GBSB Global Business School Employment Report: Graduate Class 2017-2018

"GBSB Global Business School class of 2017-2018 encompassed an outstanding set of students who have gone on to secure exciting roles with some of the most renowned and innovative companies worldwide. In the midst of such turbulent and uncertain times, our students were successfully navigating the global context and over 90% of the 2017-2018 class accepted job offers within a year of graduation - 21% did so even before graduation. These figures alone demonstrate the confidence of employers in our talented, global and open-minded graduates and their capability to come up with innovative ideas while building bridges and connecting the dots in this fractured or globalized world."

- Antonio Rodriguez Engelmann,
Manager Director at GBSB Global Business School


GBSB Global Employment Report 2019 shows actual Employability Trends of our graduates across geographies, industries, and sectors worldwide, talks about Entrepreneurship and Innovation opportunities in Spain, gives insights to Career Services at GBSB Global, and provides honest Alumni Feedback Stories.

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