The Differences: Digital Business vs Business Innovation

Which One is Right for You?

Digital business and business innovation sound very similar, right? Wrong. These two highly sought after degrees are complimenting the trends in business today and graduating professionals ready to meet the modern demands of a fully digitalized, high-tech economy that is looking for the latest gadget or gizmo to make consumers’ lives easier to manage.

What differentiates the two degrees, and which one is right for you?

In light of the digital transformation, it is more popular than ever before to seek out a degree in business geared toward technology and innovation.

Let’s take a closer look at their definitions and the professions graduates are likely to go into.

Digital business takes an in-depth look at the managerial abilities of global leaders in business, digital marketing strategies, the various approaches to digital business procedures, the strategic management of digital business outlets, digital law, the legal rights of corporations, agile methodologies and design thinking.

Students may consider digital jobs such as a digital business analysist, a digital sales manager, a digital media director, a digital strategy and ecommerce director, to name a few.

Business innovation focuses on developing more advanced business aptitudes in business strategy, market analysis, team building and leadership. Innovation in business deals with business model design, intra-entrepreneurship, creative and agile methodologies and the development of new products and services. Students will be asked how to improve innovations, provoking them to think critically outside-the-box and manage innovation from a new vantage point. It is becoming a cut-throat environment where startups are becoming a dime a dozen and becoming an entrepreneur is the norm rather than the exception. Managing innovation will be taught by some of the leading entrepreneurs and business owners in their respective industries.

The Master in Business Innovation includes course titles like these, The Ethical Dimension of Sustainable Business Management and International Negotiations, Design Thinking and Business Model Design, Product Innovation Management, Intra-Entrepreneurship – Creating Brand Value and Marketing of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Products. Business innovation is a field that is ever evolving and our students are motivated and mentored into becoming change makers, leading the wave of innovation into the future.

Both programs seek to nurture intercultural development through successful communications, negotiations and collaboration with other students and business professionals across borders. Graduates will seek out future professions that will require them to have the most up-to-date knowledge and experience working with the latest in tech. Students who study at GBSB Global’s campuses will experience a digital transformation like they have not yet experienced in an academic institution. From the days of white board learning to the digitally transformed classroom that works with the latest technologies available from Microsoft, students will be able to employ their hands on learning with new devices and participation in a very technologically interactive classroom in their professional fields.

Graduates will not only leave with a wealth of knowledge studying for either degree, digital business or business innovation, but they will also have obtained a global network shaped by leaders in digital, tech and innovation. From the startup sphere in Barcelona to major investment firms in Madrid, GBSB Global introduces its students to high profile individuals with successful careers in a variety of business fields.

Want to stand out, leading the way in business technology and innovation? There is no better place to study than GBSB Global Business School. Transforming the way business schools educate tomorrow’s leaders, preparing students for the dynamic fields of digital business and business innovation. Your success is our top priority. For more information on these programs or to get a detailed list of courses, contact one of our admissions representatives to request a free brochure.

Become a professional in a constantly demanded field; enroll at GBSB Global today! We will take you to the next level, helping you succeed every step of the way. What are you waiting for?

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