MIM Degree Explained: What Is It and Why Choose It?

As most higher education institutions continue to strive to offer high quality education on-campus as well as at distance, business schools across the globe saw an 80% rise in interest in their Master in Management degree programs, often referred to as MIMs for short.

But what is a MIM and how does it differ from a traditional Master’s or an advanced MBA degree? As a brief overview, the coveted Master in Business Administration (MBA) programs are tailored for seasoned business professionals with years of accumulated industrial experience who are ready to take their careers to the next level, whereas the Master in Management is a newer qualification favored by younger graduates who may not demonstrate an extensive work history but are interested in enriching their professional development and extending career opportunities in top management across various business sectors. The Master in Management offers an alternative course of business study for budding professionals that delves into a more in-depth general management knowledge allowing graduates to progress beyond their entry-level jobs upon obtaining their MIM diplomas.

MIM vs. Master vs. MBA – What differentiates them, and who do they appeal to?

If you are a recent BA graduate looking to pursue your higher education further, interested in going into a specific technical-oriented business sector such as Fashion, Tourism, PR and Communication, or Business Innovation, explore our specialized Master of Arts programs. Alternatively, if a student intends to pursue a career in a specialized niche field such as Digital Finance, Blockchain or Digital Education, they should opt for a tailored Master of Science program.

If, however, you have already obtained a Master’s degree or have gone on to get professional work experience instead, and are now looking to boost your career or expand your professional horizons, you can look into getting the more versatile Master in Management (MIM) or MBA degrees with their all-encompassing approach to the curriculum. Let’s compare the two.

Master in Management students are typically younger than their MBA colleagues, with less than one year of full-time corporate experience or less than two years of work performed in a non-business position. Students interested in progressing down this study path intend to land an upper-level management position in the nearest future, increasing their chances of quickly moving up the professional ladder.

MBA candidates on the other hand are more mature and are expected to have at least three to five years of work experience post-graduation in a profession business environment, having developed an extensive knowledge on how business is conducted. Many MBA programs will give preference to applicants with international work or further education experience, whether that be interning, securing full-time employment, or obtaining an MA or an MSc in a multinational setting away from home. Students that pursue this avenue already have a solid foundation in business management and use their MBA studies to continue to develop their career prospects in anticipation of landing a top leadership position or to gain the necessary entrepreneurial knowledge to pursue their own entity.

Is MIM the right program fit for you?

If you are a recent Bachelor or Master graduate with limited professional experience, ready to become a broadly trained future manager and a global business leader, enrolling in GBSB Global’s Master of Science (MSc) in Management in Malta or its Online equivalent is the right route for you. Officially accredited by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority, this Master in Management qualification will give students a respected, internationally-recognized credential that will get noticed. Stand out from your competition and take the next step in getting your management career off the ground with a state-accredited higher education diploma that will open doors beyond the borders.

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