Making The Right Move to GBSB Global: Meet Keti Tavartkiladze

Keti Tavartkiladze, a successful GBSB Global Business School 2016-2017 alumni, elaborates on her decision to leave her home country of Georgia, in search of a more exciting workforce challenge. In the interview with Keti, she explains her decision making moves, the professional growth attained and the importance of learning in an international environment.

According to Keti, “The concept of career implies, not only financial well being or positional growth but also the fulfillment of one’s personal needs.” With Barcelona being a breeding ground for top notch diversity in the business world as well as a haven for a truly international experience outside of the classroom, moving to Spain and studying at GBSB Global was an essential one.

How did you make the decision to attend GBSB Global?

When asked how and why she chose to advance her career at GBSB Global, she responded, “In fact, lack of fulfillment was the reason I made huge changes in my career plans. So, I have MBA in Finance, and after doing taxes in the financial field I left my job in Georgia together with my husband and started studying marketing here, in GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona.”

The desire to live in Barcelona and be surrounded by an international community was a key interest in her decision to continue her studies at GBSB Global. GBSB Global prides itself in having an extensive student and staff population that welcomes over 65 nationalities, throughout the years. Each person is welcome to bring their knowledge to the classroom regardless of their religious, cultural or national backgrounds.

What were some of the highlights to studying and living in Spain?

“Personally, I enjoy meeting and communicating with new people, especially from different cultures and parts of the world. I enjoy studying new things as well as music, literature, cinema and for all those reasons Barcelona is a perfect place to live, and I’m really happy that I’m here.”

Barcelona is a great city to expand your personal interests as well as your educational objectives. There are world class museums, theaters and music venues for every interest and passion. GBSB Global offers specific class schedules that allow for its students to create an active life outside of the classroom and submerge themselves into the culture of the surrounding communities.

What was an impactful moment you experienced as a student at GBSB Global?

When asked to speak about a personal benefit to studying at GBSB Global, Keti responded,
“I’ve studied many things about different directions of marketing that I had no idea about. I had a class, Innovative Marketing, with a brilliant professor! And actually, this class has become the reason for me to decide to continue my future career in online marketing. And now because of that class, I’m doing my project in online marketing, and I’m planning my professional future specifically in this field.”

The professors at GBSB Global pride themselves on presenting classroom content in a constructive and intriguing way. Students can flourish as individuals, all while learning in a group setting. The knowledge obtained in an international classroom setting can be positive reinforcement for future business decisions.

How did the diversity in the classroom impact your educational growth?

Along with the educational growth experienced in the classrooms at GBSB Global, Keti also appreciated the cultural diversity of the student population attending the Barcelona campus:

“I shared classes with people with different backgrounds, culture, mentality, thoughts. Nothing can be as interesting as sharing the experience with such brilliant international people.”

Briefly, how was your experience living and studying abroad in Spain.

“In a nutshell, I love everything about my life here in a city as beautiful, artistic and diverse as Barcelona. And I can say without any doubt, moving here was one of the greatest decisions of my life.”

Barcelona is the quintessential place to live if you’re open to learning more about different cultures while extending your educational knowledge. GBSB Global takes pride in being a premier institution offering all of its classes in English in Spain. By providing a total education in English, GBSB Global is bridging the gap between nationalities and cultures, via the classroom. Allowing people from varying backgrounds and levels of expertise to engage in thoughtful dialogue, both in and outside of the classroom, fostering a more positive global view of business.

Be sure to contact one of our representatives for more information on the programs we have to offer in Barcelona and Madrid. Make the decision to combine culture and education for a greater future.

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