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Land Your Dream Job: Gain the Qualifications & Knowledge To Stand Out

Qualifications & Knowledge at GBSB Global Business School

Knowing what your future employers are looking for is key to making an impression that will help you stand out when stacked up against a pile of other CV’s. Having the right certifications, accreditations, and proficiencies make all the difference, increasing your marketable in this highly competitive globalized society in which we live today.

10 Careers That You Can Land with a Degree in PR and Communications

Careers with a Degree in PR and Communications

Do you love networking? Are you at ease in social environments taking the initiative to start conversations and find common ground with anyone? Fostering relationships come second nature for you and communications is always clear and concise? If you find yourself saying yes to these questions, you may be a good candidate for any one of these public relations and/or communications positions.

What Careers Can You Achieve With a Digital Business Degree?

Digital Business master degree program careers

The role of digital has not only forced businesses to adapt to the changing of the times, but business schools have also had to implement programs that cater to the demand in the work force. That is why GBSB Global Business School is leading the way by offering an MSc in Digital Marketing in Barcelona, Madrid and online. Graduate and step into a career in digital that is just right for you.

Encouraging Opportunities: Helping Students Achieve Their Goals

Encouraging Opportunities: Career Services helps Students Achieve Their Goals

GBSB Global is a place where students can grow both professionally and personally, expanding their network to engage in new opportunities. GBSB Global motivates, inspiring students to reach for new horizons, incites imagination without limits, and assures that each and every student reaches their full potential as a successful, future business leader in the 21st Century.

Daniel Reyes, Founder of Worldwide Internships Visits GBSB Global

Worldwide Internships Visits GBSB Global

Daniel Reyes, founder of Worldwide Internships believes that it’s essential for young professionals to get experience abroad to understand the globalized world. During his recent visit to GBSB Global Business School, Mr. Reyes gave personalized advice to GBSB Global students regarding the best destinations around the globe for each student depending on their course of studies, budget, and environmental preferences.


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