Meet our GBSB Global Professor Gilberto Palmerín Romero

GBSB Global Business School Professor Gilberto Palmerín Romero is a man with many talents. An esteemed professor, collaboration strategist, consultant, trainer, and coach, we are honored to have Professor Palmerín, a Mexican native as a member of our diverse faculty. Passionate about collaboration, innovation and creative problem solving Professor Palmerín sat down to with our staff at GBSB Global to tell us about his dynamic professional background working for the Government of Mexico, Embassy of France in Mexico, Permanent Delegation to the OECD in Paris, General Delegation of Quebec in Mexico, United States Foundation for Culture, Inc., and most recently the Quebec Government Office in Barcelona.


His credentials and reputation speak highly of a man that is dedicated to what he does. A profession, as he remarks, "came to me, I didn’t choose it". Working in the public sector was a natural fit; it transformed his life. Professor Palmerín’s specialty is designing, implementing, and developing collaborative and value innovation strategies for public, private, and non-profit organizations. He helps people and organizations understand and solve problems, to collaborate, innovate, and to discover and strengthen capabilities to achieve long-term success.

Why does Professor Palmerín teach?

His first experience teaching came to him at a very young age. He was 12 years old when he began to tutor his peers in mathematics and grammar and since then has never really lost the gift nor the drive to share wisdom and knowledge with others. Teachings has been a relationship that he has maintained throughout his life and professional career. Professor Palmerín combines education with his professional life as a means to continue growing and innovating as an individual.

Teaching is a collaborative function between the student and the professor or teacher. As he explains, there is power in learning by sharing and GBSB Global fosters this education both laterally by the traditional means of students learning from the professor, but because of the university’s overwhelmingly diverse student body, professors also gain knowledge from their pupils. You can also see peer to peer learning within the classroom which is also stimulating and motivating. This exchange of knowledge and insight from various regions around the world is very unique, something that no other business school in Barcelona can compare.

Professor Palmerín teaches Intercultural Management, Doing Business in Latin America, Negotiations and Communication, and Management and International Negotiations. With 30 plus years of work experience in international public affairs, business strategy, public relations, and diplomacy; he has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share.

What is the difference between a good international manager and a global leader?

A topic that deserves attention in many of Professor Palmerín’s classes, he describes, a good international manager creates benefits for the organization he/she works for, meaning they have a good return on investment (ROI). A successful global leader on the other hand, provides much more than ROI. This individual creates value and this value is priceless.

Being a global leader requires more than just extraordinary managerial skills, but also includes advanced social skills, emotional intelligence, loyalty (partners, suppliers and investors), and cultural intelligence. A global leader has mastered building good relations through the use of fine-tuned soft skills that are imperative today in a knowledge based society.

Why should students consider getting a degree in international business?

The Master of Science in International Business or MBA at GBSB Global Business School offers students a profound knowledge about being a businessman or woman. It is not just technical studies based on theory. Studying international business requires social commitment, solidarity, and a need to know the surrounding environment of business. Doing Business in Latin America, a regional studies course, offers students the opportunity to learn about different countries and compare preconceived thoughts, pushing them to realize the difference between global regions and cultural clusters.

Throughout the study of international business, Professor Palmerín remarks, students have to learn about themselves. Students have to identify and evaluate their own values and compare and/or contrast them to the different values people hold across the globe. This creates openness and fosters a means of cultural understanding and empathy.

master in International Business management classroom at gbsb global

What learning lessons should students take away from their studies at GBSB Global according to Professor Palmerín?

Students must embrace and take full advantage of the diversity that is fostered at GBSB Global. The degree programs are all designed to take this core value into account and this prepares students for real life in a globalized world. It is the intercultural reality we must accept and use to our advantage today.

GBSB Global Business School is not only educating good managers but good people. There is an ethical component to the curriculum that is imperative to the global economy. GBSB Global wants its students to go out and become successful, globally mindful, international business leaders.

Written by Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Global Content Manager

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