Stress Management Workshop!

With busy work schedules, social lives, family, and overall stimulating lives driven by technology, it can be hard to find time to de-stress. Therefore, making stress a huge issue for society and our overall health.

Our GBSB Global Barcelona Campus students gave a workshop for professors Elena Emma’s Stress Management course. There, they explained why stress has become so normalized in our society and the consequences of not dealing with stress in a positive way.

During a presentation they gave examples of how stress can lead to cognitive distortions, and in worst case scenarios depressions and various different health illnesses and concerns.

They also provided 7 tips for stress management from the American Psychological Society:

  1. Understand where your stress is coming from
  2. Identify your stress sources
  3. Identify your stress signals & triggers
  4. Develop strategies for your stress
  5. Implement healthy stress management strategies
  6. Make self-care a priority
  7. Ask for support when needed

These are great tips and research provided by our students which we can incorporate in our everyday life.

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