BBA in PR & Communication in Barcelona

The Bachelor of Business Administration program at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona is taught in English and prepares graduates for a wide range of managerial positions in Spain, Europe, and around the world. Business Administration students acquire fundamental as well as practical and professional skills in all phases of global business management including decision-making and problem-solving capabilities. Read the detailed overview of the BBA program here.

Choose Your Area of Concentration

A concentration is an area of specialization that the student is pursing in their BBA. The Bachelor of Business Administration program offers area concentrations that enable students to tailor their degrees to their career and educational goals. The BBA Program offers students four special areas of concentration to broaden their career options upon graduation. Specializations are available in:

Students should always consider their career goals and professional aspirations in deciding which specialization to complete during their BBA program. All specialization courses are taught in English.

What is the Bachelor Degree in Communications?

Society everywhere, in Spain, in Europe, and worldwide, is based on communication, whether it is written, spoken or visual. All organizations rely on their ability to communicate with internal and external stakeholders. The bachelor degree in communications from GBSB Global Business School trains students to think critically and creatively about the modern communications environment which they experience as global citizens.

It provides students with substantive knowledge based on current research, with practical skills and analytical ability to understand the complex dynamics of communication at global, local, and individual levels. Holders of the bachelor degree in communications understand the huge and dramatic changes appearing in societies as social networks continue to change the way we communicate and new cultural forms and practices emerge in Europe and globally.

The bachelor degree in communications appeals to those students considering careers in public relations; media planning and analysis; advertising; web design and management; business communication; film and television, and many more.

BBA Communications Graduation Requirements

This bachelor degree in communications at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona was developed to provide students with the knowledge about the communication’s role in global identity formation, including gender studies, and the influence of this process in the workplace and business in general.

This BBA – Bachelor degree in communications consists of 21 ECTS credits beyond core courses counted toward the degree. 

7 COURSES (21 ECTS Credits)

Bachelor of Business Administration in Communications Courses

After choosing this specialization students are ready to complete their Bachelor of Business Administration in Communications. The compulsory courses for this concentration area are as following:

  • BCA311 Management Culture and Communication
  • BCA313 Critical Thinking and Creativity
  • BCA314 International Public Relations
  • BCA315 Gender and Communication in the International Workplace
  • BCA317 Global Brand Management
  • BCA320 Marketing Communications
  • BCA321 Media Globalization

PLEASE NOTE: Students must decide the area of their specialization when applying. 

Careers in Global Communications

Companies and organizations in Spain, in Europe and everywhere in the world pay a lot of attention to their images and messages to the public. And to ensure the best possible results, they often rely on public relations and communications professionals to carefully craft a message and create a good reputation and a strong brand.

Studying for a bachelor degree in communications in Barcelona students will learn how to manage communications strategically to achieve an organization’s mission. They will learn how to communicate change within an organization, how to manage a crisis, and how to communicate with employees of different cultures at work.

If you are not sure which BBA concentration area to chose or if you have any questions or doubts regarding our Bachelor degree in communications, please do not hesitate to contact one of our educational advisers.

Prospective students, wishing to participate in the BBA program, please apply online.