Do You Have the Entrepreneurial Spirit? 4 Career Paths Entrepreneurs Should Consider

Being an entrepreneur is a profession though the titles may range from CEO and founder to business advisor or head of department x, y, or z. It takes a certain type of personality and education to be successful at procuring ideas and seeing them to full-fledged fruition as a standalone business or project. Today, more than ever before, being an entrepreneur, working on your own startup or contributing to a larger project has become a popular trend.

Entrepreneurship is about generating new and improved ideas and employing them in such a way that they create economic and social value. GBSB Global Business School’s Master of Science in Entrepreneurship provides students with an entrepreneurial mindset and the skills necessary to foster new business ideas and transform them into actions, be it in a new and exciting startup or in an existing business. Future entrepreneurs learn how to apply their ingenuity to create social and financial value and to realize a need in the marketplace. Getting an education in entrepreneurship cultivates the creative spirit students already possess, inspires them, and teaches them the logistics on how to start their own businesses, develop new products, manage innovative projects for existing organizations, and propagate new ideas that make the world a better place to live.

What types of careers should entrepreneurs consider?

Small Business Entrepreneurship | Entrepreneurs in small businesses are interested in bringing a concept or service to the marketplace through their own means of financial and business development. These businesses encompass an assortment of industries like tech, law, home care, child care, fashion, consultancy, hospitality, and more. Small business entrepreneurs are passionate and resourceful individuals who want customers to benefit from an original idea.

Scalable Startup Entrepreneurship | Scalable entrepreneurs realize the originality of their idea and therefore recruit venture capitalists willing to invest in their startup. These individuals want to procure significant growth with large returns on investments. Scalable entrepreneurs must have determination and a global vision to drive the transformation of their ideas into a prosperous and often international business endeavor.

Large Company Entrepreneurship | Large company entrepreneurs work to reignite a business’s profitability with drastic change and innovation either by introducing new product lines or procuring access to new markets. They are hired, either as an employee, advisor, or consultant, based on their background and expertise in applying disruptive innovation to propel their organization forward in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Social Entrepreneurship | Social entrepreneurs work to achieve innovative solutions for existing problems within a community. The primary goal of these professionals is to educate the community about a social need and to work towards solving the issue for the better good of the public and the planet.

While there are only four paths listed here, there are numerous careers in which an entrepreneur can create or procure. It truly is a profession that has both the freedom and opportunity to make a true difference in the world, in addition to following your ambitions.

It takes innovative entrepreneurs to solve the world’s most complex problems. Without entrepreneurs, the world would look very different. Where most people see a problem, an entrepreneur sees a possibility and works to solve the problem or improve the situation.

GBSB Global Business School’s Master of Science in Entrepreneurship teaches students to appreciate the complexity and the challenges connected with the highly fulfilling entrepreneurial activities in all kinds of establishments and institutions.

The entrepreneurial mindset and passionate spirit are more important in today’s dynamic business world than compared to past generations. Companies in Spain, Europe and across the globe need entrepreneurial managers to perform a wide variety of specific tasks in the global business arena. They need people who can anticipate, stimulate, and manage change and growth. This is what Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program at GBSB Global Business School is about.

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