Jobs for MSc Finance Graduates

Every year the number of students choosing a business related Master’s degree is steadily increasing. Not only students from Europe are looking for career opportunities in Finance, but also increasingly the students from the rest of the world. And this is not surprising, since a Master’s degree from an international business school is seen as a long-term investment in a future career. Although MBA remains the most preferred Master programme, more and more students want to study the Master in Finance.

Financial issues are an integral part of every organization, whether it is a business company, NPO, or a government agency. The Master in Finance degree at GBSB Global Business School offers a plethora of career opportunities in Spain and across the world for the graduates from the Master in Finance. The purpose of the MSc in Finance is to provide the students with fundamental financial knowledge and profound understanding of the finance industry, to equip them with the skills toolkit required for efficient work in finance, and to prepare the students for successful financial careers in Spain, Europe, and all around the world.

As dealing with financial concerns is vital for the organization’s future success, comprehensive knowledge of global financial world and sophisticated financial tools gained through the Master in Finance degree, guarantee a successful career in various areas of finance, such as commercial and investment banking, corporate finance, financial planning, insurance, money management, consultancy, and real estate.

Financial Jobs in Accounting

Accounting is one of the career paths that come first to mind when thinking about financial jobs. Financial accounting deals with analysing organization’s financial data, preparing financial statements, financial decision making, short-term and long-term financial planning. Work in financial accounting automatically assumes that you will learn how exactly a particular business operates. Moreover, financial jobs in accounting will provide you with all the ins and outs of business, which are essential for becoming a Chief Financial Officer or even a CEO.

Another financial work option in accounting is career in audit, which involves examination and verification of financial statements and records within organizations. There is a plenty of possible job choices in audit, both internal and external, including audit consultants, internal/external auditors, audit managers, internal controls, risk managers. Usually work in audit, especially as an external auditor, involves constant travel, which can be seen both like a pro or a con, depending on personal preferences. However, one advantage of starting a financial career in audit is undeniable – it will give you a way greater understanding of business performance, than any other financial job.

All jobs in accounting, apart from fundamental financial knowledge, require a very high level of analytical skills, computer literacy and advanced computer skills, as nowadays accounting involves usage of specialized software. Moreover, do not forget that communication and people skills matters. Nowadays reality is strikingly different from an old stereotype of plain and boring accountants spending all their time sitting in the small room surrounded by piles of books of accounts.

Nowadays the ability to interact with people is crucial for the success. As external auditor you will be expected to interact not only with colleagues from your company, but more importantly with people from the organization you will be examining. Outstanding communication skills without any doubt will help to gain a better knowledge of organization´s background, and therefore perform your tasks efficiently.

Financial Jobs in the Banking Sector

If a career in accounting is not quite appealing to you, do not worry, as financial knowledge and skills are highly required for the various jobs in the banking sector in Europe and around the world. There is a huge variety of financial jobs, which will offer you excellent opportunities to learn about different businesses, apply all your knowledge and gain experience in financial service industry. The following are some of the job options in the banking sector.

As a credit analyst you will be responsible for analysing and evaluation both business and consumer loan applications in order to determine possible risks involved. Since credit analyst main duties are associated with analysing financial data of individual or company, comparing it with similar cases to determine risks, and producing reports on financial and credit data, the profound knowledge and accounting skills are highly required for this position.

Another job option is a branch manager. A branch manager position assumes greater responsibility and more duties. As a branch manager you are expected to manage all the functions in a branch office, ensure an office is working efficiently at full capacity, and motivate your team to contribute to the overall organizational performance of a bank. Usually a branch manager is responsible for all the functions of a branch office, from approving loans and credits to marketing activities and customer service.

Since a branch manager’s responsibilities include interactions with customers, both individuals and businesses, in order to develop and maintain good relations, this position requires excellent communication and strong sales skills, and customer-orientated attitude. Apart from those, a good branch manager has to have an eye for detail, a solid knowledge of finance and banking, strong ethical values, leadership and multitasking skills.

A trust officer position can be another good choice of financial career. The main responsibility of a trust officer is consulting and project management. Furthermore, this job includes such duties as investment and credit management, tax planning, advising services, management of client account, profitability, risk management, and establishing relations with new customers. A trust officer position requires advanced knowledge of trusts including all private foundations, and trust taxation, strong analytical and problem solving skills, and excellent communication skills.

Financial Jobs in Consulting Companies

Aside from possible careers in accounting and banking, you can apply your financial knowledge in consulting companies. There are several famous consulting companies operating in Europe and the rest of the world. Such companies as McKinsey or Bain & Company have their offices in Spain too.

Financial consultants are working closely with organizations on various financial issues, from shareholders’ value creation strategy development and business valuation to economic analysis and forecast, and individuals, providing them with financial information and guidance to plan their financial future. For this position very high analytical skills are vital, as well as decision making skills and persuasive ability.

In general, organizations with open finance positions seek reliable, responsible, confident employees with profound financial knowledge, strong analytical, interpersonal, decision making and problem solving skills, who are able to work under the pressure effectively. Time management skills and a set of strong ethical standards are also essential for people who choose to work in finance.

The Master in Finance program at GBSB Global Business School has been designed in a way to not only provide and deepen students ‘overall financial knowledge, but also to help them to develop required competencies, such as critical thinking, time management, decision making and communication skills necessary for a future successful career in financial sector.

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