the next step after graduation and start up their own business.

Career Development Workshops, Services Online Directory, Internship Assistance, Finding Employment

Employment At Top Companies

master in entrepreneurship in Barcelona career opportunities at Apple corporation
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Optional Intensive Free Spanish Language Course for Beginners

Soft Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have

  • Leadership and Managing Multicultural Teams
  • Cross-Cultural Negations and Communication
  • Ethics and Responsibility

See the Bigger Picture and Plan Ahead

  • The Government and Legal Environment of Business
  • Digital Law
  • Market Research
  • Global Strategy and Management

Enhance Your Creative Abilities and Spot Opportunities

  • Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Creativity and Psychology of New Product Development

Take Calculated Risks

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Entrepreneurial Finance

Position Your Business and Create a Perfect Marketing Plan

  • Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Going to Market: Managing the Channel and Sales Force

Execute Your Project

Global Project Management

Master Skills Based on the Needs of Your Business (Choose Your Electives)

Option 1: Brand Strategy in the XXI Century

  • Social Media Management
  • Brand Management

Option 2: Entrepreneurship in the Digital Environment

  • Digital Operations
  • Design and Creation of E-commerce

Capstone Master Project Business Plan Design
Planning a business means planning to succeed in business. A business plan helps you define what you do so that you can explain this clearly and succinctly to customers. It helps you see if your plans are going astray so that you can take corrective action. It helps you think about your position in the market and how to be competitive. Faculty at GBSB Global will guide you on how to create an effective business plan, so you know what you will be doing in your business.


Leadership and Managing Multicultural Teams

We live in a world with a globalized workforce where many organizations have teams that span different offices, time zones and continents. Running a team these days is a different endeavour than it was in the past due to the emergence of cross cultural teams. This course explores the soft skills required to lead effectively. The topics cover insights into organizational leadership to the tools for managing specific types of enterprises. The focus is on understanding, criticizing, and challenging leadership styles and acquiring the tools for leading multicultural teams and shaping corporate culture within the industry.

Cross-Cultural Negations and Communication

This course explores the effect of cultural differences on organizational behavior and negotiation in the global context. It exposes students to issues and problems that inevitably arise in international business when managers have to deal with culturally determined differences in values, attitudes and behaviors. The course assists students in developing cross-cultural communication competence and management and negotiation skills to successfully solve problems and capitalize on opportunities in a multicultural environment. Specific topics include understanding the foundations of culture and cultural frameworks; cross-cultural verbal and non-verbal communication and communication styles; motivation, decision making across cultures; negotiation and conflict resolution in global business settings.

Ethics and Responsibility

Business leaders must be aware of the moral implications of both corporate and personal actions. The master course provides a theoretical and practical approach to instances of ethics and morality, which determine the moral standards crucial for the success of any business model.
This course is divided into two blocks: on the one hand a historical and theoretical framework, and on the other hand modern aspects of social moral and personal ethics, that determine the concept and practice of Corporate Social Responsibility in any business proposal.

The Government and Legal Environment of Business

This course on the governmental and legal environment provides a theoretical and practical approach to business and its stakeholders including corporate governance. It examines the decision-making process from various angles, from determining what business structure would be best suited for starting a business to the methods of distributing the goods, analyzing the current factors that affect business decisions, how international law affects international business, and the various methods of alternative dispute resolutions.

Digital Law

As a business owner, you must have a general understanding of the legal aspects of running a business. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a business without a website or a business which is not present digitally. Therefore, it is important to understand legal aspects of running a website, collecting personal data, or selling online. Digital law can be defined as the legal rights and restrictions governing technology use. The course provides information on current issues related to digital law and gives an overview of what digital law is, types of violations and their consequences.

Market Research

This course is about systematically gathering information, understanding it, and appraising initiatives and opportunities for business, as well as marketing decision making, such as product design, services, and marketing strategies that appeal to current or potential customer’s caprices, desires, needs, and wants. Students learn the basics of marketing research and how to use them to understand consumers and bring the products or services they want to market. They explore the latest consumer trends, how the digital world is changing marketing research and how to track and assess the effectiveness of online media and advertising.

Global Strategy and Management

A growing number of companies are increasingly expanding their horizons from local to global markets and resources. This course covers the challenges and opportunities that these changes create. It focuses on the aspects of strategic management that are specific to the global context. A combination of lectures, readings, class discussions, case studies, and presentations enable participants to gain an understanding of the strategic issues confronting firms operating internationally today.

Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Entrepreneurial opportunities may be found everywhere. Some say that “born entrepreneurs” are capable of finding them. However, that is not true. Certainly, some people might be more prone to discover market opportunities because they have always their eyes open looking for them. Over the last few years, many authors have developed methodologies for people to behave like entrepreneurs. In this course, the participants are able to ideate a business idea, to develop and build the first steps, and get feedback from current entrepreneurs. As participants, students are supposed to be diving into the world of entrepreneurship for the first time in their lives. Students are provided with useful tools, such as the StartUp Canvas and the experience applying the innovative methodology, Lego ® Serious Play ®, in the ideation phase in the development of a business project.

