How Can Studying in Madrid Prepare You for the Current Market Demands

Whatever your concentration from fashion to finance, a BA, MA or MBA, Madrid provides a wide range of social and professional advantages readying you for the current employment market. As the Spanish capital it is welcome to a diverse population of business professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs and innovators, who all find this city a prosperous home of opportunity and investment.

As a student, you can immerse yourself in this dynamic culture and flourish in a vibrant network amongst your peers, professors and community. GBSB Global is among one of the leading business schools where you will be introduced to our network of industry experts that will open doors to your future. Find out why earning your degree in Madrid will prepare you for the current market demand.

Madrid is home to high-ranking business schools

GBSB Global Business School, an internationally focused business school which offers an extensive range of programs for students from all over the world, is ranked among some of the world’s leading business schools in the QS World University Rankings: Global MBA Rankings 2019. GBSB Global was awarded a Four Star rating. This acknowledgment is an honor and situates students at the heads of the pack professionally.

Innovative studies prepare you for business tomorrow

As the landscape of traditional business continues to evolve and adapt to the challenges and opportunities that come with smart digital technologies, business schools and universities are also having to transform their curriculum –not just what they teach, but how they teach.

GBSB Global Business School, among many of the top ranked universities are changing the way in which business is taught in the classroom using agile methodologies and taking an innovative approach using technology, mind mapping, design thinking and prototyping to ready students for today, and more importantly tomorrow’s demands.

Madrid is the ideal destination for those who wish to not only to improve their knowledge of business trends, but to implement them in the real world. Madrid houses major investment firm, startups and institutions for innovation.

GBSB Global students are able to put theory into practice by working on case studies and managing their own hands-on projects which are a vehicle to display collaboration and creativity.

Earning your degree in Madrid will help you develop and fine tune your technical skills, as well as improve your soft skills – an attribute highly valued by employers around the world today.

Customize your concentration

GBSB Global in Madrid lays the foundation of business fundamentals through its highly structured curriculum but also leaves room for students to pursue their passions and specialize in an area that appeals them.

Whether it’s a MSc in Digital Finance, a MA in Fashion and Brand Management or an actual specialization within an MBA program at GBSB Global Business School, you’ll be able to choose a professional track that’s designed to prepare you for the challenges and opportunities in your specific field.

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Foster ideas and bring them to fruition

Business today is all about empowering the entrepreneur inside of you. At GBSB Global in Madrid we encourage students to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge by applying it to the real world using the skills they have learned and cultivated in the classroom. GBSB Global encourages an innovative mindset and introduces students to an array of startups and entrepreneurs that can help pave the road to a new realm of future business.

Career opportunities abound

Thanks to today’s globalized world, talented business professionals with international experience and cultural empathy are in high demand. As one of the “EU’s fastest growing economies,” Spain is attracting business from every corner of the world. That is why Madrid, Spain’s capital, makes the perfect starting point for your ideal career.

GBSB Global possess an expansive business acumen, network of highly connected professionals and international study experience, making them a top contender for global companies seeking to recruit fresh business talent, such as Nike, British Airways and Amazon.

It’s all about who you know...

What you know is a pinnacle part of the equation but so is your network! Studying in Madrid will give students the opportunity to learn alongside individuals from every walk of life in lectures, on assignments and group presentations with many becoming lifelong friends and associates.

In 2018, Spain attracted almost 50,000 students from all over the world. This impressive figure makes studying in Spain, a modern-day melting pot of cultures, an attractive lure for those interested in working across borders on the international stage.

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Speak the language

When moving to a new country, it is inevitable that the language will be a hurdle at first, but don’t stress. In Madrid, a major international city, English comes as second nature, but that is not to say that you will still be encouraged to learn Spanish at school and as a practical necessity to connect with some of the locals.

A major plus is Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world and one of the main languages of international business. Considering this fact, your time spent picking up the language will be major asset!

Don’t forget the warm weather and hip culture

Infamous for its legendary gastronomy scene, eclectic nightlife, unique history, world renown art and highly regarded football clubs, Madrid is a culturally rich and a charismatic city.

There is no wonder why studying in Madrid is the ideal location for readying students socially and professionally for the market demands of today. GBSB Global graduates are ready with the hard and soft skills, network of connections and marketing and communications acumen to navigate the world of business today and launch their successful careers! Join them in their pursuits, study with GBSB Global in Madrid. Contact one of our enrollment advisors today for more information on how to apply!

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