Top Myths About Moving to Spain

Studying abroad will be one of the best investments you will ever make in your future self and career. In today’s world you may feel overwhelmed by choices; there are so many exceptional schools and outstanding destinations to consider. It all depends on what you are looking to get out of the experience. If it is a top quality education at a competitive price that will set your career off on the right track, then Spain just might be your answer.

As one of the most sought after holiday hotspots in Europe, Spain is also known to draw students from around the globe to hit the books while immersing themselves in the Spanish culture that is found to be so alluring. From Barcelona to Madrid, these two cities alone offer a wealth of opportunity to grow and develop, expanding your professional network, engaging in industrial events and offering internships with some of the most renown international companies.

While weighing your options may feel arduous, it is necessary to feel comfortable in your decision and that you made the right one. Doing your due diligence is a part of the experience and we are here to help make the research a bit easier by busting some of the top myths about moving to Spain.

It’s Impossible to Study and Work at the Same Time

At GBSB Global, we offer various scheduling options from morning and afternoon classes to strictly evening classes for those working professionals, meeting the demand of those students who want to manage working while attending classes. Students will be happy to know that they can apply with their student visa to work up to 20 hours per week, making it easy to gain experience in the real world and get ahead before graduation.

It’s Impossible to Find a Job Without Being Fluent in Spanish

Barcelona and Madrid are two very international cities who play host to major international companies that employ individuals from across the globe. Having a fluent knowledge of Spanish is not a prerequisite for landing a job for any one these top companies. Don’t believe us? Check out millions of vacancies on our employment portal.

Accommodation is Very Expensive

Comparative to the rest of Western Europe, Spain is a top contender for offering some of the most affordable housing. In addition, cost of living, from shopping at your local grocery store to getting a first-star gym membership will not break the bank. Find some of the best options for accommodation here.

I Will Feel Lonely Without Friends and Family

One of graduates most relished memories about GBSB Global is its diverse student body. Hailing from over 85+ countries, everyone is from somewhere else looking to make deep rooted connections during their time with us. GBSB Global nurtures these connections by hosting team building exercises, icebreakers, various social events and outings. Students not only learn from their professors, but their peers, their friends. The relationships you foster while studying at GBSB Global will propel you to heights you never thought possible. Building a community at GBSB Global is one we take pride in and want to share with you.

It’s Hard to Get a Visa; The Paperwork is Daunting

If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. Okay, we are not going to sugar coat it, there will be a little work you will have to invest in the visa process, but we make it simple by offering students a set of guidelines to help inform you about the steps you must take to obtain a visa. If at any time you have questions, one of our Admissions Representatives will be happy to field your inquiries.

It’s Difficult to Transfer Credits

Our Admissions Department is here to help make the transition from your previous university as smooth as possible. During your initial interview our representatives will inquire about your transcripts and help aid you in the transfer of the credits where possible. We will make every effort to help assure your credits transfer.*

While we know you have a lot to consider, we hope by dispelling the myths about moving to Spain, that you will heartally regard Spain as a top contender. Want to learn more about studying abroad in Spain, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

*Disclaimer- Not all credits may be subject to transfer, but do note, GBSB Global does consider all potential credits thoroughly.

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