The Rise of Luxury Industry and Luxury Markets

Luxury industry is a unique industry, which cannot be compared with any other sector. Specific feature of luxury brands is that those rely solely on marketing and promotions to communicate brand values, and sell products to a specific target market. Even during global economic crisis, luxury industry did not just survived; it continued to show stable growth during few past years. According to the Bain report on luxury industry, in last two decades the total number of luxury consumers at the end of 2013 amounted to 330 million, compared to 90 million in 1995.

With rapid growth of the emerging markets, luxury industry continues to flourish. Almost half of the total number of luxury consumers is in emerging markets, and roughly 50 million are precisely in China. Even though Middle Eastern and Asian, particularly Chinese luxury markets are experiencing exceptional growth rates, we should not forget about European markets, as in spite of the generally pessimistic economic situation the market outlook still remains quite positive. Paris, Milan, and London still dictate rules and set up standards in fashion sector. 

Apart from France, Italy, United Kingdom and USA, Spain is gradually gaining its place in fashion market through Inditex Group, Mango and Desiqual increasing presence in international markets. Moreover, in past few years Barcelona has been listed as one of the top ten fashion and design cities, and its influence in fashion and luxury sector is increasing.

Every year Barcelona hosts such events as Design Hub, F080 Fashion Week, Bridal Week, Barcelona International Textile Fair, and Barcelona Fashion Summit, one of the most important conferences on national and international fashion business.

Another rapidly growing sector of luxury industry is luxury tourism. Over the past years Spain has gained a reputation of one of the most popular destinations for luxury tourism. Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, being the main tourist destinations, they represent sumptuous lifestyle, epitomize luxury in Spain, and offer countless opportunities for those who want to start professional career in luxury hospitality and wellness.

However, behind a dazzling, fascinating facade of luxurious fashion shows and resort style living hides a highly competitive business sector, which requires knowledge of industry, well-developed managerial, exceptional interpersonal communication skills, and an ability to use all knowledge and experience in the most efficient way. GBSB Global Business School is one of the few institutions in Spain offering a Master program in Fashion and Luxury Business Management.

Master in Fashion Business Management and Luxury Business Management

Whether you are interested in building your own fashion brand or start a career at one of the leading fashion or luxury companies, studying for a Master in Fashion Business Management and Luxury Business Management will benefit your overall business knowledge. The programme is designed in a way to prepare students for successful work in multinational companies all around the world. During the study period you will be introduced to fundamental marketing and business administration principles, management strategies, and generic process of financial planning and analysis. Efficient usage of knowledge and skills obtained through the course will ensure your successful professional performance in fashion and luxury area.

In addition, Master in Fashion Business Management and Luxury Business Management program includes professional disciplines within the fashion and luxury industry, such as various luxury sectors’ analysis, product and service development, development of specific marketing, branding and promotion strategies according to different global markets. All courses being taught by highly-qualified professionals with extensive experience of working in such multinational brands as Levis and Chopard.  The main aim of the Master in Fashion Business Management and Luxury Business Management is to lay the foundation of business knowledge, to develop and shape qualifications of competent managers capable of understanding and following the rules of fashion and luxury sector.

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