Why a Mascot Should Be Included in Your Brand Strategy

A brand tells a story, just think of what a mascot can do? We all know the “Can you hear me now?”-guy that is the iconic figure marketing Verizon wireless’s mobile services or the gecko lizard selling Geico car insurance. How would children ever recognize Disney if it weren’t for Mickey Mouse?

Why do brand mascots work in product identification? It is no question that with the presence of social media, video, and digital innovations that businesses are getting more leverage out of a creative character placement than ever before, capturing audiences, fostering brand loyalty, driving retention, and helping to demystify complex ideas or provide clear information– which is particularly valuable for B2B companies.

Popular brands today utilize a host of people, animals, and imaginative beings to facilitate audience awareness, differentiate themselves in their field, and tell their brand stories in an infinite amount of ways across a variety of marketing channels.

GBSB Global also invested in their own university mascot the “GBSB-man”, a noteworthy figure students and alumni associate with our school. We are not the only ones. While highly popularized in the United States, the University of Notre Dame’s mascot is the much revered Leprechaun. Though not all universities are associated with one “individual”, many older institutions will have a coat of arms like Harvard and Cambridge University.

These symbols, animals or individuals all serve to promote the school’s identity and market the institution when seen, on TV, on a billboard, in an advertisement or in person at an event or conference. Our “GBSB-man” not only gives a face to our branding, but he serves a practical purpose as well, helping students feel welcome on campus, providing information to current students and new arrivals and help convey vital messaging when needed.

What to keep in mind when implementing a mascot into your company’s brand strategy:

1. Face of the Company

Be selective. A mascot is more than just a mildly entertaining creature. You want your current audience and your potential customers to look at your mascot and instantly connect it to your brand.

2. Engagement

Whether you send your mascot to educational conferences, community events, or use them to boost your online following, a unique mascot is a great way to rally individuals around your brand and generate memories that will be long lasting.

3. Budget-friendly

Many believe mascots to be a big brand marketing tool that come at a cost, but that is far from the truth. Mascots are actually an incredibly cost-effective marketing tool. Engaging the use of a mascot you are in control of your marketing strategy and can customize the exact image you want your audience to have.

4. Online Exposure

With the accessibility of new social media platforms, there is no time like the present to promote an iconic figure or caricature. Going digital is where the magic happens. It is the perfect medium to directly interact with your consumer, as well as develop your mascot’s story or brand image.

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