Creativity and Psychology of New Product Development

Creativity should not be considered as something “magic” or for talented people. Creativity can be learned or, better said, fostered and enhanced. This course is aimed to introduce the key concepts behind the area of New Product Generation, such as Product Launch steps and characteristics, product design, creativity, and psychological aspects related to both, creativity, and new product generation. The course focuses on the integration of different areas of knowledge and related tools: what are the steps followed to design, create, and introduce a new product, the psychology behind the adoption of a new product as far as customers/users are concerned, and the psychology behind the creative process, as far as designers are concerned. The course enhances students’ creativity, offers some design tools, and introduces philosophy such as Design Thinking. Students learn the steps of Design Thinking, as defined by Stanford and IDEO, and create some prototypes of businesses and products.

Managerial Accounting

This course helps to understand the procedures used by companies to calculate the cost of the products and services they offer in order to make the right decisions. Managerial Accounting is of strategic importance in an increasingly competitive environment. The course is delivered through a mix of theory, class exercises, and assignments to be solved at home. This course teaches students how to extract and modify costs in order to make informed managerial decisions. Planning is covered by topics including activity-based costing, budgeting, flexible budgeting, cost-volume profit analysis, cost estimating, and the costs of outsourcing. Control is covered by topics including standard costing, variance analysis, responsibility accounting, and performance evaluation. Emphasis is placed on cost terminology (the wide variety of costs), cost behavior, cost systems, and the limitations concerning the use of average costs.

Entrepreneurial Finance

This course provides knowledge and skills enabling students to be able to identify and assess the financial implications of new business planning and take account of relevant financial matters in managing a new business. It examines the elements of entrepreneurial finance, focusing on start-up ventures and the early stages of company development. The course addresses key questions which challenge all entrepreneurs: how much money can and should be raised; when should it be raised and from whom; what is a reasonable valuation of the company; and how should funding, employment contracts and exit decisions be structured. It aims to prepare students for these decisions, both as entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Marketing Management

This course provides an introduction to all aspects of marketing, including strategic marketing planning, marketing research, product planning and development, promotion planning, distribution, and pricing. It provides an understanding of the theories behind the marketing mix variables and a practical application in the context of the marketing management cycle processes of research, planning, organization, implementation, and control.

Digital Marketing

The course examines digital marketing strategy, implementation and executional considerations for BtoB and BtoC brands and provides a detailed understanding of all digital channels and platforms. Participants will complete the course with a comprehensive knowledge of and experience with how to develop an integrated digital marketing strategy, from formulation to implementation.

Going to Market: Managing the Channel and Sales Force

In today’s global and competitive environment, how to go to market is an essential choice for most managers - the choice of the optimal go-to-market approach critically determines a company’s success. This is true for B2C markets, B2B markets, as well as services. A well designed and executed go-to-market strategy will be a major source of differentiation; a badly designed and badly managed go-to-market strategy will almost certainly lead to failure. The course teaches the fundamentals on how to successfully design, manage, and evaluate a company’s channel, sales force strategy, and tactics. Go-to-market decisions can only be taken considering the overall marketing strategy. Therefore, students discuss the interaction of channel and sales force decisions with other marketing variables, such as branding, pricing, product characteristics, or the product lifecycle.

Global Project Management

This course explores the core concepts, processes and functions of project management needed to create and deliver value to customers and stakeholders, inside and outside organizations. Whether working for a corporation as a Project Manager or running your own business, project management tools are used by successful executive officers and business managers on a regular basis. This course explains how to improve operations performance to achieve a competitive advantage by understanding the power of project management in an international environment. It introduces students to the basics of project planning and also helps to examine projects from the vantage point of cross-cultural dynamics and real-life scenarios.

Brand Strategy in the XXI Century

Social Media Management

The importance of social media’s role in modern marketing efforts can no longer be ignored. It’s an integral component in almost all successful marketing strategies. With this increasing emphasis on integrated social media strategies, there is an undisputable need for companies to have end-to-end social media expertise. Through case studies, interactive sessions, and class exercises, students will learn best practices and develop the skills to connect business objectives with social media strategy, platforms and tactics. Topics will include choosing appropriate platforms, creating effective and engaging social media content, content management, social listening and creating a social media policy.

