GBSB Student of the Month: Aizat Kalbergenova, MBA

Meet our GBSB Student of the Month –Aizat Kalbergenova, Master in Business Administration, Class of 2016 GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona Alumni. Originally from the southern part of Kazakhstan, a city called Kyzlorda. She lived most of her life in Almaty. Coming from a traditional upbringing, Aizat Kalbergenova shares her experience regarding her studies at GBSB and how she has grown during her time in Spain.

What motivated Aizat to study abroad in Barcelona?

Before coming to GBSB Global Business School Barcelona to study abroad in Spain, Aizat was juggling her undergraduate studies with her job in her home country of Kazakhstan. Her primary motivation when she decided to look abroad for higher education opportunities was to make an investment in herself and her future. She needed a change from the routine she previously knew, the mindset, and her surroundings and ultimately wanted to venture off to a foreign country that offered her the space to grow as a woman and a professional.

As a tourist arriving to the city of Barcelona, she felt a draw, a connection to the city and its people. Aizat stated in her interview that she, "felt in my heart that, this is my city". The opportunities the city provides to its residents are exponential to what she had previously known.

What drew Aizat to GBSB Global Business School?

When Aizat began her research, she identified what was important to her academic career and what her ambitions were for the long term. One of her primary desires was to study in a global environment with a student body from every corner of the world.

When she contacted GBSB Global Business School Barcelona’s admissions department, it was such an easy process that she remarked how she left every conversation with the notion that the staff had the utmost respect for its students and that the university was welcoming.

When she began her studies as a Master in Business Administration Management student, she began to appreciate the value of case studies, and how they were a vital link to current problems in business. She became very interested in participating in the case studies as a tool that would better prepare her for the real-world. Also, she admired how professors pushed students to work in small groups and teams. This helped students get to know one another and embrace diversity.

Outside the classroom Aizat was busy.

The beauty about living in such an international hub in Europe is that there is always something going on. Aizat was proactive in seeking out various opportunities on her own and taking advantage of the variety of events the school organized. From networking functions to job forums to international conferences like iWater and Cities for Citizens, there were tons of professional occasions that pushed her to get connected and network. One of the most memorable experiences Aizat highlighted was being able to attend the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, a luxury event that sets the standard for creativity and innovation in both design generation and projection in the fashion and luxury industry around the world.

Aizat also took advantage of the very special opportunity all GBSB Global Business School students have to participate in, and that is the annual Global Study Trip held in the spring of every academic year. Last year, in 2016 students traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to visit the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. A unique experience that made lasting memories.

How did Aizat grow?

Aizat’s education did not only serve as an asset advancing her professional prospects and future career development, but more importantly it was an investment in her well-being and personal growth. From one year ago until now, the present, Aizat said she has grown significantly. It may not be apparent to others around her, but she feels there was a shift in her personality and perspective on the greater world we live in. Some percent has changed; she cannot give an exact figure, but the costs warranted the result. Aizat was happy she came to Barcelona to study business administration at GBSB.

The three most valuable insights and important takeaways from Aizat’s experience at GBSB Global Business School are:
  1. Embrace diversity
  2. Seek industrial knowledge
  3. Never stop networking

Written by Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Content Manager

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