Booming Industries in 2021: New Career Trends To Look For

The world continues to change and evolve daily due to novel COVID-19 developments in parallel with the incredible advancements in the digital technology sphere. With the upheaval the pandemic has caused, some industries fared better than others due to allocated demand. We saw this with e-commerce making the traditional standalone mall virtually obsolete over the past couple of years. Changing the way we approach our finances, FinTech has also turned heads and has opened minds to a novel way of banking.

The list below highlights some of the main industries that successfully boomed and are continuing to thrive despite the economic struggles and countrywide restrictions. GBSB Global advises all students wanting to capitalize on this uptick to consider the newly available career opportunities within these leading sectors.

1) FinTech & Digital Finance

FinTech and the world of digital finance are the next big thing to keep an eye on. How we manage our money, handle payments, make investments, hold insurance, take out loans and much more, will shape future buying behaviors and essentially our lifestyles.

From banking to technology to any task in business today, the potential to maintain secure records are vast with blockchain. Specializing in this niche career field will provide a solid professional future.

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2) Digital Marketing

As marketing continues to expand into automation and digitalization, it's truly not surprising that four of the top 10 marketing jobs in highest demand have the word “digital” in their title. To stay abreast of the latest trends in the digital space leading businesses into the future, careers like digital marketing specialist, digital account executive and social media manager will make you a professional in demand.

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3) Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity industry is majorly tied to managing and protecting remote workforce. The pandemic saw companies pivot, allowing, if not compelling, employees to work from home - a trend that will not diminish any time soon. With a greater online presence than ever before, companies are becoming more and more attractive to hackers looking to steal data or hold it for ransom like with the oil pipeline in the United States , making cybersecurity ever so relevant.

4) E-Eventing

Having discovered the possibility of hosting all types of events fully online, individuals are now seeking newfangled types of entertainment. From e-sports and online education, to online business and dating, convenience is key. These new forms of diversion are creating new jobs and fostering new ways to attract and retain viewership and engagement. Here, hard skills such as coding come into play, allowing for many innovative entrepreneurial opportunities.

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5) Telecommunications

While there was some kick back and conspiracy theories floating across society, 5G has become the most highly awaited change to the future of telecom. With its implementation, detailed and efficient augmented and virtual realities, higher resolution video, fully autonomous vehicles, massive connected IoT networks (like smart cities), and more have emerged and are changing lives. Ask Malta. The ‘island of innovation’ nation already has 5G and is working at breakneck speed.

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6) Space Travel

For the greater part of 2021 travel and hospitality sector still being slowed, we’ve witnessed space tourism becoming the new ‘it’ - an idea that once was seen as a far-fetched dream is now becoming a hot commodity.

As broadcasts around the globe announced the flights of Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson travelling to outer space, these new endeavors are inspiring more work in the field. From NASA to private citizens, the space race is an active game, and the industry is ripe with investors wanting to see quick returns.

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Where do you fit in? With this knowledge, students can position themselves at the head of the competition in industries with great potential for “overnight” success at their fingertips. Explore our range of disruptive Master programs, for a quick career turnaround. Enter one of the booming industries in less than a year’s time and get ready for an exciting career ahead.

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