Top 10 Reasons to Study in Malta

Studying abroad has a lot of benefits in general, but where you study can impact not only your ability to grow professionally but how you experience life. That is why we truly believe that there is so much potential for students who chose to study in Malta. The tiny country has some truly unique features that draw students to the island destination. Whether you’re seeking a heart-throbbing adventure or finding somewhere welcoming to study, these are the top 10 reasons why students are attracted to study in Malta.

1. Relocation

The actual process of moving is relatively easy particularly if you are a resident of any one of the Schengen countries. In this circumstance, you don’t need a visa. Malta is also a part of the EU. If you reside outside of this region and have questions about visa requirements, your nearest Maltese embassy or consulate can provide you with all the information and advice you’ll need.

2. Life in Malta

Living on the island life has a lot of perks. From lively outdoor festivals to regular open-air plays and concerts, the beautiful Mediterranean climate provides the quintessential backdrop for nature lovers.

Indulge in the nightlife centered in Paceville and St Julian’s where clubs of all kinds offer dancing and entertainment. Don’t forget to get a taste of the local eateries that sell traditional delicacies such as pastizzi and ftira bread. Just like our campus in Barcelona, students who study in Malta will also find they spend a lot of time on the beach, taking boat trips and searching for hidden wonders.

3. Business Opportunities

Maltese economy fastest growing in Europe. They are 1st EU state to regulate the online gaming and blockchain industries. It is a home for many innovative companies and ideal place for young professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit.

4. English-Speaking Locals

With two national languages, Maltese and English, it is common practice to hear locals speaking English on the street. And even if a pedestrian initiates a conversation in Maltese, it is quite normal for them to switch once you have spoken.

5. Continual Sunshine

With around 300 days of sunshine per year, there’s little chance that rain will dampen your day. Spend your afternoons sunbathing on the many beaches, and make your friends and family envious of your sun kissed complexion when you return home!

6. Low Cost of Living

For island living, prices are very reasonable. Whether you’re looking at rent, tuition, food, transport, or general living expenses, Malta is very competitive with Spain and Italy regarding cost of living. Malta is certainly cheaper than other places you might consider such as the UK or the Americas. By choosing to study in Malta, you not only earn a highly coveted degree from an upstanding business school, but you’ll have made a wise financial investment.

7. Sightseeing is a Must

Malta is a small island that is bursting with exciting sights to see. Many civilizations throughout history have left their mark on the island, both in ancient and modern times. Visit the fortress at Valletta or the old city of Mdina for an intellectually stimulating day out. With many World Heritage Sites and some of the world’s oldest buildings, this country is a draw for history buffs as well as sun-worshippers alike.

8. Friendly and Safe

Don’t stress about the culture and fitting in. Malta is an ideal choice for you. The locals are relaxed and genuinely happy to help newcomers. As a whole, the island is one of the safest places in the world for international students.

9. International Students Abound

One of the most popular places to meet other international students, the Maltese islands are home to thousands of students from across the globe. While making a diverse group of friends is easy, you may find that you cross paths with some of your own countrymen and women. This feeling of community helps to curb homesickness and ease the transition abroad.

10. Alluring Sea Winds

Like most islands, the lure of the sea is one of the main attractions for students and tourists. If you’re physically active, you might choose to go swimming, sailing, or diving. If not, just mellow out on the beach and enjoy the sun.

Many film crews have selected to shoot in Malta because of the beautiful blue sea. There may be better-known sites, but films such as Troy and Gladiator have filmed here, as well as popular TV shows like Game of Thrones.

There are numerous reasons to study in Malta. Outside of being guaranteed a high-quality education from GBSB Global, you will get to enjoy the island, creating memorable experiences.

GBSB Global is excited to expand its campus offerings to Malta. An exquisite island nation that boasts a thriving economy, rich history, and warm hospitality. Students who study in Malta will not only earn a degree but gain both professional and personal experience that will positively impact the trajectory of their lives.

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