B.I.T. Fashion Conference 2016 with Professionals, Bloggers and Master in Fashion Students

B.I.T. Fashion Conference 2016 at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona Gathered Industry Professionals, Bloggers, and Master in Fashion Students

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” In 2015, following the notion of the great Coco Chanel, GBSB Global Business School created a platform for international students and professionals from the fashion industry to share their ideas, to raise awareness and to draw public attention to the current social and environmental problems that the fashion business was facing.

GBSB Global Business School master in fashion students with the help and support of the school organized B.I.T. of Fashion conference – business, innovation and trends in fashion. The first edition of the conference had a big success. Not only did it gather all GBSB Global masters in fashion and their professors but also students and business professionals from all over the world who share their passion to fashion and Barcelona. It was decided to make B.I.T. a GBSB tradition.

This year 2016, on May 3rd and 4th once again GBSB Global campus became an international hub of creative ideas and hot discussions on innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry.

  • Profitability vs. business ethics.
  • Mass fashion vs. boutique.
  • Consumerism vs. responsible customer behavior.
  • Fast fashion vs. slow fashion.

These and many other important contemporary issues were in the center of everybody’s attention at the B.I.T. this year.

The conference gathered business professionals who are working in a very wide range of projects, areas of the industry and organizations. Beatriz Hdez de Azcárte, Santi Mallorqui Gou, Laure Ritter, and Jennifer Russel - founders of companies and start-ups such as Botello, Organic Cotton Colors, and Indigo by Laure brought the entrepreneurial spirit into the conference and inspired the audience.

Trends consultant and guide Christina Bifano and retail consultant Jenny Wilson shared with the guests their knowledge, experience and the latest trends in the field. Innovations consultant Arianna Mazzeo uncovered the secrets of innovation though open design. The Head of Advanced Manufacturing Office in FAB LAB Barcelona Anastasia Pistofidou proved everybody that the future is already here and showed what can be done these days in the fashion industry with the help of 3D printing. B.I.T. was also honored to host the first Spanish creative professional to join the jury in Cannes Lions Health Festival – Xavier Sanchez – who demonstrated the best practices in innovative communications.

Not only did B.I.T. of Fashion become a platform for sharing ideas and views, it is now also a yearly networking event for fashion industry and a good GBSB Global Business School tradition. And all these would never be possible without the great effort and high motivation of international GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona students Tomiris Bayazitova, Barbora Bibkova, Olga Kleimenova and Tanja Sredojevic leaded by the GBSB Global alumni and the conference coordinator Rotem Zafarti.

B.I.T. Fashion Conference 2016 Photos

BIT Fashion Conference 2016 and MA in Fashion and Luxury

BIT Fashion Conference 2016 Open Doors

BIT Fashion Conference 2016 Cocktail

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