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Master in Business Innovation at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona has been designed to give you the skills to turn ideas into actions. What is this all about?

Rapid technological changes, the information revolution and increasing globalization of business activities have intensified competition among countries for export markers, capital, R&D, and skilled workers. The development of service, information or knowledge societies is a process that may be compared to the emergence of industrial society during the nineteenth century in terms of the social impact it has had. With the appearance of knowledge society comes innovation – “the ability to implement a new or significantly improved product, good or service, or a new organizational method in business practices, workplace organization or external relations”. The perception of innovation as an important production factor is becoming more and more widespread.

That is why at GBSB Global Business School we offer you a program focused on innovation, creativity and design thinking. Master in Business Innovation is a degree which will unlock your potential as an innovative manager. Many companies are actively looking for managers who are able to monitor, evaluate and manage their processes of innovation and development. This master program in Barcelona will take you though the creative processes of how to generate new breakthrough ideas and how to assess these projects critically in terms of potential added value.

Thanks to the commitment of the Government of Catalonia to promote strategic new projects, Barcelona has emerged as the innovation hub in Spain. Its aim is to obtain a new city focused on the knowledge economy, positioning Barcelona as the center of innovation with powerful knowledge centers and intensive mobility infrastructures. 22@ Barcelona project has transformed 2-hundred hectares of industrial land into an innovative district offering modern spaces for the strategic concentration of intensive knowledge-based activities. This initiative is also a project of urban refurbishments and a new model of a city in Europe providing a response to the challenges posed by the knowledge-based society.


Master in Business Innovation awarded by GBSB Global Business School

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Intakes: October, January and April
Full Time: 3-5 days per week
Duration: 1 academic year. Depending on the intake, the program may last between 9 and 12 months

master Business Innovation and Creativity language

Instruction Language: English. If your English level is not sufficient, you can join the intensive English language preparation course prior to your Master in Business Innovation degree program
Language learning: Yearlong Spanish language course is offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced level for an additional fee

master Business Innovation and Creativity location

Location: In the heart of Barcelona, Eixample District, Barcelona
Global Study Trips (optional): Held by GBSB in February of each year
Professional internship (optional): Full time or part time internships up to 6 months with potential of internship contract prolongation

master Business Innovation and Creativity requirements and deadline

Admissions requirements: Bachelor or an equivalent degree or significant work experience, proficiency in English
Application deadline: We accept applications to the Master in Business Innovation all year round but class availability is limited so apply in advance

master Business Innovation and Creativity fees and scholarships

Fees (2017-2018): €6,450 (More information on Tuition Fees CLICK HERE)

Master in Business Innovation Program Design

The Master in Business Innovation degree program from GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona consists of 60 ECTS. A Master student must complete three quarters of studies. During each quarter a student is required to complete 20-25 academic credits.

  • Core Competencies of Global Managers: As the global competition in Europe and worldwide intensifies, managers will be more and more jugged upon their ability to identify, cultivate and exploit distinctive competencies that may possible the growth of the firm. The participants of Master in Business Innovation have an opportunity to acquire hard and soft skills needed for successful development of their careers as global innovative managers. 
  • Core Courses in Business Innovation: These courses address the skills and attitudes that support innovation in complex organizations under conditions of uncertainty and change. Students explore the concepts of design thinking, creativity, knowledge management and its importance for innovation. The courses contain creative exercises in leadership style self-assessment and relate these results to leadership in new, innovative organizational structures. 
  • Marketing Innovations: In these courses students fully explore how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value through a customer-centric approach to its marketing activities. The impact of industry disruption through business model innovation will be explored as students analyze and evaluate existing marketing methods. Using creative thinking and specific patterns, students of Master in Business Innovation will gain experience in planning and executing new marketing methods to address the complex challenges facing businesses from a variety of industries in the market place today.
  • Career Development: GBSB Global Business School emphasizes a focus on employability. Career development is an essential part of all our degree programs. Master in Business Innovation features career-related communication workshops which will help students with their job search, career orientation, interview and CV preparation as well as improvement of their communication skills. People Management and Leadership module will enhance their capability of working in multicultural teams and will provide students with essential human resources management skills.
  • Research Project: Written research projects are an integral part of Master in Business Innovation. The research project is a core element of the program of study. In particular it provides the students with the opportunity to conduct their own original research. Typically 15,000 to 20,000 words in length, the research project (dissertation) represents a significant body of work which can allow students to concentrate on specific area of interest. 

The Structure of Master in Business Innovation

Core Competencies of Global Managers  Core Courses in Innovation and Creativity  Marketing Innovations Career Development 
The Ethical Dimension of Sustainable Business Design Thinking and Business Model Design  Intra-Entrepreneurship – Creating Brand Value Career-related Communication Workshops 
Management and International Negotiations Product Innovation Management  Marketing of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Products  People Management – Leadership 
Financial Strategies for Business Development Knowledge Management  Global Marketing   
Understanding the International Macroeconomy       

If you have any questions or doubts regarding our Master in Business Innovation, please do not hesitate to contact one of our educational advisers.

Prospective students, wishing to participate in the Master in Business Innovation , please apply online.

To be qualified for admission to the Master in Business Innovation, you must:

  1. Have earned a Bachelor degree or equivalent, or higher OR have a minimum of three years of working experience 
  2. Provide a proof of English language proficiency
  3. Complete all required forms for admission and submit all required documents

See Application Guidelines - Master for more details. 



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