Master in Digital Business


The Master in Digital Business encompasses all aspects of launching or optimizing a business in the digital environment – marketing, communication, advertising, analytics, social media and more. As businesses around the world continually undergo digitization, it’s imperative now more than ever for students entering the working world to already possess a variety of technological skills and an understanding of digital sphere operations.

The Master in Digital Business covers an array of useful topics like:

  • E-commerce
  • Social networks
  • SEO tactics
  • Web analytics
  • Mobile marketing
  • Digital business management
  • Digital business marketing
  • and more...

This master of digital business is a specialized program in Barcelona and Madrid that may be tailored according to the goals of each particular student.

Track 1: Designing a Digital Startup

Digital business master students will be provided with the tools to open their own businesses either completely or partially in the digital environment.

Track 2: Digital Corporate Challenges

This study track introduces students to the challenges the corporations face nowadays and provides them with the skills necessary to contribute to the corporate digital transformation.


Master of Science in Digital Business awarded by GBSB Global Business School

Master Digital Business intakes icon

Intakes: October, January and April
Full-time program: Monday to Friday - Depending on the intake, the program may last between 9 and 12 months
Intakes 2017: Maximum of 30 students per class

Master Digital Business language

Instruction Language: English. If your English level is not sufficient, you can join the intensive English language preparation course prior to your Digital Business master degree program
Language learning: All Master in Digital Business students can take a yearlong Spanish course through the Master program. You can join the beginners, intermediate or advanced group depending on your current knowledge

Master Digital Business location

Location: Barcelona or Madrid Campus
Global Study Trips (optional): Held by GBSB throughout the academic year
Professional internship (optional): 3 to 6 months worldwide

Master Digital Business requirements and deadline

Admissions requirements: Undergraduate degree or significant work experience, proficiency in English.

Application deadline: Due to the modular format, applications for the Master in Digital Business are accepted year-round. However, because we have a student-centered learning approach, the number of seats per intake is limited. We recommend to apply in advance

Master Digital Business fees and scholarships

Fees (2017-2018): €14,640 (More information on Tuition Fees CLICK HERE)

Master in Digital Business Program Design

The Master in Digital Business in Barcelona or Madrid degree program from GBSB Global Business School consists of a variety of digital business courses that comprise 60 ECTS. A Master of Digital Business student must complete three quarters of full-time studies. During each quarter a student is required to complete 20-25 academic credits.

This program on digital business management has several modules that cover every aspect of digital business, and will prepare students with the right professional skills and industry knowledge so they may decide to work in a variety of current and emerging markets across the world.

Master in Digital Business covers the following areas:
  • Managerial Competencies of Global Leaders: Current and future challenges require successful business management leaders that possess not only high professional qualifications but also certain leadership skills. This course provides instruction on presentation methods, ethics, responsibility, and international negotiation techniques.
    This module covers three areas:
    1. Leadership and Organizational Behavior: A general introduction to organizational behavior and a review of the most important leadership theories and fields of action performed by the modern leader, as well as developing the skills required to effectively lead.
    2. Ethics and Responsibility: A theoretical and practical approach to ethics and morality which determines the moral standards crucial to the success of any business model. Students will learn to become good business leaders by becoming aware of the moral implications of actions on both corporate and personal grounds.
    3. Negotiation and Communication: An introduction to negotiation as a process, including pre-negotiation, the understanding of third-party viewpoints, negotiation skills, agreement, follow-up, fundamental communication skills and synergies at work.
  • Marketing Strategies of Digital Business: The success of an organization depends on the success of its marketing activities. This course introduces the role of marketing in the management of organizations, which is to identify and measure the needs and desires of consumers, determine business objectives, decide on the most appropriate products/services to serve markets, and determine the optimal price and distribution strategies to be implemented. Subsequently, students learn how to do an integrated digital marketing strategy developed for main media and interactive media. Finally, students will learn the fundamentals and the importance of digital marketing strategies and how UX helps to improve conversion objectives.
  • Management of Digital Businesses in a Global Environment: A global strategy is a key success factor for companies that want to expand their business beyond their territory. This course shows how companies build and maintain their competitive advantages in their pursuit for a global presence and positioning.
  • Digital Law and the Legal Environment: This course on digital law and the legal environment provides a theoretical and practical approach in relation to international business and the stakeholders involved. It provides guidelines to facilitate decision making when starting an international business and raises awareness about the regulatory and legal context in local markets.
  • Agile Methodologies and Design Thinking: Business modeling is an increasingly demanded skill in which business managers must launch new products and services to the market in a short period of time and work faster than before on digital ecosystems. Students will understand the advantages of Design Thinking and agile methodologies techniques in order to have the competencies to implement them once the subject is finished.
Master Digital Business Study Tracks
  • Designing a Digital Startup: This course is focused on how to imagine, define and manage the business plan from scratch for a digital startup. The business plan is vital for starting businesses that provide services/products. This course is designed to develop entrepreneurial potential and skills to recognize digital entrepreneurship opportunities, creativity and the ability to develop new digital products and services.
  • Digital Corporate Challenges: This course is geared toward students planning to assist their organizations in the digital transformation process. Digital Corporate Challenges addresses the following emerging digital knowledge areas: management of social networks, big data and analytics and gamification through digital technologies.

Why Study at GBSB Global Business School?

The Unique Program Design and Curriculum: The Master in Digital Business is not only the most innovative and relevant program for students and professionals, but it is full of practical knowledge and industrial insight, and taught by a faculty from over 16 countries worldwide. The program incorporates multimedia methods of teaching, including the use of case studies, industrial visits, company presentation, global study trips, networking sessions, career development workshops and more. Join the bevy of talented and international students working towards their futures in both Barcelona and Madrid.

Development of a Global Mindset: The Digital Business Master was created to encompass a global perspective through each and every offered course. Thus, each student will emerge from the program with an understanding and skillset in digital business that is applicable to markets all over the globe, increasing their career employability and mobility.

Study in Barcelona or Madrid: Choose among two prime cities in Spain adjacent to both the thriving markets of western Europe and the emerging markets to the south in Africa. Both Barcelona and Madrid are home to a diversified bevy of industries with companies ranging from small startups to giant multinationals. There are no two better cities in which to begin your professional career – the networking opportunities and employment options are endless in these multicultural, metropolitan business capitals of Europe.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding our Master in Digital Business degree program, please do not hesitate to contact one of our educational advisers.

Prospective students wishing to participate in the Master in Digital Business program, please apply online.

To be qualified for admission to the Master in Digital Business degree program, you must:

  1. Have earned a Bachelor degree or equivalent, or higher
  2. Provide a proof of English language proficiency
  3. Complete all required forms for admission and submit all required documents

See Application Guidelines - Master for more details. 



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