Earn Your Master in Digital Business in Barcelona or Madrid!

Are you competitive in today’s dynamic international marketplace? In order to stay in step with the changing times from e-Commerce and innovative brand strategies to social media and analytics there are so many more moving components to a successful business plan than 10 or 15 years ago.

How will you make your mark in business? The answer is quite easy, by adapting and evolving with the advancements in business, technology and obtaining the skills and knowledge to challenge the competition and give the consumer what they want, fast, convenient, and smart solutions from online shopping to the latest gadgets in tech. A digital business manager has to focus on the entire digital environment to be effective and successful.

GBSB Global’s Master in Digital Business degree offers the precise education and skills training graduates need to land high profile positions in the realm of digital business. The program encompasses all aspects of business, from covering launch strategies to optimizing a business digitally through to marketing, communication, advertising, analytics, social media and more.

Businesses around the globe must adapt to the changing market. With an increased demand on digitalizing the business arena, it’s imperative now, more than ever, for students entering the workplace to already possess an array of technological skills and understand the digital complexities of doing business online.

The Master in Digital Business encompasses an assortment of useful topics like:
  • E-commerce
  • Social Networks
  • SEO Tactics & Rules
  • Web Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Business Management
  • Digital Business Marketing
  • plus many others...

GBSB Global offers two directions of study to help guide students along the path towards accomplishing their goals.

Track 1: Designing a Digital Startup

Master of Digital Business students will be provided with the tools and training to feel competent in opening their own businesses either from scratch or in collaboration with other companies online.

Track 2: Corporate Digital Challenges

The second study track familiarizes students with the challenges corporations face today and provides them with the required skills to effectively contribute to a corporate digital transformation from a small enterprise to a large multinational corporation.

Where do you want to study?

GBSB Global’s Master of Digital Business degree is a specialized program offered in both Barcelona and Madrid. It is a unique program, where the classes can be personalized according to students’ interests and particular career aspirations.

Why Earn Your Degree at GBSB Global?

Develop a Global Mindset: The Digital Business Master was designed with a global perspective. It is the intent of the program, that each student will graduate with an understanding and skillset applicable to the field of digital business that is relevant to markets across the globe, enhancing their employment marketability and professional mobility to work in any cultural environment.

You have a choice, Barcelona, or Madrid: Choose among two very different, yet very dynamic cities in Spain. Both strategically situated to take advantage of the thriving markets in western Europe and the emerging markets to the south, in Africa. Both Barcelona and Madrid are home to a diverse array of industries with companies ranging from small, investment-backed startups to giant multinationals. Deciding between Barcelona and Madrid, there isn’t a wrong move. Each city offers an international community supported by a well-established infrastructure. Place yourself in a multicultural, cosmopolitan European business center that promotes networking, employment prospects and career advancement.

The Unparalleled Program Design and Advanced Curriculum: GBSB Global’s Master in Digital Business program is not only the most innovative and relevant program for students and professionals today, but it comprises extensive practical knowledge and industrial insight taught by our qualified faculty of business experts from more than 16+ countries worldwide. The program is structured to provide a variety of teaching methods using multimedia, including case studies, industrial visits, company presentations, global study trips, networking sessions, career development workshops and more. Sign up today and join the impressive groups of talented, international students making an investment in their future career success in both Barcelona and Madrid.

join talented international students at GBSB Global and earn a degree in digital business

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