Brand Management

Brand management is an area of marketing focused on constructing, positioning, selling, and growing a profitable brand. Nowadays, the fierce global competition, as well as available technologies and the social media networks are bombarding audiences with massive information, including brand marketing messages. In this context, traditional brand management approaches are dramatically losing effectiveness. This course uses case studies and a project to expose students to the challenges commonly faced by brand managers. Topics range from assessing brand meaning, brand positioning and brand analytics to evaluating brand extensions, assessing brand strength, defending premier brands, repositioning mature brands, and building brands via non-traditional media (e.g., social media).

Entrepreneurship in the Digital Environment

Digital Operations

A part of the essential competencies of an organization resides in the people involved in the efficient management of the operations. This course aims to provide an understanding of the functions involved in the management of operations and the challenges of each one of them. Students are provided with concepts, tools and methods that allow them to become familiar with the governance of operations and decision-making process associated with the different functional areas of operations. The course will cover the fundamentals of operations management, offering an introduction to business models based on e-commerce and mobile platforms, and understanding the skills needed to support such models.

Design and Creation of E-commerce

E-commerce has become one of the main distribution channels for a majority of businesses all over the world. This course is focused on the fundamental concepts of e-commerce, its development, and management. Students will study the following topics: software options and solutions, engaging user experience, transaction management, e-commerce analysis and evaluation, and e-commerce marketing.


GBSB Global Business School uses the quarter system where there are four 10 week study periods (or quarters) during the year. Students are expected to attend three quarters, but may attend all four quarters (including summer quarters) to graduate sooner. Summer quarters are available based on the number of students signed up.


Our flexible approach to education and unique curricular design allows new students to start their studies in the beginning of each academic quarter. The starting dates for new undergraduate and graduate students are the following:

BBA/MA/MSc Programs
Spring Quarter – April 13, 2020
Fall Quarter – September 25, 2020
Winter Quarter – January 11, 2021



April 2020 - June 2020

Orientation Days
April 13-14


April 13 - 17


April 20 - 24


Apr. 27 - May 1


May 4 - 8


May 11 - 15


May 18 - 22


May 25 - 29


June 1 - 5


June 8 - 12


June 15 - 19


June 22 - 26

Defense Week

Jun 29 - Jul 3


September 2020 - December 2020

Orientation Days
Sept 24-25


Sept. 28 - Oct. 2


October 5 - 9


October 11 - 16


October 19 - 23


October 26 - 30


November 2 - 6


November 9 - 13


November 16 - 20


November 23 - 27


Nov. 30 - Dec. 4


December 7 - 11

Defense Week

December 14 - 18

Christmas Holidays

Dec. 19 - Jan. 10


January 2021 - March 2021

Orientation Day
January 11


January 11 - 15


January 18 - 22


January 25 - 29


February 1 - 5


February 8 - 12


February 15 - 19


February 22 - 26


March 1 - 5


March 8 - 12


March 15 - 19


March 22 - 26

Defense Week

Mar. 29 - Apr. 2

Global Study Trip

March 26 (Tentative)

Spring Holidays

Mar. 27 - Apr. 11

SPRING HOLIDAYS 2020: March 28 - April 12

SUMMER HOLIDAYS 2020: June 27 - September

GRADUATION CEREMONY 2020: July 2, 2020

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS: December 19 - January 10

SPRING HOLIDAYS 2021: March 27 - April 11


Bank Holidays (Barcelona Campus)

April 2020: 10th: Friday of Eastern(Statewide), 13th: Monday of Eastern(Autonomic)

May 2020: 1st: Day of workers(Statewide)

June 2020: 24th: Saint John(Autonomic)

August 2020: 15th: Virgin's ascension(Statewide)

September 2020: 11th: Diada(Autonomic), 24th: Virgen de la Merce(Local)

October 2020: 12th: Spain National Day(Statewide)

November 2020: 1st: Todos los Santos(Statewide)

December 2020: 6th: Day of the Constitution(Statewide), 8th: Inmaculada(Statewide), 25th: Christmas(Statewide), 26th: Saint Esteban(Autonomic)

January 2021: 1st: New Year(Statewide), 6th: Reyes(Statewide)

April 2021: 2nd: Friday of Eastern(Statewide), 5th: Monday of Eastern(Autonomic)

May 2021: 1st: Day of workers(Statewide)

June 2021: 24th: Saint John(Autonomic)

August 2021: 15th: Virgin's ascension(Statewide)



Academic Background
Bachelor Degree, Law, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
MBA, ESADE Business School, Spain
MBA, Exchange Program, UCLA, USA
MA, Digital Marketing & Inbound Marketing, IEBS Business School, Spain
PhD, Civil Law, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

Career Experience
Founder & Manager, Victoria’s Cakes, Spain
Marketing & Digital Manager, CLB/Teknon/Ruber Internacional/Inmaculada, Spain
Marketing & Trade Marketing Manager/Business Development Manager, Omega Pharma, Spain


Academic Background
Bachelor Degree, Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Master Degree, Finance and Banking, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Master Degree, Economics and International Finance, Universitat De Barcelona, Spain
PhD, IESE, Spain

