Spain Within Top Countries for Entrepreneurship in Europe

Far beyond the marvelous weather conditions attracting millions of tourists annually, Spain is a beacon for entrepreneurs, and it is not just the weather drawing investors and business professionals alike. Spain offers a wide variety of options for entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals who are seeking the opportunity to establish their companies in Spain. Needless to say, Spain’s entrepreneurship context is unparalleled at all levels.

Barcelona and Madrid, two biggest cities in Spain and both - home to GBSB Global’s campuses, have emerged as new entrepreneurial hubs of Europe and have large communities of startups, incubators and freelance entrepreneurs challenging traditional business institutions.

Image about Barcelona Top destination for Entrepreneurship

What is the secret to the success of these two cities? A big part has to do with the government’s interest in promoting international investment in the country. Innovation is also a motivating factor. Tech companies are finding it easier to establish a business in Spain compared to other countries in the European Union. With competitive rents and a lower cost of living there are also other advantages for businesses looking to invest in Spain.

Besides, the new “Entrepreneurs’ Law”, passed in 2013, aims at making it easier for foreigners interested in applying for visas and residence permits in Spain with the purpose to pursue investment or entrepreneurship activities in the country.

In Barcelona, the governmental organization created to promote entrepreneurship - Barcelona Activa assists innovative, business-minded professionals in all stages of business creation: from conceptualization of the idea to launch of the start-up as a full-fledged company. This organization works to position Barcelona as a reference in the area of entrepreneurship. Barcelona Activa offers advice and assessment, training activities, workshops, support in the procurement of funding and other resources so that entrepreneurs living in Barcelona can create new sustainable and quality enterprises.

Image about Madrid Top destination for Entrepreneurship

In Madrid, a founding partner of Youth Business Spain, Tomillo Foundation offers creative, driven professionals a national network of support for young entrepreneurs between 18 and 35 years old who wish to establish their own company.

In short, both Madrid and Barcelona rank among the top 15 startup cities across Europe as recorded by the European Digital City Index. Madrid and Barcelona are praised for their business and entrepreneurial environments, encouraged by city governments that support startup growth. Spain is attracting promising startups and sharp-minded entrepreneurs from across the globe. Spain is not only one of the most charming Mediterranean countries, thanks to the sun and its culture, but it also offers plenty of professional opportunities that must not be overlooked.

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