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GBSB Global Student of the Month: Dana Aljohar

Dana Aljohar: Master in Fashion Student of the Month

Meet our GBSB Global Student of the Month, Dana Aljohar, Master of Fashion and Luxury Business Management Class of 2017. Joining our student body from Kuwait, Dana, is a bright and social individual who made a last-minute decision to study at GBSB Global in Barcelona. She wanted to complete her master’s degree, but after studying English literature as her undergrad, she wanted something more than just technical studies. Dana wanted to do something more creative, and what more creative than fashion.

GBSB Student of the Month: Aizat Kalbergenova, MBA

GBSB Student of the Month: Aizat Kalbergenova, MBA

Meet our GBSB Student of the Month –Aizat Kalbergenova, Master in Business Administration, Class of 2016 GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona Alumni. Originally from the South of Kazakhstan in a city called Kyzlorda. She lived most of her life in Almaty. Coming from a traditional upbringing, Aizat Kalbergenova shares her experience on her studies at GBSB and how she has grown during her time in Spain.

GBSB Student of the Month: Elvina Drouin, MSc in Entrepreneurship

Elvina Drouin student of Master Entrepreneurship

Meet our GBSB Student of the Month – Elvina Drouin, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship. Born and raised on Mauritius Island until she was eighteen, Elvina graduated with her Baccalaureat on Mauritius studying in a French Lycee. Moving away from all that was familiar, Elvina studied in Bordeaux, France for two years earning a degree in Business Unit Management, BTS Management des Unités Commerciales, and was afforded the opportunity to pursue a double diploma in Dublin, earning her a Bachelor in Business Innovation & Management. Elvina Drouin shares her story on her core values and how these have shaped the person she has become.


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