GBSB Alumni Story: Özden Öz

Meet our Alumni of the Month- Özden Öz, Master in Hospitality and Tourism alumni and current GBSB student studying for a Master in Business Innovation. Before coming to GBSB Özden worked in the hospitality sector in Istanbul, Turkey. She earned her undergraduate degree in Tourism Management and wanted to continue her studies abroad. Özden shares how the Mediterranean lifestyle suits her, and how life can be complicated at times and it is best to make one decision at a time.

Background, Travel and Leisure

Özden fell in love with Barcelona inside and out. Her first impressions of the city were that it was extremely accessible and that the people were friendly and helpful. Spending time outdoors is a favorite leisure activity of Özden’s. The magnificent weather and proximity of the beach make it feel like summer will never end.

Barcelona has its own identity. In comparison to Madrid and Toledo, where Özden had visited during her first year of studies, Barcelona takes the prize. There is something special about the city that has a hold on her. Özden was so happy with her first experience studying for a Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management degree at GBSB that after she arrived home to Istanbul, Turkey, she felt a draw to return to Barcelona. There was more to learn and experience. Having returned to Barcelona in October, Özden has since enrolled in a second program at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona and will be studying for a Master in Business Innovation over the course of the next academic year.

Taking One Decision at a Time

When asked about her future career and her dreams Özden felt perplexed. She had worked in the hotel industry in Istanbul, at both the Hilton and the Conrad Hotel. She completed an internship at Le Méridien in Barcelona during her studies. She knows hospitality and tourism is a fulfilling trade and has great career potential. Although she is fond of working in the industry, she is not certain as to what her greater aspirations are, and that is alright. She was not distraught. Rather, she commented that life was complicated, and she feels she will be happy in either Istanbul or Barcelona.

Her advice to students that may be in her same situation, finding themselves overwhelmed with thinking about the future and the various possibilities and opportunities around the corner. Özden recommends taking life one decision at a time. Don’t stress, figure it out as life unfolds.

Why GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona?

Özden had taken part of an Erasmus exchange program in Denmark prior to coming to GBSB Global Business School. Although she enjoyed the experience, she is definitely a warm weather kind of girl. In fact, she didn’t “choose” Denmark, but rather Denmark “chose” her. Based upon her academic marks, she was ushered into a completely new environment where she relished in the differences for the five-month study program.

The Mediterranean is the beacon that draws Özden to Barcelona, and GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona was and still is the right school for her. Özden feels she received a well-rounded education studying for her first master’s degree. She was involved in many activities at school. She attended the B.I.T. of Fashion (Business, Innovation, and Trends in Fashion) Conference organized by MA in Fashion and Luxury Business Management that is unique to the school. She loves that there is opportunity to grow, to learn from professionals in their field, and to take part in case studies that make her education more practical than theoretical. Özden looks forward to the year ahead studying for her second master’s degree in business innovation, allowing her time to prepare for bigger decisions that she knows will eventually need to be made.

By Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Content Manager

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