We Are Diverse: GBSB GLOBAL Embraces 65+ Nationalities

What makes GBSB Global a unique place to study and work? Diversity

GBSB GLOBAL attracts students from countries worldwide, of all sizes, political leaning, and ethnic backgrounds. These students range in age, with diverse academic and professional careers and experiences.

Our student body embodies a variety of cultures, religions, and national backgrounds. GBSB has established an environment that fosters open-mindedness and respect, ensuring that every member of our student body has a positive and inclusive academic experience. It sounds simple. We live in Barcelona, surrounded by a melting pot of individuals, local, tourists, expats, and students, but not all academic institutions capitalize on Barcelona’s international allure, but GBSB GLOBAL does.

Identified as one of GBSB GLOBAL’s main strengths, embracing diversity is not only what we do, but it defines who we are. We are a global community, students, professors, and staff from around the world, converged on one single point on the map. With a student body from over 65+ countries and faculty hailing from 16+ nations far and wide, we embrace diversity, because it is a tool for learning and growth.

Embracing diversity is a learning mechanism, enabling students to learn from one another

Students do not only learn from their professors about specific theories and principles, but they take this information and relate it to their own individual experiences and share that insight with one another. What this means is that, students develop a cultural awareness as it relates to business and academics not only through industry professionals but through their own peers’ life experiences. Embracing diversity is a learning mechanism, enabling students to not only learn from traditional forms of learning, but from one another.

Diversity is at the core to GBSB GLOBAL’s ethos. Our students come from Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia. This highly cosmopolitan, multilingual, multicultural student body generates a dynamic environment for the planning, execution, and distribution of our academic curriculum. At GBSB GLOBAL we are dedicated to embracing diversity in the academic content of our degree programs and capitalizing on the richness and variety of the linguistic, cultural, and educational backgrounds of our students.

We wholeheartedly believe that educating mature, responsible future business leaders of the 21st century is most successfully achieved through the formal and informal interaction and communication between students from a wide variety of countries with contrasting regional perspectives. Being one of the most international universities in Spain that provide programs entirely in English, GBSB GLOBAL is a bridge connecting people from different nationalities to the international area of business.

Diversity makes a stronger. It helps understand cultural sensitivities

Want to join this vibrant international academic community, to be invigorated not only by your professor’s teaching but by the knowledge and vision possessed by the growing student body? Don’t wait. GBSB GLOBAL has three annual enrollment dates, October, January and April. Find out more by contacting one of our admissions representatives today! Join us in embracing diversity and pride yourself in becoming a future leader in international business!

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