7 reasons to study entrepreneurship and do business in Barcelona

Dreaming about your own business or have small but perspective one already? Everyone who decided to become an entrepreneur faces number of questions:

  • What kind of business should I start?
  • Is my business idea innovative and what are my competitive advantages?
  • Who can assess my idea and business model and give a proper advice?
  • How to attract the investors?
  • How can I build a team with an entrepreneurial spirit?
  • What is the best location to choose?

If you want to build a well-known European company, we recommend you to pay attention to Barcelona. Thanks to fast-changing ecosystem Barcelona attracts thousands of startups and venture teams. Number of hubs, acceleration programs, workshops, networking clubs, talent centers have grown rapidly over the past few years.

Here are some reasons to study Entrepreneurship and do business in Barcelona:


Thanks to favorable location and advanced infrastructure, Barcelona has become a center of key business trends and events. Thousands of huge international companies have offices here. Every year Barcelona attracts hundreds of expats from all over the world, united by common goals, lifestyle and interests. Here’s an example - in our business school we have students from more than 70 countries! Such a diversity helps people think globally and better understand uniqueness of different cultures.


We believe in enormous potential of technologies. No matter in which sector you want to run business, you have to look for disruptive and high technological ideas. Being the only higher education institution in Spain recognized as a Microsoft Show Case School, we support high-tech academic experience and focus our educational programs on specifics of digital transformation and The Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Doing a business, you should find several people with a solid experience. Entrepreneurs often look for mentors or tutors who can share their knowledge and provide best guidelines. Businessmen often look for executive coaches who motive and help to achieve results in short term. Our professors have the real business background, so can share both: academic knowledge and real project management experience. It gives you an opportunity of collaborating with them as with advisors which can assess your ideas, products or strategy.


Use experience of other companies to understand key elements of the business processes. While studying you can visit different enterprises, meet C-Level executives or put some efforts and energy to join one of the startups you like most. Here are several examples of the hottest Barcelona startups of 2017: Social Point, Dragon City Mobile, Monster Legends Mobile, League of Warriors, Restalo, Kantox.


Accelerators and incubators support process that helps successful development of startup and fledgling companies by providing entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services. These services are usually developed or orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the business incubator and through its network of contacts. You can become a part of famous incubators as Wayra, SeedRocket or StartupBootcamp.


There’s an informal rule for startupers - never invest your own money and never take a credit for business start. Venture funds are constantly looking for perspective startups and helping them to scale their businesses to achieve a growth of more than 50% a year. Ask 101Startups, The CrowdAngel, Sitka Capital or Inveready to evaluate your startup and get your Series A Funds.


Barcelona is not only famous for business infrastructure and opportunities, but it also attracts people of certain lifestyle. Barcelona is a perfect place for people who want to live in a city of amazing architecture, Mediterranean climate, great food and diverse culture. Just try to manage you work-life balance and enjoy getting the best out of it: trendy parties, beautiful beaches and simply relaxing atmosphere.

When starting your business, don’t do it alone: think big, find the right team, get investors on board, and we’re there to help you with the most important components – knowledge and networking! Good Luck!

Your success is our top priority. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations and are here to help. For more information contact one of our admissions representatives:

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