Don’t Let Your Studies Stress You Out: Find Wellness in Barcelona

Everyone deals with stress. It is a part of life. There are certain expectations we have of ourselves and others, goals to be met and things that are generally out of our control. Young or old, it doesn’t matter. Stress does not discriminate. What helps combat the inevitable is being able to recognize when the burden is getting to be too much. This is often referred to as mindfulness, the act of recognizing or becoming aware when there is too much weight on your shoulders.

It is important to find balance. All work and no play can be exhausting and can reap havoc on your overall health and wellbeing. The practice of mindfulness, having originated from Buddhism, has become a popular practice as of late from academics to the office, on and off the yoga mat. With greater professional, social and academic demands, in this fast paced, digital age, there comes a time to say “enough.” Before you let the stress become overwhelming, take a moment to check out these wellness solutions that are at your doorstep and will help you find a better relationship with academic pressure in your daily life.

Break a sweat.

There are numerous fitness clubs located around Barcelona, from the very posh to the no-fuss, discount variety. It all depends on what you are looking for, from spa facilities to restaurants on-site, there is something for everyone. What are you waiting for? Get ready to pump some iron, get your heart rate racing and clear your mind for an hour or two.

Metropolitan Balmes Carrer de Balmes, 215 i
A luxury gym with all the amenities. A one-stop shop for everything wellness related. After a rigorous workout step into total bliss. All the Barcelona locations have a luxury spa.

DiR Eixample Passatge de Domingo, 6 ii
Combat stress with fitness before school or after class. Add a pep to your step and get energized. Many locations offer pool facilities and group classes accommodating several interests from yoga and squash to boxing and outdoor functional training.

Duet Fit Universitat Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 584 iii
Your low-cost stop. A bare bones gym that offers all the necessary equipment at an affordable price. With a small area for members to sit, eat and converse, it is a great way to spend a couple hours between classes.

Just breathe.

Try an alternative to the tradition gym and step into a space that promotes peace and serenity. Yoga, a practice that originated centuries ago as a means to boost overall health and well-being is more popular than ever. Yoga, once thought to be merely a physical practice, is a complete system focused on asanas (the postures in the physical practice), breath awareness, meditation and self-realization. Every studio has its unique approach and teaching methods. Take time, explore your options and find the studio that fits your needs and personality.

Yoga Body Fitness Roger de Flor 118 iv
A comfortable and clean yoga environment focused on the physical body. A part of the Lucas Rockwood group, classes are accessible to all, offering modifications, various levels of intensity and relaxation. No yoga gurus, no egos, no incensé and no chanting.

Yoga Linda Carrer Rosa Sensat 4 v
A hot yoga studio located near the Nova Icaria Shopping Center. The principal difference making this studio stand out from the masses in Barcelona is that the yoga postures are practiced in a studio where the temperature is kept at 40°C. The increased temperature creates a more cardiovascular workout with a strong focus on breathing, alignment, flexibility and strength.

Yoga Studio Barcelona Plaza Universidad 4, 1o 2a vi
Located on Plaza Universidad, this yoga center offers a little something for everyone. More in line with traditional yoga practices, this studio focuses on physical and mental well-being, increasing energy levels and vitality, and deepening the awareness of your inner self.

Make a splash.

Of course, the Mediterranean Sea is at your fingertips, but sometimes you want to swim laps or not have to worry about pesky sand getting all over your things. The two options listed below offer a unique experience that is not just another run-of-the-mill public pool but a destination.

CEM Parc de la Ciutadella Passeig de Circumval·lació, 1 vii
Ideally situated near the zoo in Parc Cuitadella, CEM Park Ciutadella is a municipal center focused on promoting sports in the district of Ciutat Vella. A modern facility, opened in 2010, offering both an indoor and outdoor pool, as well as a wet and a dry sauna is a great way to get-away for an afternoon. This is a lively facility that promotes family recreation in a healthy safe environment in the heart of the old city.

Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc Avinguda Miramar, 31 viii
An amazing facility with grand, panoramic views of the city, this complex, Centre Esportiu Municipal Piscina de Salts de Montjuïc (CEM), was designed by Antoni de Moragas in 1992. Built for the Olympics, the diving pool was designed as a competition pool and is not part of a sports center. The main swimming pool is open to the public in July and August. It is important to note that there are no deckchairs, so plan ahead and bring a thick towel. A small kiosk is situated next to the pool offering light refreshments. An extraordinary experience, even if you only go once.

Pamper Yourself.

Don’t forget to treat yourself once and a while. While the gym may still feel like a chore, there are more options. Destress from academics and immerse yourself in utter bliss. It is okay to unplug, detox from your studies and do something special from time to time.

Aire de Barcelona Banys Arabs Passeig de Picasso, 22 ix
Opened in 2008, this wellness sanctuary is located in one of the former meat storage areas of El Born Market. Century old wells were discovered under these foundations and through a careful process of restoration under the brick vaults the Baths were created. A very peaceful haven to retreat to whenever the mood strikes. An affordable pleasure that will take your breath away and leave you rejuvenated.

Maritim Esport Talassa Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 33 x
Talassa Barcelona - Claror Marítim is an extraordinary aquatic space located near the Barceloneta Beach. Thalassotherapy, used here, comes from the Greek word thalasso (sea) and therapeia (treatment). It is a treatment incorporating hot sea water, employed by various means creating bubbles, foams and various streams of pressure to help aid in relaxation of both the body and mind. Thalassotherapy is a practice that dates back to the time of the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. Step back in time and unwind.

Go to the edge.

Are you a fitness junkie? Do you like to go to the extreme? Barcelona has you covered, indoor rock climbing centers to variety of high-intensity interval training gyms. There is no lack for those that want to beef up and get physical.

CrossFit PobleNou Carrer de Joan d'Àustria, 95 xi
CrossFit, referred to as a fitness revolution, is an all-in-one, training regimen based on three pillars, metabolics, gymnastics and weightlifting. Executed at a high intensity, the primary purpose is to train all the physical skills in order to create an immensely strong, well-balanced athlete. If you are looking for the right facility, this is the one. With over 1000 meters of training space, this “Box” as the training facility is called in CrossFit, is the largest certified center in Barcelona.

Krav Maga Barcelona Centre Mar Bella, Av. del Litoral, 96 xii
Krav Maga, the original self-defense discipline of the Israel Defense Forces, emphasizes distinctive movements, practical techniques and replicates realistic defense situations for learning purposes. The Centre Esportiu Municipal Mar Bella is in the District of Sant Martí, right on the border of Poble Nou and Diagonal Mar, next to the sea.

Sharma Climbing Carrer del Marroc, 206 xiii
Located in Poble Nou near the Rambla de Prim, Sharma Climbing, a state-of-the-art international climbing center, is a new and exciting project that has been recently unveiled. According to the owner and founder, Chris Sharma, “The vision is to create a world class climbing and training space for all climbers, of all abilities, ­a special place for the local and international community to gather and create an environment of positive, collaborative energy.” A great initiative to participate in and have fun.

As you grow older, the demands in your daily life will become greater, and it is important to realize that taking time to take care of yourself, is key to your overall academic success. This will ultimately affect your overall career and professional accomplishments. Creating healthy habits will effectively build a solid foundation in which to base the greater part of your adult life. Now, there are more options than ever before. With a wide variety of sports and relaxation activities to choose from, take some time, explore your options and find balance between your work, studies and free time.

By Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Global Content Manager

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