Career Experience
CEO and Partner, El Cep i La Nansa Edicions, SL., Spain
CEO, the Catalan Heritage Agency (Departament of Culture – Government of Catalunya), Spain
CEO, Equipaments I Edificis De Catalunya, SA. (EECAT), Spain
Senior Consultant, Cultural & Green and Energy Efficiency Investments Consultancy, Spain
Financial Analyst, Institut Català de Finances, Spain


Academic Background
BA, Sociology and Communication, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy
Master Degree, Education and ICT, University of Catalunya, Spain
Master Degree, European Policies, Digital Creativity and Design Innovation, University Roma Tre, Italy

Career Experience
Senior Managing Director of Master’s Degree in Design and Communication, ELISAVA, Spain
Director, Desis Lab ELISAVA/ Desis Network, Spain


Academic Background
BBA, International Marketing, EDHEC Business School, France
MBA, International Marketing, EDHEC Business School, France
MA, Mountain & Rural Development, University of Toulouse, France

Career Experience
Managing Director, Pyrenees Working Community, Spain
Project Manager, European Cooperative Society, Spain
Consultant, Technologic Forest Center, Spain


Academic Background
BSc, Economics, University of Istanbul, Turkey
Master Degree, Marketing and Information Technology, Georgia State University of Atlanta, USA
Master Degree, Research Management in Design & Innovation Management, ESADE Business School, Spain
Executive Education Certificate, Design Thinking, Art Center College of Design, USA
PhD, Management, ESADE Business School, Spain

Career Experience
Head of Catalyzer for Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship & Research, Binus University International, Indonesia
Product Manager, AT&T Telecom, USA
Central America Technology Operations Manager, BellSouth Latin America, USA
Coordinator of Master of Design Management, Instituto Europeo di Design, Italy
PostDoc Researcher in Design and Entrepreneurship, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark


Academic Background
Bachelor Degree, Law, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
PG DIP, Legal Studies, Contractual, Conveyancing, Trusts & Equities, European Competition Law, Criminal Law, Commendation, London South Bank University, UK
Postgraduate Degree, Legal Practice, BPP Law School, UK

Career Experience
Senior Spanish Lawyer and English Solicitor, Gimbrere International Advocaten, S.L.P., Spain
Practicing English Solicitor, Stepinlaw Abogados, Spain
Spanish Lawyer and English Solicitor, De Haan & Mulder, S.L.P., Spain


master in Entrepreneurship Barcelona fees image 1

Have earned a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) or higher;
be in the process of finalizing your Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent),
or demonstrate a high level of relevant professional experience

master Entrepreneurship Barcelona fees image 2

Have a high level of English language

master Entrepreneurship Barcelona fees image 3

Complete all required forms for admission and submit all required documents

Enrolment Fee (Paid upon Admission)

200 EUR

Annual Administrative Fee

950 EUR

Optional: partner university fee for issuing diploma (according to Spanish state regulations)

190 EUR in 2019

Tuition Fee for the Program (60 ECTS credits)

13,490 EUR

Tuition Fee per Quarter (20 ECTS credits)

4,497 EUR

Tuition Fee per Academic Credit (1 ECTS credit)

225 EUR

(Visiting students)

Payment Conditions:

Minimum Advanced Tuition Payment (EU Students)

4,497 EUR

Due at the time of program acceptance

Minimum Advanced Tuition Payment (Non-EU Students)

6,745 EUR

Due at the time of program acceptance and a requirement to send visa documents

The remaining Tuition Fees are due the first Friday (Week 1) of the program.

Master´s Program Duration: 3 Quarters = 1 Academic Year

A discount may be applied if the student choses to pay
the full amount at the time of program acceptance.
If payments are not paid by the deadlines, a penalty fee is applied as per Terms and Conditions.
Payment are accepted by bank transfer or PayPal (commission charges apply).
Program fees do not include accommodation, flights, insurance or program materials.
Students who wish to participate in Global Study Trips may do so by paying additional fees.



GBSB Global Business School Barcelona Campus first in europe

Barcelona is a 1st in Europe
for quality of life and
clearness of environment

(European Cities Monitor 2011, 2012 Quality
of Life City Rankings - Mercer Survey)

GBSB Global Business School Barcelona second place in europe for business center

Barcelona is a 2nd Place in Europe
(after London) for beign promoted
as a business center

(European Cities Monitor 2011)

GBSB Global Business School Barcelona 1,6 million residents

Million Residents in Barcelona

GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona mediterranial climate

Barcelona has a typical Mediterranean
with mild winters
and warm, sunny summers

GBSB Global Barcelona 2,342 mobile industry companies

international companies (that work
in the mobile industry) come

to the yearly World Mobile Congress in Barcelona

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