GBSB Student of the Month: Elvina Drouin, MSc in Entrepreneurship

Meet our GBSB Student of the Month – Elvina Drouin, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship. Born and raised on Mauritius Island until she was eighteen, Elvina graduated with her Baccalaureat on Mauritius studying in a French Lycee. Moving away from all that was familiar, Elvina studied in Bordeaux, France for two years earning a degree in Business Unit Management, BTS Management des Unités Commerciales, and was afforded the opportunity to pursue a double diploma in Dublin, earning her a Bachelor in Business Innovation & Management. Elvina Drouin shares her story on her core values and how these have shaped the person she has become.


Growing Up, Languages, and Embracing her Future

Since childhood Elvina has always had a desire to manage people and undertake challenging projects, so it is no surprise she found herself choosing to study entrepreneurship. Elvina finds the subject very interesting and important to know how to "manage the world". "We are in a business world where needs are created every day, with competition constantly increasing, differentiation is of utmost importance".

It is not all work and no play. While business is important to Elvina, it cannot be done effectively without being happy where you are and enjoying the life you created. If you want to find success, the secret is to create a happy environment, to feel good daily and have a positive impact on the people you surround yourself with.

Speaking four different languages, French, English, Creole and a little Spanish, there are a lot of options as to where her future will take her. While Elvina is only in her second term of her Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona, she is already making plans. Not wanting to start work right away, she will take some time to travel, to satisfy her curiosity of the world, experience life further afield, increasing her knowledge and adding value to her professional career.

Why GBSB Global Business School?

Elvina had numerous factors to consider when she began her master program research. Knowing entrepreneurship was a huge motivation, a subject she was very passionate about, she wanted to find a university that not only had top notch credentials, but also offered the program in English.

Because of her ambitious nature and wanting to start her life and projects as quickly as possible, she opted for schools that offered one year programs, rather than two. When she came across GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona, she was convinced she found her calling. Barcelona’s weather, distinct location along the Mediterranean and culture were just icing on the cake.

Was it difficult to leave the comforts of home?

Leaving home four years ago, when Elvina was only 18 was difficult, but at the same time she said she was really excited for the adventure that lay ahead. She felt vulnerable at first, but once she started her studies in Bordeaux, she began to love her new home and the same was true when she arrived to Barcelona.

For Elvina, Barcelona is cosmopolitan and vibrant city that motivates its inhabitants to be out all day enjoying all the variety of activities. There is always something to do, to discover, to admire. "It’s a fascinating city that makes me feel happy, every day!" says Elvina.

Moving to Barcelona has been a real revelation; it has taught her to be more open-minded to the world around her.

What do you value about GBSB and the MSc in Entrepreneurship program?

Elvina learned a lot about diversity. She found her colleagues, not only students in the Master of Entrepreneurship program, but the entire GBSB student body to be a valuable source of information, expanding her knowledge both personally and professionally about global business. She learned the value that listening has in group work. The distinctive opinions, ways of tackling projects or problems from various nationalities and cultures was very constructive. Elvina found this teamwork environment in the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program stimulating and inspiring.

From a more structural perspective, GBSB offers well-organized class schedules that allow students the freedom to manage their time in class with other activities. Elvina knew she signed up for a global school, but she didn’t expect it to be so international. The students in class literally come from everywhere, with their own knowledge and insight to impart. Moreover, the ambiance in the classes and the attitude of her colleagues is contagious. Everyone’s so friendly and welcoming.

Core Beliefs and Advice for Future Students

These words of wisdom are wrought from Elvina’s experience living and studying abroad.


It is important to respect individuals from different backgrounds; their personal experience and the stories they have to share are priceless. In a foreign city, you are never alone; there are always people that are willing to share their knowledge and help you feel at home.


There is not a single person who will have the same background or life experience as you. If some individual thinks that he is the best, his way of doing or thinking is the best, then it is very difficult to grow.


Elvina treasures the phrase "switching shoes". For her, this expression demonstrates an individual’s willingness to see the world from a different perspective, to put one set of ideals aside and openly empathize with someone else’s. Listening is imperative; it is more of an expression of oneself than speaking and being heard by another.

Dynamic, Ambitious, Determined

"No is not an answer", insightful words from this very motivated young lady. Success is important to Elvina. Results bring her joy and satisfaction.


Being happy is one of Elvina’s life goals. Life is just as much as what you put into it, as you get out of it. It may sound like an overused catch phrase, but it is so pertinent. Being present and making every day pleasant is how Elvina lives her life and wishes others to do the same.


GBSB Global Business School believes its students are their biggest asset. Sharing their experience emboldens the lives of their colleagues and inspires future students. GBSB is grateful to Elvina Drouin, MSc in Entrepreneurship, for sharing her story. Want to learn how to join this amazingly diverse and intelligent study body and become one of tomorrow’s successful business leaders today! Find out how!

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