10 Careers That You Can Land with a Degree in PR and Communications

Do you love networking? Are you at ease in social environments taking the initiative to start conversations and find common ground with anyone? Fostering relationships come second nature for you and communications is always clear and concise? If you find yourself saying yes to these questions, you may be a good candidate for any one of these public relations and/or communications positions.

It is important when you are considering your course of study that you believe the subject area and ultimate career is a good fit, that you can see yourself working in the profession and are fulfilled by the role.

In order for current and prospective students to better understand the positions available in the field of public relations and communication, we have compiled a list of ten careers graduates can land after they have that diploma in hand. Their subsequent average global salary is also listed. If you can see yourself in any one of these roles, earning a Bachelor in PR and Communications might be just the right field to start your professional career in. In this line of work, there is a huge emphasis on fostering a professional network and taking care of those relationships. Starting in one role may not be where you end, and that is what is exciting about this field. There is a wealth of opportunity to make the career what you want.

Ten Careers in PR and Communications

PR Director (68,000 €) Public relations directors cultivate and execute communications strategies that are intended establish and nurture a positive public persona for their clients. By networking and placing value on key relationships with a variety of media, government, and public figures, directors fashion new business opportunities daily.

Corporate Communications Manager (62,000 €) These individuals are held responsible for expressing a professional organization's internal and external messages through advertising and marketing to Communications managers design written materials, create presentations and communicate with employees.

Communications Manager (49,000 €) Job duties typically focus on the management of a few key advertising and public relations roles. In this position, marketing communication managers must develop or hone in a company’s communications strategy. This includes the general branding of a company or client.

PR Manager (50,000 €) Public relations managers fashion and maintain a positive, sustainable public image for their employer or client by communicating programs, accomplishments and/or points of view. Public relations managers tackle media questions and pitch interesting and provocative stories to the media, preparing media kits and organizing press conferences.

Press Secretary (53,000 €) Press secretaries usually work for political bodies, government agencies, industries or business organizations. They render information to the public to help uphold or improve the public's view of their employer or organization.

Communications Specialist (40,000 €) A senior communication specialist is accountable for the startup and execution of effective, secure and timely data communications to, from and between customers. This role is responsible for solving global communications issues.

Social Media Specialist (40,000 €) This career has become more in demand than ever. These individuals are tasked with the planning, implementing and monitoring of a company's social media strategy in order to expand brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and exponentially grow sales.

PR Specialists (37,000 €) Public relations specialists act as moderator between their employer or client and the general public. They cultivate positive, collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships with the media, consumers, the government, regional and local communities and other public-interest fractions.

Communications Coordinator (32,000 €) Marketing communications coordinators create marketing kits and sales brochures. They are charged with the responsibility of interacting with internal and external clients and guests to express an organization's mission and actions to the public and the media.

Assistant in PR and Communications (29,000 €) This is an individual that will work alongside the Communications Director to effectively elevate public awareness of an organization through online and offline channels among other tasks.


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